How is Health Insurance Helpful in your 40s?


How is Health Insurance Helpful in your 40s?

You know you are financially safeguarded when you have appropriate health insurance backing you up in your 40s. It becomes easy to propel through the financial burden that medical emergencies bring when you have an assured health insurance plan covering the cost of treatments. We often come across the stories of the people who succumbed to critical illness just because they didn't have financial security looking after their health. Well-planned health insurance in 40s could be your saviour in the times when you need help to make you feel hale and hearty again. Health insurance providers have plans to safeguard their patrons when severely ill and need immediate assistance in their 40s. CHI’s Health Insurance for 45 and above could be proven to be your rescue if you are worried about your 40s.

Knowing the gravity of health insurance in the 40s has become much more crucial considering the kind of lifestyle we all have. This blog will give you a rundown on the importance of having health insurance in your 40s.

You make the wisest decision when you plan to buy health insurance before 45 and give yourself a financial cushion if you come across a medical emergency that needs heavy finances in one go.

Considering the dire need for health insurance for the 45 and above age group, Care Health Insurance has introduced a new product-Care for 45+ health plan, for all those who have headed to this age and need a refuge to stay in fine fettle. It is for people at high risk of getting sick in these worrisome times where medical expenses are already touching the sky.

Benefits of buying Care for 45+ Health Plan,

Before buying anything, we always prefer to know the benefits before spending on it. Similarly, one should always be aware of what they are getting in their health insurance in their 40s.

  • Daycare hospitalization- You will get coverage if you undergo a daycare treatment that might not require you to get hospitalized.
    *CHI covers over 540+daycare treatments. 
  • Pre-hospitalization- Coverage for medical expenses such as investigative tests, routine medications incurred by you up to 30 days before your hospitalization.
  • Post-hospitalization- Coverage for medical expenses such as doctor consultation, Diagnostic tests, and medications incurred up to 60 days post your hospitalization.

  • Room rent- You will get reimbursement for the charges you have paid for the room rent.  You can also upgrade your single private room should there be a need to and is recommended by a treating doctor.

  •  ICU Charges- Your ICU charges can be taken care of during your hospitalization.
  • Ambulance cover- Reimbursement of expenses incurred by you for availing of a domestic road ambulance during your hospitalization.

  • Domiciliary hospitalization- Coverage for medical expenses incurred during your treatment at home for a period exceeding three consecutive days.

  • Annual health check-up- Annual Health Check-Up for all insured members are covered under this plan.

  • Automatic recharge- If you ever run out of your health cover due to claims made, the entire Sum Insured amount of your policy will be re-instated.

  • No Claim Bonus*- We raise a cheer to good health for every year that you don't claim by increasing your Sum Insured by 10%, up to a maximum of 50% in 5 consecutive years. It is more like a reward for keeping good health throughout a claim-free year.

  • Organ donor cover- We reimburse you the medical expenses incurred by an organ donor while undergoing organ transplant surgery.

  • Second opinion- If you feel uncertain about your diagnosis, you can opt for a second opinion.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, quality health insurance in the 40s is one of the safest investment options you can reap later in the 40s if there is an unavoidable medical crisis. Also, you will be entitled to get Section 80D benefits on the health insurance premium paid.

Things to consider when you buy  Care for 45+ Health Plan

  • Make sure that you compare health insurance plans before buying so that you don’t regret them later.

  • A low PED wait period is an essential feature that needs to be checked before buying health insurance. Find out your premium.

  • Do make an analysis about your needs and opt for appropriate optional Add-ons suiting your requirement.

  • In these times, it is always safe that you invest in critical illness policy to be safe in future.

It becomes a constant challenge every day on the health front for those diagnosed with medical conditions. Care Health Insurance ensures that no one has to suffer the burden of high treatment costs. There indeed is a greater need for suitable health insurance covering the treatments in the 40s and later.

It is always essential to compare the health insurance available in the market and zero down on the best health insurance plan open for the 40s. Care Health Insurance has introduced a product called Care for 45+ health plan for all those who have headed to this age and need a refuge to stay in fine fettle. It is for people at high risk of getting sick in these worrisome times where medical expenses are already too high to bear. Buy yourself Care for 45+ health plan today if you have entered your 40s and want to be safeguarded.

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