What Makes Care JOY Maternity Plan an Ideal Plan for Women?


What Makes Care JOY Maternity Plan an Ideal Plan for Women?

For a woman, pregnancy is said to be one of the most memorable phases of life. It's not just the physical changes, but the emotional changes that transform her completely. For most women, the moment they start thinking about starting a family, the mental planning begins. While there are numerous things that go into parenting, having the right kind of health insurance is one of the most basic steps that you need to take to secure the future of your family. Investing in the right kind of insurance can help you build a safer and more secure financial tomorrow for yourself as well as your child.

If you are planning to get married soon or are planning to have a baby in the next few years,  maternity care costs should surely be one of the things on your mind. In such a scenario, having pregnancy coverage can come in very handy, especially for women.

Pregnancy Coverage with Care JOY Maternity Plan

As the name suggests, pregnancy coverage offers insurance coverage for the expenses that are related to childbirth. As maternity comes with additional expenses, planning your finances beforehand would be the most important step. In this regard the JOY Maternity Plan from Care Health Insurance can be a good choice if you are about the embrace the joy of parenthood.

Before we get into the details of the plan, let us take a quick look at the plan’s highlighting features:

Entry age Minimum: 18 years; up to 24 years for children Maximum: 65 years
Pre-policy medical screening Required only for applicants over 46 years of age
Pre-existing diseases Covered after 4 years of policy purchase
Pre and Post-hospitalisation 30 days and 60 days
Free look period 15 days from the policy purchase
Ambulance cover Up to ₹1,000/ claim
Maternity expenses For ₹3 lakhs sum insured; covered up to: ₹35,000
For ₹5 lakhs sum insured covered up to: ₹50,000
Newborn Baby cover For ₹3 lakhs sum insured; covered up to: ₹35,000
For ₹5 lakhs sum insured; covered up to: ₹50,000
Waiting period (Maternity) 9 months for Joy Today
24 months for joy Tomorrow

Understanding the Scope of Coverage under Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow

Let us take a look at the coverage you would receive under Care Joy maternity health insurance plan: 

1. Maternity Coverage

Along with the delivery charges, the policy offers coverage for pre-natal as well as post-natal hospitalisation expenses up to the specified limits.

2. Coverage for Newborn Baby

The plan would offer coverage to the newborn baby from the moment it is born. Your little one would be covered for vaccinations and a lot more.

3. Covers Your Hospital Expenses

 In case of an emergency hospitalisation, the policy would cover the expenses incurred for:

  • In-patient care
  • Day care treatments
  • Advanced technology methods

4. Covers Pre and Post-hospitalisation Expenses

Under the plan, medical expenses that are incurred up to 30 days immediately before the insured’s admission are covered under pre-hospitalisation. Expenses up to 60 days immediately after discharge are covered under post-hospitalisation.

What Makes the Care JOY Maternity Plan Ideal for Women?

The following factors make the policy tailor-made for the expecting women:

1. Prepare for the Future

Having the right pregnancy coverage would help you deal with a lot of things that may happen during not just those 9 months, but beyond. It would bring the much-needed financial stability that you may need as you become a parent.

2. Safeguard Your Savings

Maternity costs can be high. Delivery, in-hospital charges, vaccination etc., can eat up your savings in no time. Joy maternity health insurance plan will ensure that childbirth brings you joy and not financial strain.

3. Enjoy the Peace of Mind

With a maternity cover like JOY, the expecting mothers can be at peace knowing that all their hospitalisation expenses related to maternity can be covered.

4. Extensive Coverage

Under the Care Joy plan, normal delivery, as well as c-section procedure, are covered. Apart from this, it also covers your in-patient hospitalisation, pre and post-hospitalisation, and 540-day care procedures, along with a long list of features making it a very comprehensive health insurance plan.

5. Cashless Claims

Getting the delivery done in a hospital of your choice can be very soothing  experience in the time of need. Apart from this, at a network hospital, we would settle the bills directly with the hospital. Thus, you would be able to concentrate on welcoming the little one rather than managing the bills and paperwork.

6. Enjoy Income Tax Benefits

Another benefit that you can enjoy with the Joy maternity plan is the tax-saving benefit. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can claim tax exemptions for the premium that you pay towards the plan.

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Important Clauses  of  Care JOY Maternity Plan

Here are some of the most important details that you need to be aware of when opting for the Care JOY Maternity Plan:

1. Exclusions:

Despite being a comprehensive health insurance plan, the Care Joy maternity plan, just like all other health plans, comes with certain exclusions. The following conditions/ situations would not be covered:

  • Expenses on non-medical items
  • Conditions arising out of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Routine eye and ear examinations
  • Expenses on prosthetics
  • Treatment has been taken outside India. 

For the complete list of exclusions, please refer to the policy document.

2. Waiting Period

To be able to make a claim, there are different waiting periods that you need to serve:

  • Accidental injuries are covered from day 1.
  • Illnesses are not covered till 30 days of policy purchase.
  • Certain listed illnesses and pre-existing diseases are covered only after 24 to 48 months.

In a Nutshell!

It is non-deniable that parenthood is expensive. Considering the growing medical inflation, even hospitalisation due to normal delivery in a private hospital can cost you a fortune.

It is normal to worry about your loved ones, especially when you’re about to welcome a new life in this world. Therefore, when the time comes, you wouldn’t want to compromise in any way. With the JOY maternity health insurance plan, you can do better while planning your finances and ensure a bright future for your newborn.

Disclaimer - The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter's discretion.

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