Why Yoga is Important for Cancer Patients?


Why Yoga is Important for Cancer Patients?

Practicing Yoga has Multiple Benefits for Cancer Patients

Being diagnosed with cancer can affect an individual’s mental health to a great extent. Hence, it is important to implement self-care practices like yoga into your routine if you have been detected with cancer. Research has proved that yoga can reduce fatigue and improve stamina even while surviving with cancer. Yoga for cancer patients helps in healing their mind and body while fighting with this disease. 

The diagnosis and treatment of this dangerous disease can cause psychological stress that can affect your life. Yoga is one of the therapies that has become popular among cancer patients. 

Read on to know how yoga is beneficial for cancer patients.

1. Boosts immunity: Yoga has been proved to improve immunity. It has been regarded as one of the most natural immunity boosters that must be practiced by cancer patients. It helps in strengthening the body and soothes the mind. Cancer patients must practice yoga for immunity boost

2. Reduces fatigue: This is one of the most common side-effects experienced by most cancer patients. As per the study, it has been found that yoga helps in reducing fatigue. Many cancer patients experience cancer-related fatigue. Yoga produces healthier effects on physical and mental energy.  There are various forms of yoga that help in reducing tiredness.

3. Enhances physical ability: Apart from affecting your mental health, cancer affects your physical functioning. Cancer patients spend most of their time in the hospital that makes the body inflexible. This can also hinder their ability to do daily chores. 

It has been found that yoga helps in making the body active. Doing yoga regularly can improve well-being of cancer patients.

4. Improves the sleeping pattern: Going through physical and mental stress, can affect your sleeping pattern. If you are fighting with cancer, your body needs enough rest. Yoga helps cancer patients to relax and helps in improving their sleep quality. 

5. Lowers stress: Fighting with cancer can be stressful, both physically and mentally. As per the study, practicing yoga for seven weeks can reduce the chances of developing a ‘mood disorder’. Reduction in stress can improve the appetite, lowers pain and can also improve your overall quality of life.

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Final Word

Yoga is an ancient practice that is dated back to the pre-Vedic Indian traditions. It has now gained immense popularity worldwide. It is a combination of meditation, breathing, and postures that improves your overall well-being. Cancer patients should consult their doctors about postures that are specific to their condition. The above-mentioned benefits of yoga can improve the symptoms of cancer, but cannot complete the disease completely.

Apart from taking care of yourself, it is advisable to opt for a cancer mediclaim that secures you and your family. Care Health Insurance offers comprehensive health insurance policies that can protect you from the rising cost of cancer treatment. You can opt for Cancer Mediclaim covers hospitalization expenses, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy cover. You can also opt for a Critical Mediclaim that can cover you against cancer and other critical ailments such as stroke, major organ transplant, and end-stage lung disease. 

Life is precious and we always want our customers to live a healthy life.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Cancer is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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