Why Do Some People Draw Mosquitoes Attention More than Others?


Why Do Some People Draw Mosquitoes Attention More than Others?

What could be more pleasant than unwinding in your balcony or front yard sipping your evening tea? Isn't it the ideal evening we all want? But slowly, the mosquito attack starts ruining your quality of time. 

While the mosquitos feast on their targeted prey, some people escape unharmed — but why?

If this seems to be the case, mosquitoes may prefer you over other people. According to studies, 20% of people exhibit a particularly strong attraction to these insects. Mosquitoes may be drawn to you more for various reasons, such as your blood type, clothing, breathing pattern, or even the microbes on your skin.

Read on to find out what might be drawing mosquitoes to you more than the others around you if you seem to be a mosquito magnet. Knowing these aspects will not only satiate your curiosity, but it can also help you try the methods to prevent mosquito bites and reduce your chance of contracting the diseases mosquitos can spread.

Body Odour

Mosquitoes are drawn to certain elements found on human skin and in sweat. These compounds emit a distinct odour that attracts mosquitoes. Several elements have been identified as mosquito attractants. Lactic acid and ammonia are two that you may be familiar with.

Researchers are still looking into the causes of the differences in body odour that make certain people more appealing to mosquitoes. Genetics, specific bacteria on the skin or a combination of the two could be to blame. Body odour is genetically determined. If you have a family member who is frequently bitten by mosquitoes, you may also be more vulnerable.

Bacteria on the skin also cause body odour. The researchers also discovered which bacteria species were present in extremely and poorly appealing individuals to mosquitoes.

Heat and Sweat

Mosquitoes can detect a variety of odours. They can detect components released in perspiration, such as lactic acid, ammonia, and other substances. 

Exercise that is difficult to do causes your body to produce more heat and lactic acid. Additionally, your "odour profile" is influenced by hereditary traits, which may influence how appealing you are to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can locate some persons more quickly than others because of these factors.

Active Skin Type

Microorganisms naturally abound on your skin. The smell is produced when these bacteria combine with sweat.

According to certain studies, the varieties and quantity of bacteria on a person's skin can influence whether or not they attract mosquitoes.

In one study, volunteers were split into groups according to whether or not they attracted mosquitoes readily. Although the first group's microbiome was larger, it was less diversified than the mosquito-resistant individuals.


Mosquitoes may detect carbon dioxide at great distances. Additionally, they can detect people up to 15 metres away (about 16 to 49 feet). They can find you thanks to these two clues.

Additionally, your attractiveness increases as you exhale more. Since bigger people exhale more, mosquitoes are more likely to bite them.


According to studies, pregnant women seem more attractive to mosquitoes than other people. This may be because pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide and have higher body temperatures.


Who would have thought that mosquitoes liked beer? Research done on people suggested that participants who had one litre of beer were substantially more attractive to mosquitoes than those who had consumed one litre of water.

The cause of this progression is yet unknown, though. Alcohol consumption and mosquito landings did not correlate with carbon dioxide exhalation or skin temperature.

However, the results imply that when consuming alcohol, you should take precautions against mosquitoes.

Summing It Up

If it seems like mosquitoes just bite you and not those nearby, you might not be reading it wrong. It turns out that science can provide some hints as to why mosquitoes prefer some people over others.

Researchers have shown mosquitoes are drawn to dark clothing, blood types, sweat, carbon dioxide, pregnancy, skin germs, and beer intake.

Most mosquito bites, albeit irritating, are usually harmless.

Your body reacts to the external, irritant compounds in this saliva, causing the bump, redness, and itching typical of mosquito bites. It is an ordinary inflammatory response. But at the same time, some mosquito bites can be fatal and cause diseases like dengue and malaria, whose treatment can be expensive. You can stay worry-free if you have a health insurance plan in case of hospitalisation.

Disclaimer - The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter's discretion. 

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