How can Senior Citizens keep themselves Healthy and Safe from Illnesses?


How can Senior Citizens keep themselves Healthy and Safe from Illnesses?

As you grow older, you realize that your body doesn’t work as expeditiously as it used to. Your body goes through many changes while you age, and adjusting your lifestyle habits for healthy living becomes necessary. Thoughtful lifestyle choices also prevent you from illnesses such as diabetes, heart conditions and other critical illnesses. It is essential to take care of your health regardless of age, but you need extra attention if you are 60 or older. Something uncomplicated like flu or common cold can be severe if you don’t take timely precautions and treatment.

Amidst the pandemic, senior citizens became more vulnerable to the infection due to their reduced immunity and strength. If you are going through chronic health conditions, anything less severe can make your illness even worse.  

Making healthy choices becomes more like a necessity in the age where sickness hovers the most. It is essential to make healthy choices that strengthen your immune system and safeguard you from illnesses to reduce the likelihood of illness.

We have listed down healthy tips for senior citizens to help them stay in fine fettle in their old age and senility.

Health tips for Senior Citizens

If you have senior citizens at home, it becomes necessary to understand what their body needs the most in their old age. Senior citizens' health is imperative considering the lifestyle habits these days that lead to health conditions occurring abruptly.

Stay active

People in old age don’t like to move much because of joint pain and inflammation in the body. Physical activity is known to boost your immune system and keep you active and healthier. It is not recommended doing hardcore physical activity, but doing mild exercises can also be effective. Doing mild activities like walking or doing light exercises while lying on the bed can also help you feel energetic.

Take suitable supplements or multivitamins if needed

See your doctor and ask if there are any appropriate supplements or multivitamins that you can take to strengthen your immune system. Your doctor may prescribe supplements that include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 to improve your immune system. 

Follow a healthy diet regime

To give your immune system a boost, ensure that your diet is rich and healthy. You can prevent so many health conditions if your diet is nutritious. Include fruits, vegetables, and lean meats in your diet. A healthy diet regime boosts your immune system as they are a good source of antioxidants. Limiting your consumption of sugary foods, artificially sweetened drinks and unhealthy carbs can also lead to inflammation in the body and weakens your immune system.

Take care of hygiene

Hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining senior citizens' health. There is a threat of viruses lying on surfaces going around every now, making senior citizens more vulnerable to falling sick. Washing hands frequently and following hygienic practices can safeguard you during perilous times.

Stop being stressed

Stress and anxiety trigger chronic health conditions in all ages, but senior citizens become prone to them quickly. Being the easiest target to any physical or mental distress, senior citizens have to be more careful than people at a young age. If you are in your old age, ensure that you don’t let stress and anxiety overpower you. Learn how to help you manage stress, as your body produces cortisol hormone when you fret too much. To help yourself, engage in physical activities and the activities that you enjoy the most. Some thoughtful precautions lead to cures in life.

Rest as and when you need

Rest ensures that your body is relaxed and unstressed. Sleep repairs your body naturally and makes you feel fresh. Do not ever hesitate to rest whenever you feel like hitting your bed and sleeping for a while. Even regular naps can help and rejuvenate you in so many ways. Sleep is also as important as other things you do in old age to keep yourself healthy.

Schedule health checkups every six months

Scheduling regular health checkups every six months indicates if there is anything that requires attention in your vitals. See your doctors if you have any concerns related to your health or notice any changes in your body that don’t seem normal.

Healthy habits that can keep you healthy in old age

  • Eat foods rich in fibre, protein and a range of other nutrients.

  • Avoid the consumption of fried and processed food.

  • Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products.

  • Drink fluids or water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

  • Avoid packaged juices, aerated and caffeinated drinks.

  • Stay connected with the people around you.

  • Avoid or limit the consumption of alcohol.

  • Keep your health insurance in place

When nothing else comes to the rescue during the crisis, health insurance always backs you up. Health insurance for senior citizens is one of the essential responsibilities one should take up for their old age parents or senior citizens at home. Their life’s golden years deserve to age gracefully. 

Care Health Insurance offers Care Senior, the most comprehensive health insurance policy specifically designed for individuals above 60. It is vital to provide full coverage to older people against hefty hospital bills to get the best healthcare facilities without financial stress. You can pick the sum insured according to your healthcare needs at an affordable premium that doesn’t burden your financials, especially after retirement. CHIL doesn’t require a pre-policy medical checkup to buy this policy. 

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