Most Effective Ways to Cleanse your Lungs


Most Effective Ways to Cleanse your Lungs

The lungs are often the ignored organ of our body, as the attention is given to the lungs is less than the attention you give to other organs. Lungs are as crucial as any other organ of your body that help your body  function. Lungs are usually affected by the air you breathe daily  and the lifestyle habits you pursue in your daily  routine. The air you breathe is contaminated and trapped with many pollutants, passive smoke and pollens that directly attack our lungs. Hence, knowing how to clean and detox lungs to avoid respiratory ailments is crucial.

How to Detox Lungs?

Lungs are naturally self-cleaning organs unless you have pulmonary health conditions. It is prudent to think about the lungs detox if you feel anything that doesn’t feel right about your breathing.

Various ways can help you detox your lungs naturally and make them fit. These include lifestyle changes and exercises

Why is Lungs Detox Necessary?

Self-awareness can save you from running to doctors and spending a fortune on diseases that can be avoided if you are aware. 

A lung cleansing can also help your already existing respiratory or pulmonary conditions to get better. 

For smokers, Lung detox  is essential to healing their lungs before things get worse and they face a serious ailment such as lung cancer.

Research states that India bears 32 per cent global burden of respiratory diseases. 

How to Clean lungs naturally and make them healthy?

Here are the different ways how to clean your lungs naturally:

Exercise regularly

Maintaining a routine of exercising keeps your mental and physical health in check. It helps muscles work harder, promoting the body’s breathing levels, resulting in enough oxygen supply to the muscles and organs. The improved circulation makes the body get rid of the excess carbon dioxide that it generates while exercising. 

Once you start following an exercise regime, your body and muscles will learn to use oxygen more and produce less carbon dioxide to keep your lungs healthy.

Drink infused and hot teas:

Infused and hot teas are an excellent source of antioxidants that melt down  mucus and reduce inflammation in the lungs.  They could also protect your lung tissues from getting damaged by the harmful effects of passive and active smoke inhalation.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Food habits always play an essential role in the journey of a healthy lifestyle. Eating anti-inflammatory diets will reduce the inflammation of the airways and congestion, which  makes breathing difficult.

Foods for lungs detox-

  • Leafy vegetables
  • Cherries and blueberries
  • Lentils
  • Walnuts
  • Olives
  • Turmeric

Adding lung-cleansing foods to your diet will cleanse your lungs effectively and make them healthy.

Chest percussion

Chest percussion is an effective first-aid technique to clear the cough from the lungs. In this technique, an experienced medical practitioner uses his cupped hands to clap the patient’s chest in order to vibrate the air in the lungs. This loosens the cough congested inside the lungs and brings it upwards, thereby clearing the lungs.

Get an air purifier

As the air quality has drastically deteriorated in recent times, it becomes essential to be equipped with an effective in-house air purifier that helps you breathe unpolluted air. With pollutants and smog in the air, it becomes tough for your lungs to function the way they should be and start getting clogged. Buying an air purifier that purifies the impurities in air can be your best companion if you want your lungs to stay healthy.

Spend time in the greenery

Ensure to spare time every day to spend time around lush and green places. Breathing around green places regularly will reduce the risk of health conditions related to the lungs.

Greenery also aids in lungs detox for smokers and reduces the toxins in their lungs.

It is essential to maintain respiratory health in such times when even air isn’t pure. It becomes a challenge for many people who do not even smoke to become victims of respiratory diseases. The awareness can save you from trouble as there are plenty of lung cleansing techniques that include postural drainage, chest percussion, and breathing exercises. 

A few thoughtful changes in lifestyle can save you from the hassle of doctors and hospitals. 


Prevention and healthy choices can improve the health of your lungs and heal them naturally. Once you decide to quit smoking, do regular exercise and adapt healthy food habits, you will start feeling and breathing better than before. You can easily dislodge mucus from your lungs and airways if you start following a regime that promotes your lungs' health. People with chronic respiratory conditions can consult their healthcare specialists before getting engaged in any activity by themselves.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult your general physician for verified medical advice. The health insurance benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions. Refer to your policy documents for more information.

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