When Second Opinion in Health Insurance is Important?


When Second Opinion in Health Insurance is Important?

India is a witness to significant improvements and innovations in the healthcare sector. The country is now emerging as a popular medical tourism destination across the globe. Advanced diagnosis, treatment, and facilities bring new hopes to the patients, especially those diagnosed with life-threatening diseases like cancer. However, at times, we get confused about what the doctor suggests or seek 'go ahead' from another doctor as well, there the need for a second opinion arises. However, rising healthcare costs create an extra burden to the pocket. Thus, these days medical insurance policies also offer second opinion cover. So, here are some reasons when the second opinion in health insurance is important:

More Information

At times, it happens that you start believing your doctor blindly, which is ok even. However, when it comes to critical illnesses, it is always better to acquaint yourself with more and more information about the diagnosis, treatments, diet, side effects, etc. So, following what your doctor suggests has no harm, but consulting with another doctor is good before starting the treatment.

Different Views

Treatments for chronic diseases can be harsh to the body. Patients often experienced different side effects due to heavy medicines, and even some cannot tolerate the dose. Thus,  it is better to get assurance from other doctors.  They can have different views on different diseases and treatments based on their experiences, so accordingly, make your move. 


In most complex diseases, you need a specialist. Doctors on-call can only give instant relief but not sustainable treatment. Specialist doctors can help you figure out the exact problem with the treatment plan you can rely on because of their expertise.

Combination of Treatments

There are several combinations of treatments that doctors can suggest based on the patient's condition and diagnosis. Like in cancer, some doctors recommend only surgeries, while some prefer surgery and chemotherapy. But, one thing you should make sure that the second opinion you seek is from the top specialist.  

How Second Opinion Cover in Health Insurance Works?

As the medical inflation is rising and resultant skyrocketing healthcare costs creating a burden for many. People often hesitate to go for a second opinion. Care Health Insurance understands your worries, so we offer second opinion cover under the policy. When you are uncertain about the diagnosis or treatment and want to get a second opinion within India, we will arrange it for you free of cost without impacting your existing Sum Insured. The facility is available for every insured member once in a policy year for each major illness. 

Diseases Covered Under the Second Opinion

Below are the diseases covered under the policy for the second opinion:

  • Benign Brain
  • Tumor
  • Cancer
  • End-Stage Lung Failure
  • Myocardial Infarction
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  • Heart Valve Replacement 
  • Coma
  • End-Stage Renal Failure
  • Stroke
  • Major Organ Transplant
  • Paralysis
  • Motor Neuron Disease 
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Major Burns
  • Total Blindness

International Second Opinion Add-on

It is an optional cover that works as an extension to the benefit of a second opinion. We will arrange a consultation with medical experts internationally. You need to pay a slightly higher premium if you want this add-on cover. 


Whether domestic or international, you can take a second opinion with the doctors anytime under medical insurance. You do not need to think about the expenses that incur to connect with the specialists. So, grab it today and give yourself and your loved ones the best possible healthcare. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. For more details about the health insurance plans and benefits please refer to the sales prospectus, policy terms, and conditions.

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