Know the Things to Consider When Upgrading a Health Cover


Know the Things to Consider When Upgrading a Health Cover

In today’s time, health insurance is the need of the hour. The environment today is no more liveable due to the increased pollution; poor eating habits and no work-life balance have given rise to various ailments. In addition to this, the medical inflation in India is making it difficult for the common man to bear the medical expenses. A good health cover will offer coverage for various expenses such as pre and post hospitalisation medical expenses, in-patient hospitalisation, room rent, and ambulance cover. A medical crisis can occur anytime without any notice; hence, having an adequate health insurance plan can secure you in such a situation.

For instance, a person with fixed income will have to wait for an opportunity where he or she can upgrade his health cover, such as getting a raise in the salary or switching job, etc. Thus, upgrading health insurance is beneficial for the policyholder.

Why is Upgrading Health Insurance Plan Important?

If the existing health policy is not sufficient; then, it is essential to upgrade your health insurance plan by increasing the cover to get multi-faceted coverage at the time of contingency. It is advisable to upgrade your health cover. However, even if there is an opportunity, many people still avoid it, which is not a good practice. Getting health cover upgraded is very much important. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the critical factors as to why upgrading health insurance is important.

  • Lifetime Renewability: If you are not happy with your existing health cover, then you must upgrade your health cover. You must opt for a health cover that comes with lifelong renewability. With the help of this, you need not worry about the coverage even as you age.
  • Adequate Health Cover: If you are thinking of upgrading your health cover, make sure you assess your healthcare needs and risks. Upgrading your cover will only benefit if it provides sufficient coverage.
  • Cashless Health Insurance: This is a necessity in today’s time as it is of great help at the time of an emergency. With the help of this facility, you need to worry about the medical expenses during hospitalization. Make sure you choose a policy that offers this facility. Know more 
  • Higher Sum Insured: At present, it is advisable to opt for a policy with a higher sum insured so that your healthcare needs can be managed.
  • Advantage of Upgrading Health Cover Early: Doing so at an early age can make you pay a low premium because of minimum health risks at that point. You can invest in a super top-up plan to increase the coverage at a low premium.
  • Medical Inflation: This is one of the main factors because of which you must upgrade your health cover as the medical inflation in India has been rising. It is rising at double rate at the rate of general retail inflation. At present, your health cover of Rs. 6 lakhs may seem adequate to you; but, it may not be sufficient in the future. Hence, you must upgrade your medical insurance timely.


Upgrading a health cover is necessary owing to the increasing ailments and cost of treatment. Also, do not delay if you are thinking of upgrading your health cover. It is a long process; but, it will surely help you in the long run. For any information, you can contact the customer service team at Care Health Insurance by calling on the customer helpline number mentioned on the company’s official website.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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