Why You Should Opt for a Critical Illness Insurance Cover?


why you should opt for a critical illness insurance cover

Life is full of uncertainties; hence, it is wise to prepare for any unexpected event and you can do that by opting for a critical illness cover. According to the study, a huge number of people are diagnosed with cancer every year. But, with the help of advanced medical treatments, the early stages of this disease can be cured. The cost of the treatment of this disease is expensive. Therefore, you must take safety measures to create financial aid. One such important measure is opting for critical illness cancer cover.

To understand it completely, let’s look at why you should opt for critical illness insurance cover.

Know about Critical Illness Insurance cover

A standard health insurance plan provides limited benefits. But, when it comes to cancer, heart ailments, strokes, etc. you need to take an integrated approach to your finance. Critical Illness Insurance is one of the important policies that one should purchase these days. In this case, the insured person gets financial aid if an individual is diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses that are covered in the policy. This mediclaim policy is an indemnity-based health policy. You need this plan, to secure yourself financially in case of emergencies such as cancer and other severe ailments such as stroke and end-stage renal failure. As the expenses incurred in treating these diseases would not be covered through a regular medical policy.

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How to Opt for the Best Critical Illness Insurance cover?

Purchasing the best critical illness insurance plan completely depends on an individual’s physical and financial condition.

Listed below are some of the important factors to consider that will help you in opting the right critical illness insurance plan:

  • Age: Purchasing critical illness insurance early can be proved to be profitable from a money point of view. The cost of this health insurance plan is lower for young individuals.

But it is never too late to get a financial aid against any medical exigency.

  • Features: When you opt for critical illness insurance, be sure to go through the sales literature of this health insurance policy. It is advisable to purchase a health insurance policy that provides suitable coverage.
  • Assistance to the current health insurance plan: As mentioned previously, a critical insurance cover can be a part of the health insurance coverage. Opting for a policy that covers the already existing health insurance plan is beneficial.


It is difficult to find out to know that your dear one or you are suffering from cancer or any other critical illness. It gets even more difficult to pay huge expenses for the treatment. Fortunately, Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) supports you in such a difficult situation. Having critical illness insurance, you can safeguard yourself and your family.

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We provides coverage against over 32 critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke end-stage renal failure, etc. With the help of this health insurance plan, you can bear huge treatment costs for severe ailments. Make sure to make an informed decision after considering the above mentioned points.