Invest In These 5 Plans to Get High Return Value


Invest In These 5 Plans to Get High Return Value

Best 5 Plans to Get High Return Value

Gone are the days when people depend on only one source of income to earn the livelihood. Nowadays, millennials invest in different sources and channelize their money to earn high profits.  So, considering the factors like financial goals, risk appetite, and tenure, you can choose the best investment plan with high returns available in the market. Here are some hand-picked options for you:

Mid and Small-Cap Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are always considered as the safest high return investment plan. These are of three types-high, medium, and small-cap mutual funds. High-cap mutual funds have a high rate of risk, whereas to minimize the risk, investors invest in mid and small-cap mutual funds. In these mutual funds, investors opt for medium and small-sized companies for investment that have high growth opportunities. The investment is generally for mid or short term basis like 5-10 years but yield good return with low risk. 

National Pension Scheme (NPS)

NPS is another way you can channelize your money safely for a peaceful life after retirement. It is a government-supported scheme where you can invest in market instruments like shares and debentures. You have to open an account online on the eNPS portal.  You also need to enable your internet banking to start investing. You should be between 18 to 70 years of age to take NPS. It is a long-term investment plan where you can withdraw a partial amount i.e. up to 25% after three years from the date of first investment. As an NPS account holder, you will receive the remaining amount as a monthly pension after your retirement.

Fixed Deposits

If you do not have a high-risk appetite, then you should prefer bank fixed deposit. It is a strong combination of high returns and investment security. Generally, it is hailed as the most stable high return investment plan for minimum 3 years of investment period. Fixed deposits hardly effect with market fluctuations. Therefore, you will get hassle-free renewals for accumulating your money and enjoy the element of certainty. 

Gold Investment Plan

Gold is the most reliable and oldest way of saving money and still prevailing. You can invest your money in gold in three ways- physical form, exchange-traded funds, and sovereign gold bonds. All these are the stable and safe ways to buy gold and give you a huge return. However, the gold rate may rise or dip according to the market fluctuations, yet it is a good way to earn extra profits. 

Health Insurance Plan

It is also the best investment channel when it comes to protection and savings. You would not get high return directly in terms of money. These days where medical inflation is rising, treatment costs are skyrocketing, and diseases are taking a toll on health, it’s better to invest in a health insurance plan that saves your health and money. >> Also read how health insurance is used as an investment

 >> Also read how health insurance is used as an investment

One hospitalization can cost you lakhs of rupees, and all your savings can drain. So, opt for comprehensive individual health insurance offered by Care Health Insurance. It covers your hospitalization expenses and treatment costs. It also provides you additional benefits like no claim bonus, global coverage, advanced treatment, and many more. Therefore, it is an ideal investment that not only saves your hard-earned money but also helps you to avail the best possible health care facilities for you and your family.

So, above are the plans that crops high returns. Think wisely and analyse all the benefits of each plan and opt for the best investment plan with high returns to you start your investment journey.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only.

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