What Happens After Giving Birth? 10 Things to Expect


What Happens After Giving Birth? 10 Things to Expect

Pregnancy is an amazing experience. It is a whole new phase for a new mother. The happiness of welcoming a child is unexpected. While welcoming the new baby can be very exciting, every pregnancy can bring unknown symptoms. It also brings unpredicted transitions in a mother’s body; it is always better to stay prepared. It is important to ask what happens after you give birth. Read on to know it all.

What Happens after a Woman Gives Birth:10 Things to Expert

It is usual to observe unpredictable changes in the body after a child's birth. The recovery period involves lots and lots of physical and mental changes. The after-pregnancy experiences may vary from patient to patient, but in most cases, a woman may experience the following postpartum symptoms:

Heavy Periods

If you are wondering what happens immediately after giving birth, a woman may experience heavy bleeding just after the child is born. The body gets rid of uterus blood after the baby is out. It is normal to experience heavy vaginal discharge for the first few weeks after the pregnancy. It is always better to consult a doctor in case of excess bleeding that exceeds for weeks.

Vaginal Soreness

Whether C-section or normal pregnancy, it is normal to feel pain in the lower areas just after the pregnancy. The stitches make it painful while sitting or sneezing. A doctor may suggest using a comfort pillow or ice pack to relieve the pain. Extensive tears take time to heal. However, the pain and discomfort disappear with time.


It is normal to experience severe cramps in the lower stomach for a few weeks after pregnancy. This is the phase when the uterus is returning to its previous state; thus, it is normal to feel this pain. Doctors may suggest relevant medications if required.

Hair Loss

Some women may undergo several hormonal changes during pregnancy, and they may wonder what happened to your body after giving birth. It is common to observe hair loss for a few months after the pregnancy. This is a sign that the body is returning to its original state. The issues are eliminated in a few months.


What happens right after giving birth? Many women experience constipation soon after the baby is born. The doctors often suggest stool softeners and medication for easy motions. It is also suggested that fluid consumption be increased to eliminate this discomfort.

Postpartum Depression

The hormonal imbalances lead to excess emotions in females. Even weeks after the delivery one can suffer from postpartum depression. Tiredness after pregnancy and irregular sleep patterns lead to improper routines. All this can create feelings of anxiety, sadness, and depression after pregnancy.

Pelvic Floor Issues

If you need to find out what happens to body after giving birth, then you need to be prepared for some physical and emotional changes. It is also normal to feel pain and discomfort in pelvic areas. Most of the woman feels urinary incontinence for a few weeks of pregnancy. The doctor may suggest minute exercise and diet to relieve this pain. The pain and issues usually disappear within weeks of pregnancy.

Headaches and Body Pain

Some new moms also complain of body pains and headaches during pregnancy recovery. The pain is usually due to the sudden drop in estrogen levels after childbirth. The pain may be eliminated within two weeks of pregnancy. If required, a woman may consult a gynaecologist for medications. 

Night Sweats

It is also common to experience night sweats after pregnancy. Many women feel hot flashes during postpartum. The issue may be eliminated with time. Declining estrogen levels are a major reason for what happens to your body after childbirth.

Stress and Anxiety

It is obvious to feel stress and anxiety after childbirth. This is again because of the hormonal disbalance experienced during postpartum. A mother feels the anxiety of adjusting to the needs and requirements of a newborn and the stress of returning to routine life as soon as possible. Remember, it takes time to get back to routine.

When to Consult a Doctor? 

Fatigue, stress, anxiety, and a usual blood discharge are some of the usual symptoms after pregnancy. It is always good to consult a doctor immediately in case of severe health issues. Some of the complicated issues require immediate appointments. It is always better to have a basic knowledge of the postpartum experiences to avoid severe complications. Check here the symptoms that require a doctor's advice:

  • Excess vaginal discharge after delivery
  • Continuous bleeding even after weeks of pregnancy
  • Postpartum depression that continues for months after pregnancy
  • Symptoms of chest pain or difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling in body parts
  • Symptoms of blood clots.

Important Pregnancy-related Questions 

Here are some common questions that you may have:

What Happens after a Surrogate Gives Birth?

The surrogate shares a strong emotion of nurturing a baby for nine months. She experiences a sense of transition while handing over the child to its parents. The process is carried out with utmost care at the hospital.

What Facility does Hospital Provide after Delivery?

It is always better to prepare for pregnancy beforehand. A pregnant woman must carry essentials to the hospital for easy pregnancy. Know what the hospital provides after delivery. A hospital usually provides blankets, diapers, and important medication. It is essential to carry daily stuff to enjoy an easy hospital stay during pregnancy.

What Happens if You get Pregnant Soon after Giving Birth?

It is suggested to avoid pregnancy just after childbirth because this is the time the body is healing. The body needs healing time to deliver the baby again. If a woman gets pregnant too soon, there is always a risk of premature delivery.

What Happens if You have Intercourse after Giving Birth?

It is always recommended to wait at least four to six weeks after the pregnancy before having intercourse again. The complication risk is highest in the first two weeks of pregnancy, and hence it is advised to avoid intercourse during this time. Having intercourse too early increases the risk of uterine infection and postpartum haemorrhage.

Make Your Post-pregnancy Phase Happier with Care JOY

Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride for every woman. The beautiful phase brings in a blend of happiness and physical changes. It is always essential to prepare for pregnancy and after-pregnancy symptoms. Basic knowledge of the after-pregnancy symptoms is essential. The symptoms eradicate with time, and the body gets to normal within a few weeks after the child's birth.

One of the common symptoms after pregnancy is laziness and dizziness. It is common to feel some of the symptoms after the pregnancy. Severe postpartum experience and uncomplicated issues are a cause of concern. It is good to visit a doctor in case of any complications. 

You also need to keep in mind that pregnancies can be a little heavy on the pocket. From pre-natal check-ups to delivery and newborn baby care, it can make a dent in your savings, so it is better to prepare for the costs of pregnancy. With the Joy Health Care Insurance plan, you can get coverage for the costs of pregnancy that too at an affordable premium. 

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