Significance of World Hemophilia Day

Significance of World Hemophilia Day

Hemophilia is a rare genetic condition that affects the blood's ability to clot. This condition causes prolonged bleeding during surgery or an injury. In severe cases, internal bleeding can damage organs leading to death. To raise awareness about Hemophilia, World Hemophilia Day is celebrated on April 17th every year, which coincides with the birth anniversary of Frank Schnabel, the founder of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). Frank Schnabel was born with severe hemophilia and established WFH to work in the interest of people suffering from hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

This blog post aims to provide valuable insights into the symptoms, causes, and types of haemophilia. It also focuses on the importance of Hemophilia Awareness Day, highlighting the significance of spreading awareness about this medical condition.

What is Hemophilia: Symptoms, Causes and Types

As already mentioned, Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency or absence of clotting proteins or clotting factors, which results in reduced clotting of blood. Due to this, bleeding persists longer after an injury or surgery. The bleeding disorder may range from mild to severe depending on the symptoms and the level of clotting factors. In severe cases, internal bleeding in the joints like knee, elbow and ankle can be life-threatening.

Symptoms of Hemophilia

In mild cases, bleeding occurs only after a trauma or surgery. However, in severe cases, bleeding occurs easily. Some common symptoms include:

  • Bruising
  • Excessive bleeding from injuries or cuts during a surgery or a dental procedure.
  • Bleeding after vaccinations.
  • Pain, inflammation and stiffness in joints
  • Nosebleeds
  • Blood in urine or stool

Causes of Hemophilia

During this condition the body produces an insufficient amount of clotting proteins, factor VIII or factor IX. People suffering from hemophilia are prone to internal bleeding. Hemophilia is more common in males because the genetic mutation affects chromosome X and males have only one X chromosome. Females are normally carriers with no or mild symptoms such as bruising.

Types of Hemophilia

There are four types of hemophilia:

Type A Hemophilia

Also known as Classic Hemophilia, it happens due to the absence or low level of clotting factor VIII. It is the most common type of hemophilia.

Type B Hemophilia

Also known as Christmas Disease, it happens due to the absence or low level of clotting factor IX. Type B hemophilia is less severe than type A and four times less common also.

Type C Hemophilia

It is a rare type of hemophilia, which is also known as Rosenthal disease. It is caused by a mutation of clotting factor XI. It is less severe compared to type A and type B. It affects both men and women equally because it is not present on the sex-determining chromosome.

Acquired Hemophilia

This type of hemophilia is not a genetic disorder but an autoimmune disease. It happens when the immune system does not recognise clotting factors and produces antibodies to attack the clotting proteins and prevent their normal function. It is the rarest type of hemophilia.

Importance of Hemohpilia Day

According to WFH, around 75% of individuals suffering from hemophilia are not yet diagnosed. Hence World Hemophilia Day is celebrated to bring attention to these people and address concerns and problems faced by people living with hemophilia.

World Hemohpilia Day Theme 2024

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Equitable access to all: recognising all bleeding disorders’. It aims to provide access to treatment to all people living with an inherited bleeding disorder, irrespective of the type of disorder. 

Why do We Celebrate World Haemophilia Day?

The World Hemophilia Day is celebrated to

  • Create awareness about hemophilia and other genetic bleeding disorders.
  • Provide guidelines that can be adapted by different organisations from different regions to support people with hemophilia.
  • Provide better diagnosis and healthcare access to hemophilic people living without treatments.

How to Cure Hemophilia?

There is no cure for hemophilia as it is a genetic disorder. However, replacing the clotting factor during a bleeding episode helps in controlling bleeding. It is done by injecting clotting factors into the veins. The treatment product can be used for episodic care to stop bleeding during an episode or for prophylactic care to prevent bleeding by regularly infusing the clotting factors. 

Living a Normal Life with Hemophilia!

Living with hemophilia can be quite challenging as it can make even the simplest of daily tasks difficult to perform. However, with medical advancements, modern treatments like gene therapy may be able to cure the disorder in future. Regular physical exercise, a balanced diet and proper nutrition can help people living with hemophilia lead a normal life. 

Not to forget, Hemophilia is a rare disorder; hence, the treatment costs are high because it requires pre and post-hospitalisation care, regular monitoring and expensive medication. Having comprehensive health insurance coverage can help reduce the financial burden caused by expensive treatments and will also ensure that you get access to quality healthcare. 

Let us take care of all your worries related to treatment expenses. One of our popular plans, Care Secure provides comprehensive coverage for hospitalisation due to accidental injuries while Care Operation Mediclaim covers all the costs associated with surgeries. Visit the company website or connect with our insurance experts to understand the coverage options available if you or your loved ones are dealing with a rare bleeding disorder.

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