Struggling with Lower Back Pain? Here’s How to Get Relief at Home


Struggling with Lower Back Pain? Here’s How to Get Relief at Home

As a foundational stone of the body, your lower back muscles need extra care and attention. A strong lower back protects other body parts against excessive pressure. Thus, you should never avoid a weakening lower back and undertake timely back pain treatments and remedies. Govt reports reveal that more than 20% of the world’s adult population suffer from chronic backache problems.

In this article, we shed light on the major reasons behind lower back pain and some effective treatments and at-home remedies to relieve backache.

Reasons Why You Get a Recurring Back Pain

However common, back pain can occur due to several underlying factors, as given below:

1. Ageing

Back pain generally becomes a constant health problem in your 40s. Together with diminishing cartilage or elastic tissue and narrowing discs, old age exerts more pressure on the joints— leading to back pain.

2. Long Hours of Sitting Job

As we adapt to the new normal, workplace and work-from-home ergonomics have taken a toll on our health, especially our backbones. Prolonged sitting in a slouched position, uncomfortable backpacks, and poor sleep cycle are some of the worst back pain reasons among young adults.

3. Obesity & Physical Inactivity

Inactivity is to the body what stress is to our mind. The importance of maintaining a healthy body mass while practising regular exercises can’t be emphasised enough for strong spinal bones.

4. Poor Muscle Condition

Deconditioned muscles are one of the major chronic back pain causes. Deconditioning means your muscles start losing the strength and flexibility to support your body weight. Muscle deconditioning can result from excessive drinking, injuries, nerve damage, etc.

Tips to Ease Your Back Pain Without Surgery

Contrary to the misconception, lower back pain is not a prolonged condition that stays throughout your old age. In fact, with proper care and timely back pain treatment, you can relieve your spinal muscles in less than a year’s time. Here are some lower back pain remedies that you can try per your doctor’s advice:

rid of back pain

1. Practice Stretching Exercises and Yoga

Physical activities like brisk walking, swimming, playing a sport, or stretching top the list of back pain solutions and relievers. However, you should start slow with mild stretches and yoga poses when suffering from chronic back pain. For instance, try knee-to-chest stretches, waist rotations, bridge exercises, and planks.

2. Correct Your Posture

Having borne the negative effects of poor posture, improving your body position is the next best lower back pain remedy. Working adults can start by keeping their back straight and a level head—as if there’s a straight line aligning the head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet, as shown below.

correct sitting posture

Further, ensure your chair has a soft cushion for the lower back while your screen matches your eye level. Also, you can stretch your shoulder blades backward and crossword every 2 hours to ensure flexibility and relief.

3. Try Alternative Treatment

For chronic back pain treatment, you can get some relief by opting for alternative techniques like acupuncture, muscle massages, and therapies like laser therapy and biofeedback. Remember, before undergoing any therapy, you should consult your doctor to ascertain your muscle condition. 

4. Spinal Surgeries

Having tried several home remedies, you should probably undergo a medical diagnosis if you are still wondering how to relieve back pain. With tests like CAT scans, electromyography, or EMG, doctors can identify problems with lower back muscles and the spinal cord. 

Also, you can opt for daycare procedures like Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS), a treatment involving electrical impulses sent directly into the spinal cord for pain relief. However, there are certain health risks with this technique that you should consider while consulting your physician. 

Apart from the above-mentioned lower back pain treatments and remedies, you can use a hot and cold compress to get instant relief from back agony. These are proven methods to provide quick backache relief.

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