10 Ways You can Take Care of Elderly in the Family


10 Ways You can Take Care of Elderly in the Family

People above the age of 60 years are usually referred to as older adults. With advancements and modernity, the average life expectancy of people across the globe has increased. Data suggests that, as of now, the population of older adults is around 1.4 billion. It is expected that the numbers will grow to 2.1 billion by 20501. While Japan made headlines for having over 30% of the older adult population, the rise in older adult populations is also quite a matter in middle- and low-income countries.

Such data suggests people and countries have a strong, supportive environment for long-term elderly care. With age, various physical and mental health complications kick in, and care for senior citizens is better possible when they have a supportive family.

Challenges in Responding to Population Ageing

Ageing can bring different challenges to different adults. Not everyone may share the same ageing challenges. Also, it is difficult to tag a particular age as too old, especially in terms of physical and mental capabilities. There have been cases where a 65-year-old is as mentally fit and physically active as a 30-year-old adult. In some cases, people over 90 years of age can also be physically and mentally fit with no health problems. On the other hand, a young adult or a 50-year-old may develop various health complications. So, all the cases need not be similar. Hence, carving out a one-size-fits-all pattern for all older adults may not work the best.

Challenges with the older population come when the average younger population and the demography of a country start to weaken. A larger section of older adults and a small population of younger adults can be alarming, as was seen in the situation in Japan. In many societies, older adults are considered to be a burden, as they are dependent on others and incapable in several ways.

While age can bring down the physical capabilities of a person, seeing them as a burden is a cruelty in itself. With the help of strict laws protecting the emotions and rights of older adults and caring for older adults by family, an individual may fight against the challenges of ageing.

10 Tips on How to Care for Older Adults

Ageing is an unavoidable phase. With age, certain health complications can be obvious, which can be controlled with the help of medications and daycare for senior citizens. However, that's not all needed for health care for senior citizens. Here we’ve listed  10 tips that will help you deal with the physical and mental limitations of ageing:

1. Have a Support System

Due to various health issues like Alzheimer's or dementia or physical health challenges like paralysis, it may not be possible for older adults to carry out a simple daily routine. Since young ones have a routine of themselves, managing things may become difficult. For such times, you may hire home care for senior citizens. Having home health care for senior citizens can be helpful for both the sides.

2. Seek Help from Each Family Member 

As a family, you all can work together to ensure home health care for the elderly. For instance, as a family of 3, you can decide who must take care of medicines, who needs to ensure meals on time, etc. It helps share the responsibility, so no one feels burdened.

3. Regular Visits to the Doctor

With age, problems like high blood pressure can be common. With medications, the situation can be controlled. So, regular doctor visits are a must, even if there are no signs of deteriorating health. It helps notice health complications for early treatment.

4. Educate Elderly

There are many technologies in the market which make the lives of senior citizens easier. For bedridden people, using a room alarm can be of great use. So, you must focus on educating the elderly about new technologies and how they can help themselves. Not just this, seniors must know how to use basic modern gadgets like smartphones so they can make calls when needed.

5. Get the Right Insurance for them

Health complications can kick in at any time, especially in old age. When you have a health insurance plan for senior citizens, it is easier to get a quality medical facility without having to go heavy on your pockets. At Care Health Insurance, we believe in offering maximum with our health insurance plans at the most affordable rates to ensure a financially secured life for elderly people.

6. Encourage them to Socialise

Socialising can erase the boredom of old age. You can encourage your older family members to participate in a local society group and go out on walks with others in the neighbourhood. In case they cannot walk, you may help them join online groups where they can do something productive.

7. Mindful Communication

Amid health care for senior citizens, do not forget that they need you. Young ones have a lifestyle and daily routine, so it may not always be possible to make time. But make sure to have regular communication, be it physically or on phone . Asking them if they are fine, if anything is bothering them if there are any health issues, are simple ways of knowing how they are feeling. You can only understand them well when you communicate properly.

8. Take Care of the Caregivers

If you have some hired help who take care of your parents, it is crucial that you take care of them too. While you need to keep a watchful eye on them and their behaviour, especially with the patient, it is important that they feel comfortable in your house. Having a good maid/ caregiver/ nurse/ attendant can be a blessing for you as well as your parent. Pay them well and also try to be kind and respectful to their work.

9. Keep Yourself Updated

You can give the best care to your older adult family members when you are updated with the changing times. Staying updated about the happenings around can be of great help. For instance, the news of a virus spread or pandemic and how to stay safe is essential for the family, including senior citizens. Also, the market may have a new technology that can be of help to senior adults. So, you must stay up to date.

10. Create a Safe Environment

Older adults, especially those above 70-75 years of age and with health complications, often need special care. It is common for adults to fall and get bruises and injuries. Older adults in their second childhood may not always comprehend the situation, so you need to ensure a safe environment around them.

Keeping in mind the physical and mental challenges of your loved ones, construct/ change their room and surroundings accordingly. Also, ensuring hygiene is a must so they do not catch infections and diseases easily.

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In a Nutshell

For most elderly, ageing can be a happy concluding journey, a sad phase or a combination of both, depending on the family and people around them. It is the basic responsibility of young ones to understand and be there for them. Everyone has to go through the old age phase, and physical and mental limitations may come to everyone. Hence, it is important to understand that this is normal, and your elderly people need your care just like they provided for you when you were a kid.

Along with these, you may also invest in senior citizen health insurance from Care Health Insurance, to ensure overall health care for older adults. These are comprehensive health plans that act as a strong financial pillar in times of need. From elderly nursing care to daycare for elderly people, the plans offer comprehensive coverage.

Disclaimers: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter's discretion.


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