Minimise Your Medical Expenses with These Useful Tips


Minimise Your Medical Expenses with These Useful Tips

Essential Guidelines That Cut your Major Health Care Costs

Millions of adults in India are struggling with the ill effects of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The number of affected people has risen over the past decades. In fact, there are about 77 million diabetics in the country which is the second largest in the world.

The Indian healthcare sector has witnessed massive advancements. However, the average person feels the pinch when it comes to accessing quality medical care the cost of which is increasing at a steady rate. Health Insurance Plans, however, are a saving grace as people can look forward to minimizing their healthcare expenses to a huge extent.

Furthermore, a wise approach is to adopt smart strategies aimed at limiting the medical costs or to completely avoid them, if possible, with preventive steps.

We bring some useful guidelines that will help you cut your major healthcare costs.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Since prevention is better than cure, the best way to avoid spending on medical costs is to keep your body healthy and illnesses at bay. Adopt good habits like following a fitness regime, eating healthy, maintaining healthy body weight and quitting smoking/drinking habits.

If you have any pre-existing condition, take the necessary steps to control the disease and prevent it from getting worse. This is one ideal way to keep expenses on costly medical tests and treatments under check.

Pick a Family Health Plan 

Assess your family needs and invest in a good family health plan that offers a financial cushion when you face any unforeseen medical situation like injuries, illness, and more importantly hospitalization. 

In case, you have elderly parents at home, get a senior citizen health insurance policy that will provide you comfort in terms of coverage for treatment of age-related illnesses. If you or any family member has a pre-existing condition like hypertension, go for health plans that cover a majority of the medical expenses even if they have higher premium. Ultimately, you will save on the expenditures that may arise due to the treatment. 

Know Your Benefits

Discounts are benefits which customers are eligible for, based on terms and conditions. Apply your negotiation skills as many billing departments and healthcare providers are open to discussing things out.

Find out about the free and discounted services you may be eligible for under your health plan. Also, you can ask your healthcare provider if there is any discount on paying the bills in advance. Check if there is any discount on cash payments.

To reduce your future medical expenses, go for timely screenings or annual health check-ups that aid in detecting diseases at an early stage and getting treated easily. Make use of health policy features like annual medical check-ups. 

Choose a Network Hospital

Even if your expenses may be reimbursed under your Mediclaim policy, you are likely to spend more in case you opt for a non-network hospital. This can happen if the claim is partially settled owing to the policy terms and conditions.

Getting treatment in the network hospital will be advantageous as you will get quality yet affordable treatment.

Ask Crucial Questions

Many doctors and healthcare centers recommend their patients to go for clinical tests that are just precautionary. Speak to your doctor to understand if the tests or appointments are really important at that particular stage. Sometimes, medical tests are not required when buying a health insurance policy. Talk to your physician to get instructions on how you can minimize medications or find economical alternatives.

Get a thorough knowledge of the various health and understand their features in order to make the right selection and ultimately save costs.

Save money by availing the right medical policy for your family and get a hassle-free claim settlement by Care Health Insurance.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims may vary. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, terms and conditions carefully.

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