What is the Exact Window to Claim for Post-hospitalisation Expenses?


What is the Exact Window to Claim for Post-hospitalisation Expenses?

What are Your Primary Concerns After You or a Loved One Returns from the Hospital?

Let us guess, ‘How will I manage the expenses? ‘How am I going to take care of the diseased patient’? ‘The expenses won’t end yet; how will I manage the four-digit bills’? 

If these are your concerns, then we are on the same page! Fret not! While you take care of loved ones your Health Insurance will back you up for all your post-hospitalisation expenses.

 But what exactly is the post-hospitalisation expense? Keep reading further to know.

What are the Post-hospitalisation Expenses?

While your family member has been discharged, they haven’t recovered yet! All the follow-ups, medicines, and check-ups after the patient is released are counted as post-hospitalisation charges. Simply put, all the expenses that come with the discharged papers at your hand are post-hospitalisation expenses. Be careful! Don’t confuse post-hospitalisation charges with hospitalisation charges!

What is the Difference Between Hospitalisation Expenses and Post-hospitalisation Expenses?

Hospitalisation Expenses Post-Hospitalisation Expenses
The expenses that incurred while one is being hospitalised are known as Hospitalisation expenses. The expenses in the treatment and recovery procedures after one has been discharged are known as Post-hospitalisation expenses.
Hospitalisation expenses usually include:
  • Treatment charges
  • Bed charges
  • Medicine charges
  • Diagnosis & tests
  • Doctor’s consultation
  • Nursing charges etc
Post hospitalisation expenses include:
  • Post-discharge diagnosis tests costs
  • Vaccination costs
  • Doctor’s consultation fee
  • Organ replacement, chemotherapy, dialysis costs
  • Post-discharge recovery medication, etc.

To ensure that you do not have to worry about the expenses that come during the recovery phase of any illness, almost all health insurance policies by Care health insurance cover the post-hospitalisation costs.

Note: Kindly review the policy brochure to check if the policy covers the post-hospitalisation charges.

What is the Exact Window to Claim Post-hospitalisation Expenses?

While reimbursing the post-hospitalisation expenses, you may be fooled if you are unaware of the window in which your insurer provides the claim. Thus, it is always suggested that you discuss the reimbursement period of benefits your policy offers; with your insurer. Understanding your needs for time and funds, the comprehensive policy plans by Care Health Insurance provide 45-60 days of window to claim for the post-hospitalisation expenses.

How to Claim the Post-hospitalisation Expenses?

The first and foremost thing to remember to claim your post-hospitalisation expenses is to have a clear idea of the window in which you can claim the benefits. Once you know the time limit, you can easily claim the benefits by handing the required documents to your insurer. The documents asked by your insurer may include the following:

  • Original Hospital Bills
  • Authentic Prescription
  • Discharging Summary
  • Authentic Prescription Bills
  • Other Documents as asked by your Insurer

What are the Benefits of Buying a Health Insurance Plan that Covers Post-hospitalisation Expenses?

 health wealth

Ensuring that your health insurance policy covers post-hospitalisation expenses can help you in the long run. Here are a few ways in which having post-hospitalisation coverage can help you-: 

Relief from Unwanted Stress

Once someone returns from the hospital, the main concern must be how to help them recover. However, the hole caused in the pocket may not let you do so. A comprehensive family health insurance plan that gives you coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation will relieve your financial stress while taking care of your loved ones.

Coverage for all the Diagnoses and Tests

Several follow-up diagnoses and tests usually follow even after discharge. Health insurance that covers post-hospitalisation will take care of all the expenses caused by the diagnosis and follow-up tests.

Coverage for Day Care Procedures

Having a health insurance policy with post-hospitalisation expenses cover can benefit in covering the OPD expenses in case of critical health issues such as kidney failure or cancer. The post-hospitalisation coverage in such cases can help you cover the expenses caused during the procedures such as dialysis and chemotherapy, which are covered under OPD cover.

Coverage for Prescribed Medicine for the Specific Disease

You can easily complete the follow-up course of medicine and recover stress-free if you have the post-hospitalisation cover to take care of the hefty medicine price.

Summing it Up

Having post-hospitalisation cover in your health insurance policy can protect you from costly follow-ups and tests after discharge. However, to claim this coverage in your policy, you need to know when you can claim your expenses.

Typically, all the comprehensive health insurance plans by Care Health Insurance provide a post-hospitalisation within 45-60 days after the patient is discharged from the hospital. All you need to do is- take a wise decision and pick the right plan.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter’s discretion.

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