How Does a Health Insurance Protect You from High Cancer Treatment Costs


How Does a Health Insurance Protect You from High Cancer Treatment Costs

If a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is not just that one individual who undergoes hardship but the entire family. Cancer is a serious illness that can affect one physically and mentally. It is important to stay strong and not lose hope. In fact, a patient’s positive attitude improves the chances of getting cured.

Cancer can also have an impact on a family’s financial reserves. As the treatment is prolonged, lack of a financial back-up can pose problems. Thus, the role of health insurance cannot be ignored.

With advancements in healthcare, cancer treatment has also improved by leaps and bounds. Early detection and proper medical care to attack the disease is now possible. However, the major challenge for many families is the high costs of medical treatment. 

Many insurers like Care Health Insurance offer disease-specific insurance policy known as Cancer Insurance that help in dealing with the cost of therapies and other medical expenses for illnesses like cancer without any worry. 

Pre Hospitalisation Medical Costs

Timely screening is pivotal in detecting the diseases and preventing the dangerous complications of the disease, thus increasing chances of survival. Pre-hospitalisation care involves OPD visits; diagnostic tests e.g. mammograms and blood tests. A cancer cover will take care of these expenses. 

Hospitalisation Cover

Under cancer insurance, the insured person is eligible for getting claim for the expenses incurred for in-patient hospitalization. The policy would provide coverage for related expenses like room rent, ICU charges, ambulance costs, etc. Such policies also cover day care treatment which proves helpful. 

Post Hospitalisation Medical Costs

Medical care continues even after the patient is discharged from the hospital. As the patient is recuperating, he or she may have to for doctor visits and require medical assistance in the form of regular medication and therapies. These expenses also get covered under a critical illness policy that covers cancer. 

Cover for Various Stages of Cancer 

Some common type of cancers which have affected lakhs of people in India include lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, etc. The disease has many stages starting from the early stage to the critical stage. The best cancer insurance plans such as the one offered by Care Health Insurance covers all the stages of cancer. Moreover, the costs of medical care are quite low in early stages. Having an insurance plan with cancer cover will help in covering the expenses and minimising the stress. 

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy become essential in the treatment for cancer. In some cases, organ transplant may also be required. An insurance cover designed for cancer will offer coverage for expenses resulting from these procedures. 

Cancer Cover offers High Sum Insured

When opting for an insurance cover for cancer, it is of utmost importance to understand the policy terms. There may be sub-limits on certain expenses, say OPD costs. The amount of coverage that can be availed is high, ranging from Rs 10 Lakh to Rs 2 Crore. Moreover, there are the tax benefits which come with any health insurance plan. In addition, features like no claim bonuses contribute in giving the insured the much-required financial cushion. 

Ensure financial protection against cancer by opting for insurance cover today. Critical Illness Insurance by Care Health Insurance provides coverage for 32 critical diseases including Cancer.

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