How can you avoid 3rd Wave of Covid -19 during Festivities?


how can you avoid 3rd wave of covid 19 during festivities

Now that festivities are around the corner and everything is resuming back to normal ever since the pandemic hit, the threat of 3rd wave is still hovering as people are seen leaving their guards down. Although it is still uncertain whether the covid 3rd wave will hit, it is necessary to consider the previous waves’ gravity. Delta variant has been doing rounds across the globe, and it spreads quickly and attacks lungs. The intensity and timing of the 3rd wave are still uncertain, but you should better prepare yourself for the forthcoming wave and try your best to reduce the damage.

After suffering a devastating phase in the past due to Covid-19, Indians should better be prepared to fight another battle that may occur abruptly.

This blog will give you some tips to prepare you against the 3rd wave of covid and alert you not to let your guards down.

Helpful ways to avoid the third wave of Covid-19

Staggered opening of markets and offices

In the past, it has been noticed that crowded places have caused the spread of the virus the most. It is hazardous to visit overcrowded markets and offices, as they encourage transmission among people and make them prone to infection. Public authorities and office management should opt for staggered timings to maintain discipline and not gather all at once. Offices still need to continue work from home practice and avoid a congregation of people in one place. Practising control over the crowd has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to curb SARS-CoV-2 in the past.

Get fully vaccinated

Covid- 19 vaccines are a game-changing tool to curb the spread of the virus and make it less deadly. If you are not vaccinated yet, make sure you get fully vaccinate at the earliest and contribute to the safety regime against coronavirus. Whichever dose you plan to get, make sure you get fully vaccinated within time. Also, remember, there could be no scope of laxity even after getting fully vaccinated.

Don’t let the mask slip away from its place

Ever since covid happened, a mask was the only tool that helped us come this far. It armoured you against coronavirus while the world was battling it due to ignorance and lack of resources. The benefits of wearing the mask indoors and outdoors were clearly established, and during the second wave, experts also recommended wearing double masks. There. The scope of losing anything gets zero if we protect ourselves and our loved ones carefully. The simple use of wearing masks outdoors, covering your nose and mouth, can save a lot of lives.

Religious hand sanitization and washing

Cleanliness of hands also holds importance after masks. There is an evident correlation between the cleanliness of hands and the transmission. Wash your hands thoroughly whenever you get home from outdoors, and always carry alcohol-based sanitizers while outdoors. One more simple rule can save tons of lives.

Stay home unless there is an emergency

Staying home unless there is an emergency can curb the spread to a great extent. You can obviously run errands, but going outdoors unnecessarily contribute a lot to the transmission. It probably gets boring and stifling for you but can definitely save yours and others lives.

Avoid huge gatherings during festivities

The festivities excite people and makes them throw everything into the wind. The virus hasn’t gone yet; it is still there among us. If you are too excited to celebrate, ensure that you do not gather a large number of people and celebrate. A handful of people in a gathering is a safe and wise option for you to celebrate this season.

Sanitize the packages coming from outside

Sanitizing the packages coming to your doorstep is the safest way to not let virus entire inside your premises. It takes hardly a minute to thoroughly sanitize a package and make it virus free. Ensure you practice this to keep yourself and your people safe.

Keep pulse oximeter handy to monitor oxygen levels

There could be times when you need to monitor your health due to viral fever or other reasons. Keeping an oximeter handy can save you from the unnecessary hustle. Always check your oxygen levels if you are worried and consult your health expert in any emergency.

Do not rush to hospitals unless it is indispensable

In the past, it has been noticed that panic in the hospitals made everything even more disarranged. If you are careful and know how to take precautions sitting at home, you can easily cure your virus. Unless there is any dire need, you can isolate yourself at home and seek treatment from your doctor over the call. 

The third wave of Covid-19 can be avoided if you follow the simple rules mentioned above. The carelessness led this virus to spread uncontrollably in the past, but if you focus on taking adequate precautions now, you won’t even know if the Covid-19 third wave came.

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Despite being fully vaccinated, we must continue wearing masks, maintain hygiene and social distancing to be doubly safe. There is still a long way to go until we experience complete freedom from this pandemic. Strengthen your immunity to safeguard yourself and others around you.

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