Tips for Diabetes Care


Tips for Diabetes Care

Tips for Managing Diabetes: The Need to Monitor Sugar Levels

Self-discipline is an attitude you must develop if you have diabetes. From making healthy choices of food to taking timely medication, every day in the life of a diabetic patient demands constant care and attention. Among the many challenges a diabetic person must face, paying for the hefty medical expenses is a cause of concern. However, they do have a support system in the form of Diabetes insurance plans that provide cover for the treatment costs.

Another important thing a diabetic person should do is to keep track of the blood sugar levels on a regular basis. A blood test would show the quantity of sugar in the blood - the same procedure which doctors recommend for diagnosing the disease. This is extremely important to ensure the sugar levels do not go out of control.

Let us understand more about the monitoring of blood sugar.

Need for Routine Check-Up

For people with diabetes, monitoring of blood sugar is essential for the following reasons:

  • To understand their health condition in a better way
  • Know the amount of medication or treatment required
  • Keep the blood sugar levels within the acceptable range
  • Prevent long-term medical problems or complications

Often, people with type-2 diabetes may see an unexpected drop in their sugar levels in the body. This could happen as a result of the medication they are taking. Low blood sugar could reflect in the form of symptoms like fatigue, dizziness or weakness. Hence, it is better to stay observant, check their sugar levels and always carry fast-acting sugary items. Scheduling appointments with the doctor regularly is important. Also, you must not hesitate to ask your doctor important questions.

Ways to Monitor Blood Sugar

You can test your sugar level anytime, that too from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the blood glucose monitoring device, you can get the readings within a few minutes. It is essential to maintain a routine when it comes to testing blood sugar.

The ways to test blood sugar are mentioned below:

Lab Test

A blood sugar test can be done at diagnostic labs. In this procedure, a prick is made on the finger using a needle and a drop of blood is taken on a test strip. Then, it is put into a meter that displays the sugar level in the blood.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

There are special devices available for glucose monitoring. They are designed to track a person’s glucose levels at regular intervals or continuous basis. These systems are highly beneficial when it comes to knowing the trends of your blood sugar levels over a span of time. Sometimes, they are also combined with insulin pumps.

How often you should go for Blood Sugar Test

The body functions of one diabetic person could be different from another. However, the frequency may depend on the type of diabetes and the treatment plan. It is advisable to speak to the doctor to understand how frequently a person must go for sugar testing.

Health experts suggest testing blood sugar at least three times a day. The recommended frequency for testing in the case of type-1 diabetic patients is up to 10 times a day. They can test their sugar levels as per the below schedule:

  • Before mealtime
  • Before and after physical activity
  • Before bedtime
  • When there is a change in routine
  • When starting a new medication

For type-2 diabetic patients, the ideal time to test blood sugar levels is before mealtime like breakfast or dinner and bedtime.

What is the Normal Range of Blood Sugar?

For a normal person, the blood sugar is within the limit of 100 mg/dL, particularly when checked in a fasting state, that is when the person has not had any meal for at least eight hours. Sugar levels are likely to be at their lowest level before mealtime, usually between 60 to 90 mg/dL.

For patients with diabetes, this number goes above 100 mg/dL and could be around 180 mg/dL after having meals. Therefore, medication is necessary to bring down the sugar levels.

While you take medication for the treatment of your health condition, you also need the support of a health plan. Buy ‘Care Freedom’ which is customized health insurance for diabetes by Care Health Insurance.


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