Heart Disease: Know the Types, Causes, and Treatment


Heart Disease: Know the Types, Causes, and Treatment

Heart-related diseases are severe conditions that require timely and constant care. In India, the number of deaths due to heart diseases has increased over the years. Surprisingly, compared to family medical history, poor lifestyle is the primary reason for this upsurge. Risk factors include a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, and unhealthy dietary habits.

In these bleak times, buying health insurance that can back you up in times of medical contingency is necessary. Care Health Insurance offers a customized plan- 'Care Heart’ for heart-related treatments. It is a health plan that covers pre-existing heart diseases, thus saving you from the impact of high medical costs and safeguarding your heart health with the proper treatment at the right time.

To lessen such conditions and get proper treatment, it is necessary to understand heart diseases. Let us know more about heart ailments.

What are Heart Diseases?

The heart is an essential organ in the human body that continuously pumps blood and supplies oxygen. Heart diseases arise when the normal functions of the heart are disturbed. The state of health here is mainly related to the blood vessels and the circulatory system. Sometimes, they are also associated with deformities and other heart-related health issues.

Types of Heart Diseases

There are several types of heart diseases, as discussed below:

  • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD): It is a medical condition when the coronary arteries – which are responsible for supplying oxygen-rich blood to the heart – are damaged due to plaque deposits.
  • Arrhythmia (arrhythmia): This condition is characterized by an irregular heartbeat. For example, tachycardia is a condition in which the heart beats too rapidly.
  • Cardiomyopathy: A problem where the heart muscle becomes more prominent and thicker.
  • Atherosclerosis: This is a medical condition where the arteries become hardened.
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease: A condition where the heart valves are permanently damaged, leading to rheumatic fever.
  • Heart Infection: Infection in the heart caused by bacteria or viruses.
  • Congenital Heart Defects: Such conditions are abnormalities related to the heart present from the patient's birth—for example, a hole between two heart chambers.

Risk Factors for Heart Diseases

Some of the primary reasons which are responsible for heart diseases in a person are given below:

  • Gender: Men are at higher risk of heart diseases than women, experts say.
  • Age: The risk of heart disease increases as a person gets older.
  • Family Medical History: If one member has had heart disease in the family history, then there are chances that it can affect another person with the same bloodline in the family.
  • Diabetes and High Blood Pressure: If diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are not controlled and treated, they can lead to heart problems.
  • Lifestyle: As stated earlier, smoking, lack of physical activity, obesity, high cholesterol levels from eating junk food, etc., increase the chances of heart diseases.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

If a person shows any of the following symptoms, it should not be ignored as it could be a sign of a heart problem or a heart attack:

  • Pain in chest
  • Chest tightness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain in the neck, jaw, throat, abdomen, legs, or arms
  • Irregular heartbeat (slow or fast)
  • Numbness in the legs or the arms
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

In addition to a physical exam, a doctor will recommend blood tests to a person to rule out any heart conditions. Other diagnostic tests include electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, stress tests, CT scans, and heart MRIs– all of which are good ways to get a clear picture of a person's heart conditions.

Treatments for heart disease are dependent on what heart condition a person is suffering from.Medications are essential in preventing complications and curing and controlling the disease. Surgery is required in patients only with severe heart conditions with a blockage in the arteries.

Considering the skyrocketing healthcare expenses, health insurance proves beneficial for heart patients, as the policy covers the expenses of the treatment and protects one’s lifetime savings. In this regard, heart mediclaim by Care Health Insurance also offers the facility of annual heart health check-ups, which greatly benefits those who require timely treatment for heart diseases.

You would agree that disease prevention is undoubtedly better than cure. Even medical experts suggest preventive measures to control the risk factors. This can be done by leading a healthy lifestyle, as explained below:

  • Maintaining blood pressure at an average level.
  • Controlling cholesterol levels by eating healthy foods.
  • Handling stress through yoga and meditation.
  • Living an active life by walking and exercising.
  • Eating a nutritious and low-sodium diet to control high blood pressure.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult your general physician for verified medical advice. The health insurance benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions. Refer to your policy documents for more information.

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