How to Reduce Body Heat & Stay Cool in Summer


How to Reduce Body Heat & Stay Cool in Summer

The sun is as essential for our existence as oxygen is. Ironically, prolonged exposure to the sun can be as harmful to the body as a slow poison. Thus, the question is—how can you stay cool and hydrated even in the harsh summer weather? While wearing sunscreen and drinking enough water are some of the top summer heat survival tips, there are better ways to regulate your body temperature.

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Now, with these essential tips, let’s dig deeper into the science of reducing body heat and preventing heat stroke.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Body Heat 

As much as you need Vitamin D, excessive exposure to the sun can lead the UV rays to leave side effects—from sunburns and premature ageing to eye diseases and even skin cancer. Thus, it is important to protect your body from harmful UV rays by following these summer-friendly habits:

Ways to Reduce Body Heat

1. Drink Water Throughout Your Day

Staying well-hydrated is the first rule for lowering the body temperature amid soaring heat. As already emphasised enough by experts, drinking at least 3 litres of water should be on everyone’s checklist. While the quantity matters, it is also important to check your water intake frequency and style,  as guided by Ayurveda:

  • Always take a seat when drinking water for better absorption
  • Sip the water gradually and avoid gulping down
  • Drink a glass of water before having your meal
  • Make a habit of drinking a glass of water or fluids every 2-3 hours throughout the day. 
  • Drink more water when outdoors and while working out.

Following these practices will help you get the most benefits from drinking water that will help you beat the heat.

2. Lower Down Your Caffeine & Alcohol Consumption

While fluid consumption is tempting during summer, you should reduce caffeine and alcoholic beverages—however, reluctantly. Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and caffeine-containing drinks like coffee, fizzy colas, and sugary fluids causes dehydration. When inside the body, these drinks increase the frequency of urination and act like diuretics—causing an excess outflow of water from the body.

Thus, the ideal way to stay hydrated is to avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption largely. As advised by doctors, you should limit your coffee intake to 2 cups per day to get the maximum benefits of water and caffeine. On the other hand, you should not consume more than 1 alcoholic drink of 15 to 30 ml daily and more than 10 standard glasses in a week.

3. Wear Light and Breathable Clothes

The sun and external factors like your clothing choice can be a big reason behind the increased body temperature during summer. Studies prove that black clothing transmits heat directly to the skin leading to higher body temperature.

On the other hand, light-coloured, sweat-absorbing clothes are best suited for summertime. These clothes not only keep you cool but also save your skin from absorbing any heat. So, make your wardrobe summer-ready by packing in wear loose-fitting clothing.

4. Switch to Hydrating Foods

Food is as important to maintaining body temperature as fluids are. While fluids regulate the overall body temperature by dissipating heat, hydrating foods also provide for the body’s 20% water requirement. Ideally, eating raw foods and vegetable provides the most amount of water, minerals, and fibre—improving your overall health and metabolism.

The list of top foods to stay hydrated in summer include cucumber, watermelon, oranges, spinach, cabbage, and skim milk. Consuming some of these hydrating foods can prevent heat stroke while maintaining your body temperature.

5. Take Cover and Use Natural Coolers When Outside

Reducing body temperature becomes all the more difficult when you are outside under the sun. If you are wondering how to prevent heat stroke when outside, you should keep these tips handy:

  • Always carry a water bottle of at least 1 litre 
  • Avoid direct sunlight when travelling outside during the afternoon
  • Dampen a cotton cloth and place it on your uncovered body parts
  • Carry portable hand fans to fan yourself and cool down the body temperature.

Besides these tips, you should take cold showers twice a day during summer, which regulates body temperature and improves your energy levels and blood circulation.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult a physician for a detailed healthcare plan. Read the policy documents to verify the benefits and conditions.

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