Five Ways to Keep Teenage Obesity at Bay


Five Ways to Keep Teenage Obesity at Bay

Amidst all the unfortunate incidents post covid, an epidemic in the name of ‘teenage obesity’ implicitly attacked the most vital group of our society: the teenage group. Amidst everything that potentially destroyed humankind's growth, teenage obesity has had the most drastic yet silent impact. 

According to UNICEF’s World Obesity Atlas, India is home to 27 million+ obese children. Implying this, it may be home to every one in 10 obese children by 2030. 

Scarier than the stats is that very few preventive measures are taken in our day-to-day lives to combat this problem.

Being a parent, it is obvious to be worried about your growing children knowing that obesity may strike anytime. Don’t worry, today we will discover five ways to help protect your children from the effects of teenage obesity. But first, let us explain Obesity in its true sense. 

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a complicated body condition in which the body gains and accumulates excessive fat. The Body Mass Index in such a case increases to 30 or above.

Obesity often occurs as a problem when the calorie intake is higher than the amount of physical activity your body is indulged in. 

Are Obesity and being Overweight the Same Thing?

No. There is a fragile difference between being Overweight and Being Obese that young parents often overlook. 

Although both conditions are equally harmful and may lead to various health diseases, the BMI of people suffering from overweight ranges between 25-30. In contrast, people with a BMI of 30 and above lie in the category of obese people. 

Keep reading to know why obesity in teenage is a problem.  

Teenage Obesity: Is it a Problem?

The sedentary lifestyle, being the root cause of many illnesses, has not spared the young generation as well.  The excessive use of cell phones leads to lesser physical activities and mindless eating unknowingly; eventually resulting in a higher intake of calories that don’t get digested easily and accumulate as fat.  

Obesity in teenage is a problem because the increased BMI of the body may lead to severe prolonged health conditions such as hyperthyroidism, high cholesterol, and depression. Hence, don’t fall for the old trap that you should eat more to function well.

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How to Win Over the Risks of Obesity

Obesity in teenagers has gradually become a common problem. To ensure that your child does not become the next one affected by the disease, here are five lifestyle changes that you can make to their sedentary lifestyle:

Encourage them to Prevent Mindless Eating

The sedentary lifestyle involves hours of mindless sitting. When they have nothing to do, they start munching unnecessarily. Make sure your child does not become one of those mindless eaters and always encourage them to eat when only needed.

Keep their Creative Side Awake 

Creative work encourages teenagers to stay motivated and keeps their minds active. An active mind will ensure more attentive individuals who wouldn’t practice mindless eating and will be more physically active.

Encourage them to Remain Physically Active Throughout

Ensure your child has dedicated time for active work in their schedules packed with school, tuition, and homework. Also, ensure they do not spend this time playing video games. Encourage them to play outdoor games and exercises like cycling, swimming, or running. 

Help them Cut On Fast Foods

The misinterpretation that healthy food is always tasteless leads young people to eat more fast food. Help your children come out of this belief by replacing all the soft drinks, chips, pastries, and munchies from your fridge and replacing it with healthy and tasty alternatives such as dried nuts, salads and nutritious soups.

Be a Role Model. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle Yourself

To ensure your child leads a healthy lifestyle, restrain yourself from leading an inactive lifestyle. You can encourage them to develop good lifestyle habits by setting an example like doing yoga and exercising regularly in the morning.    

Summing it Up

Obesity in teenagers is indeed a matter of concern but it is not something that cannot be curbed! A few changes in the early stages of life can help you keep the effects of teenage obesity in your child at bay! 

Still, scared that your child may be affected by obesity-related health issues by the time they reach their teenage? Don’t worry! Be free from worries by covering your child with a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Health Insurance for Diabetes by Care health insurance is a comprehensive plan that covers your loved ones for emergencies leading to hospitalisation such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and High BMI (Obesity). Care’s health policies come with attractive benefits ensuring 100% coverage during an emergency. Online comparison and choosing the right plan are all you need to do here! 

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter’s discretion. 

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