How Counselling Can Help You Get Through Cancer


How Counselling Can Help You Get Through Cancer

Counselling for cancer patients is one of the most integral parts of oncology treatment that not only makes the patient feel better but also the family that goes through upheaval. Patients and their families usually have plenty of concerns pertaining to the treatment, survival, lifestyle, follow-ups, finances, etc. There is always a counsellor right at one’s disposal to answer their concerns that can probably hamper their recovery.

However, these days oncology departments in hospitals have appointed Psycho Oncologist/Psychologist/Counselors to ensure the speedy recovery of the patients. Cancer care becomes inevitable when you fight the disease and need someone to hear and understand you. There are often emotional turmoils that lead to breakdowns, and you need a rescue to help you breakthrough.

This blog will convey the importance of counselling for cancer patients.

The Process of Counselling

It is a process in which the patient interacts with the therapist and expresses the concerns bothering them during the treatment journey. In this process, a secure and private atmosphere is provided to the patient to discuss tough sentiments that may be perplexing or unpleasant. The process of focusing on unpleasant feelings or experiences in a non-judgmental setting allows the patient to see things more clearly and fosters good changes in the patient.

When Do You Have to Seek Counselling?

It is natural to feel miserable after a diagnosis of cancer. Nevertheless, it is prudent to seek help when it becomes hard to bear the pain of the treatment. Cancer treatment may have long-lasting effects, and seeking help is also essential when the misery affects your ability to cope with issues. Nonetheless, you may find counselling helpful even if your stress level is not severe. 

Cancer and its treatment have many reactions to the body. Some of them are-

● Fear or anxiety

● Sudden changes in the body

● Stress of treatment

You may be furious or struggling to cope with a sense of loss of control. You may also be concerned about dealing with treatment side effects such as exhaustion, discomfort, or vomiting. 

Role of Therapist/Counselor

● Assisting the patient and caregiver in discovering more efficient strategies to cope with daily life.

● Providing encouragement and assistance to feel better.

● Identifying alternatives that will lead to a higher quality of life.

The Outcome of Counselling for Cancer Patients       

The main focus is to empower patients and their families with mindfulness and positivity to make their own choices and decisions about how to cope with their diagnosis, manage their emotional concerns, and discuss how to address and cope with any lifestyle changes that may occur.


Cancer is one of such diseases that require immediate attention and care. One has to be aware of the consequences of the disease and should be aware beforehand. Care Health Insurance offers a cancer care policy with various benefits that include no claim bonus, lifelong renewability, and cashless hospitalization at over 22900+ cashless healthcare providers. In addition to the benefits of cancer insurance that we have mentioned, the cancer policy also gives you access to optional benefits and health resources, including doctor-on-call and quick recovery counselling. Furthermore, you need to focus on your needs and invest prudently in a health insurance plan that will secure your finances while ensuring your wellbeing.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter's discretion.

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