Why You Should Prefer Cashless Health Insurance?


why you should prefer cashless health insurance

People in India are barely coping with their limited finances and anxious about their financial future due to the corona outbreak. As an outcome, their economic and physical wellbeing needs are changing. Indians become the most active and engaged customers when it comes to health insurance. A considerable majority believed that health insurance helped lower their stress and provide financial support during a medical emergency. Combining the protocols of the pandemic and rising healthcare costs in India with the hassle people face in the hospitals, cashless health insurance is the best option. So, let's understand what makes it the best health insurance policy for you? 

What is Cashless Health Insurance?

At times it happens that either you have to stand in a long queue at the hospital's billing desk for the payment or have to get into cumbersome paper formalities. These days, you have to follow several protocols, including social distancing, pre-admission COVID-19 test, etc. It gives you unnecessary mental and emotional stress. In such a situation, our cashless health policy is beneficial. It is one of the types of health policy that gives you the freedom to go for cashless hospitalization. Your treatment and medication bills are paid directly to the hospital after our claim management team's approval. 

You can avail of this facility in any of the network hospitals located near to your residence. All you need to do is inform the health insurance desk at the hospital and our customer support team within 24 hours in case of emergency hospitalization and before 48 hours of planned admission. It is the best health insurance policy available even for coronavirus treatment as well. 

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Why Should You Prefer Cashless Health Insurance?

It makes the process easier and quicker for you. Read below the benefits for that you must opt for cashless medical policy:

Reduces the Chances of Getting Infected

People going to hospitals these days have a high chance of getting infected due to coronavirus. But, when you have a cashless health policy, you do not need to go here and there in the hospital for discharge formalities and payment. Your point of contact is only the insurance desk in the hospital. It reduces your chances of getting infected and stay safe in the hospital. 

Shrink Your Stress

 It reduces your stress of arranging cash at the time of emergency hospitalization. With a cashless claim option, you do not need to borrow money from your known. You can easily afford your best possible treatment without any financial and social implications.

No Cumbersome Paper Formalities

With cashless health insurance, there is no need to get into those cumbersome paper formalities at the hospital's billing desk. You also do not need to touch any papers. All the communication will take place through mails or fax. It helps you to keep yourself protected from corona, especially when you are in the hospital. 

Immediate Hospitalization in Network Hospitals

You can avail of the cashless claim settlement facility in the network hospitals impaneled with us. We have around 19000+ cashless healthcare providers in different cities. These are good hospitals located in the vicinity. During an emergency, you need to pick the one that is close to your residence for immediate hospitalization.


Cashless Health Insurance is a new normal. Care Health Insurance offers cashless medical insurance the best health insurance policy that ensures a hassle-free and timely cashless claim settlement. It becomes a need of the hour, especially during a medical emergency. So, opt for it now and bid goodbye to myriad your health troubles due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

 Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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