Avoid These 6 Skin Allergies This Summer: Helpful Tips and Tricks


Avoid These 6 Skin Allergies This Summer: Helpful Tips and Tricks

Summers are not always exciting for the kind of skin allergies they bring along. You are bound to suffer a skin rash or itching anywhere on your skin during the summers. Such allergies or rashes can spoil your mood, sideline your summer fun, and wreak havoc if not treated immediately. Just like other organs, skin is also susceptible to various conditions during unfavourable weather like summers. To enjoy summer to the fullest, various ways can help keep your summer days easygoing without any skin allergy or rash.

In this article, we have listed 6 common skin allergies during summer and how you can nip seasonal allergies in the bud. Read on to learn helpful tips and tricks to combat 6 skin allergies.

Types of Skin Allergies in Summers

There are several types of skin allergies and rashes; some are more likely to happen during summer. Below are the 6 summer allergies you can be prone to during summers-

Plants-related Allergies

On long sunny days during summer, many prefer going outdoors in the evening for adventures. Little do they know that common allergens such as poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac can be poisonous. Touching any of these could give you itchy skin rash and irritation. Although rashes from these plants go away within one or two weeks, they may get irritating, so one should take suitable medications to subside them.

Plants-related Allergies

Prickly Heat

Sweating causes irritation all over the body, especially when you are wearing clothes or are in touch with a chair that could clog the openings of your skin that help sweat to come out. This results in inflammation of ducts that carry sweat to the skin, giving small itchy bumps wherever the pores get clogged. It causes prickly heat, giving you a tickling sensation as the itchy bumps burst and release sweat. The best breakthrough to this problem is to let your skin get some air. Make your clothing loose and comfortable so your skin remains cool and dry. You can also try cool compresses to get some relief from itchiness.

Prickly Heat

Sun Allergy

Sun exposure leads to various skin conditions, as some people suffer breakouts in an itchy rash exposed to the sun. The allergy may subside as summers end, but one needs to stay safe during the bright sunny days.

Sun Allergy

Acne Breakout

Summers in India mean hotter temperatures, humidity, and for most people, profuse sweating. These factors give acne or blemishes the ideal environment to grow on your face. These seasonal breakouts occur due to increased sweat and oil on the skin due to hot temperatures. 

Acne Breakout


Intertrigo are rashes that usually appear between the skin folds, such as under the breasts, armpits, etc. They happen in summer due to high humidity.


Tinea Versicolor

Tinea Versicolor, also called pityriasis versicolor, is a rash caused due to yeast on your skin. A rash starts to appear and turns into black or red spots if yeast growth goes out of control on the chest and back area. It results from sunny, hot weather, oily skin texture, or a vulnerable immune system. This condition is more prevalent among teenagers and young adults.

Tinea Versicolor

Helpful Tips and Tricks to Prevent Skin Allergies and Rashes

Preventing and managing skin allergies and rashes in the summer is not challenging. Once you know how easily you can protect yourself in such vulnerable weather, it may be comfortable and bearable to survive in the summer. Let’s learn a few tips and tricks to prevent skin allergies and rashes in summer-

Wear Loose and Breathable Clothing

Clothes play a significant role in summer. If you aren't wearing breathable and loose clothing, you may end up experiencing either of the conditions mentioned above. You should always avoid tight or ill-fitted clothes during the summer as they cause irritation and cause friction in vulnerable areas resulting in rashes or chafing.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is the key to staying cool in summer. If you aren’t well-hydrated, you will experience discomfort and dull skin. If you sweat a lot in summer, you better keep yourself hydrated to protect yourself from acne breakouts, itchy skin and toxins.

Anti-rash Ointments

Anti-rash products like gels and creams on your affected skin, like groins, armpits, inner thighs, etc., can help reduce irritation and treat allergic reactions. There are new-age skincare products that have silicone-based protection that saves you from chafing. It also helps reduce friction and keep sweat away due to the water-repellent film formation.

Have a Healthy Diet

Following a healthy regime takes you a long way in all aspects. Water, as well as a nutritious diet, keeps so many health conditions at bay.  Oily, junk and processed food generate toxins and heat in the body during summer, eventually leading to the aggravation of skin allergies. Hence, maintaining a healthy and clean regime in the summer can play a vital role in improving your skin.

See a Doctor

You may experience extreme skin conditions despite your best efforts. Your skin allergies and chafing could lead to infection, excessive redness, lesions, blisters, etc., and you may need immediate medical assistance. So, do not wait for it to get worse; see a skin specialist immediately so he can prescribe the appropriate medication to treat bacterial or fungal infections.


Summers are neither pleasant nor unpleasant for so many reasons. The prevalence of Skin allergies and rashes in summer has become too common among people these days due to exposure to daylight. Causes of skin allergies may not be mitigated entirely but can be avoided by taking appropriate precautions outdoors in sunlight.

However, being fully equipped with a comprehensive health insurance plan can save you from the unnecessary hassle of arranging finances last moment due to aggravated skin infection. Care Health Insurance’s Individual Health Insurance is one of the unparalleled health insurance plans that can cover you against hospitalisation and treatment costs. So, this summer, safeguard yourself before any medical emergency strikes.

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