Tips To Lower Risks of Heart Ailments With Healthy Lifestyle


Tips To Lower Risks of Heart Ailments With Healthy Lifestyle

Heart diseases are the main cause of deaths not just in India but across the world. The risk of heart-related ailments increases if a person leads an inactive lifestyle, consumes unhealthy foods, or has a family medical history of heart diseases. Besides, there are other risk factors like aging, smoking, obesity, stress, and ailments like diabetes and hypertension.

Heart ailments are a cause of concern for a family mainly because of the long-term treatment and high medical expenses. This is why buying disease-specific Heart Mediclaim like ‘Care Heart’ by Care Health Insurance is recommended. This plan is designed to save your expenses by offering treatment cover for pre-existing heart ailments.

Caring for heart health should be the focus of every individual, irrespective of age or gender. However, given the hectic lives we lead, we tend to do things that take a toll on our health. For instance, skipping meals or sacrificing sleep to meet work deadlines.

Hence, the aim for all of us should be to make a conscious effort to bring some healthy changes in our lifestyle, as discussed below:

Maintain Blood Pressure Level

Hypertension, a medical condition in which a person has constant high blood pressure, is one of the biggest risk factors for heart diseases. Regular check-up of one’s blood pressure, timely medication, sound sleep, and a low-sodium diet are some essential ways to keep the blood pressure at a normal level and avoid heart complications.

Stress is often responsible for raising blood pressure. Managing stress should be emphasized to keep heart-healthy. 

Have Healthy Foods

Food items that contain high amounts of saturated fats, sugar, and salt must be avoided as they increase the risk of heart problems. Fatty foods lead to an increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels that can lead to blockage of arteries – the blood vessel which carries oxygen-rich blood from the heart to other cells in the body. This condition is called coronary artery disease. Instead of junk foods, opt for healthy snacks and nutritious foods containing whole grains fresh vegetables and fruits.

Do Exercises for the Heart

Exercises are essential to strengthen the heart muscle. Lack of physical activity can put a person at greater risk of heart ailments. Exercises are a must especially for those people who have a family history of heart diseases. Choose an exercise regime by keeping your age in mind. For senior citizens, yoga and regular walking is advisable. For younger people, there are more options such as aerobics, weight training, cycling, swimming, etc.

Control Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, then you must be careful. Heart complications may arise in diabetic patients as high blood sugar can damage the blood vessels and nerves reaching the heart. With proper medication, timely check-ups and a healthy diet, one can manage the ill effects of diabetes and prevent the onset of heart diseases.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Use

Habits like smoking and excess consumption of alcohol are known to increase the blood pressure that puts the heart at a higher risk of damage. Moreover, alcohol consumption also causes excess weight gain. It is, therefore, beneficial for a person to avoid such risk factors.

Keep a Healthy Body Weight

Obesity is one of the key risk factors for heart diseases. Weight gain due to unhealthy eating is also linked to other factors such as high blood pressure as well as high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in the body. The steps to maintaining an ideal body weight will include having a nutrient-rich and fiber-rich diet, increasing physical activity and reducing alcohol consumption.

Choose Health Plans

You should consider opting for health insurance plans. These are important as they help minimize the financial burden by covering medical expenses. There are specific plans that are designed for the treatment of ailments like diabetes and hypertension. You can choose Diabetes Health Insurance or Heart Mediclaim according to your needs. Availing such plans will help you get quality and timely treatment, and thus keep the risks of heart diseases at bay.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Heart Ailments is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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