Beware! Your Bathing Habits Can Impact Your Digestion


Beware! Your Bathing Habits Can Impact Your Digestion

After a filling, satisfying supper, it's time to settle down for the day. A significantly longer, soothing bath or a nice, hot shower before getting into bed could not be more enticing. 

The only concern is that you might have heard that it's actually not a good idea to take a bath or shower shortly after eating.

An after-meal swim or shower may cause you to experience indigestion and stomach cramps because of how your body digests meals. Here we are comparing the pros and cons of taking a bath after eating.

What Happens When You Take a Shower After Eating?

When you take a warm bath or shower, your body undergoes a process known as hyperthermic action. This procedure raises your internal body temperature by one or two degrees. 

In general, hyperthermic action is beneficial to your health. It can:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Calm down your nervous system
  • Activate your sweat glands to eliminate toxins

Your body temperature drops after a shower, according to medical science. The body has to work harder to maintain the normal temperature to support digestion because it starts to cool down. The blood that aids in digestion begins to flow to other body parts. As a result, it slows down the process of the digestive system. Further, it may cause discomfort, unease, and acidity. 

This means that it becomes difficult for your body to digest food if you take a shower right after a meal. Digestion after a cold shower can also raise your heart rate, which is unnerving if your stomach is full.

Many people claim that taking a bath or shower confuses your body since the water causes hyperthermic action, which causes your body to overheat instead of perceiving the increased blood flow to your digestive tract.

Theoretically, this would cause your digestion to pause or become sluggish. Though, there isn't any concrete scientific data to support or refute this theory.

Keep an Eye on Your Plate before Taking a Shower

If you believe in the above hypothesis, you might want to think about what you have eaten before deciding that taking a bath afterwards is not an option.

If you are wondering, “Why does my stomach bloat when I take a shower?” – The answer is that a meal high in fat, fibre, protein, or refined carbs may produce bloating as your body digests the food. Thus, it puts pressure on your chest, increasing the likelihood of cramping and heartburn.

If the theory is correct, taking a shower after eating some fruit, soup, or salad would not likely be as awful as a heavy meal.

We are listing three things to always keep in mind before going for a shower:

Make Warm Water Your Best Friend

Before taking a shower, the expert advised drinking a glass of warm or room-temperature water to aid with blood pressure-related problems in the body. Drinking warm water lowers blood pressure because it warms your body from within, which causes your blood vessels to broaden and enable more blood to flow through them. The surface of the skin experiences a similar dilatation of the circulatory system as a result.

Never Take a Shower right after a Heavy Meal

It suppresses the digestive fire, a heated energy that helps with nutrient digestion, absorption, and assimilation in your stomach and intestines. Following a meal, the body sends a surge of blood to the digestive tract to aid digestion. As a result, having a shower diverts this blood flow away from the stomach and sends it rushing to the skin's surface. Thus, showers or baths never help in digestion when you have had a meal right before it. 

In rare situations, taking a shower right after a large meal can cause cramps, indigestion, or bloating. Given these results, it could be best to bathe at least an hour after eating. Contrarily, taking a bath before a meal gives your body a boost of energy and refreshment.

Mind Your Habits After Sunsets

After sunset, our bodies begin to cool down, signalling that it is time to sleep. According to the expert, taking a shower before bed can block the skin pores, trapping the body heat within. This may increase body temperature, potentially interfering with the signal and your ability to fall asleep.

Cold Shower after Eating: Strictly NO!

You must avoid cold showers after a meal. When taking a shower, use lukewarm water under the heart level to enhance blood flow and ambient temperature water for your face to keep your sensitive sense organs safe. Bathing with hot water helps in digestion while keeping your blood stream up and running. Only children, the elderly, and the sick are given slightly hot water regularly.

The Waiting Time Actually Matters!

You can just wait a while after eating before getting in the tub if you're worried about accelerating your body's normal digestion.

There isn't any research available to provide a precise timeframe. However, the consensus view normally suggests waiting 20 minutes after eating before engaging in any soaking.

Side Effects of Indigestion

An uncomfortable feeling in your upper abdomen is indigestion, often known as dyspepsia or an upset stomach. Instead of referring to a specific illness, the term ‘indigestion’ defines a set of symptoms, such as stomach pain and a feeling of fullness shortly after eating. Additionally, indigestion may be a sign of several digestive disorders.

Even though indigestion is frequently experienced, every person may have a slightly different experience. Indigestion symptoms might occur infrequently or daily.

With lifestyle modifications and medication, indigestion can be prevented. It is always advisable to see a doctor if the symptoms persist, as it could be a serious health issue. As the issue can lead to serious health complications, even hospital admission as well, it is advised to keep health insurance in place so that your savings are intact. Health insurance plans offered by Care Health Insurance come with extensive offerings, including coverage for 32 critical illnesses as well. All you need to do is- analyse your needs, compare, buy and secure your future!

Summing It Up

Our elders frequently give us advice to skip the bath after meals. It turns out that Ayurveda strongly advises against it as well. There hasn't been enough research to determine whether taking a hot shower or bath after eating is really that bad. At the very least, if you get in the tub before your food has finished digesting, you may experience discomfort and stomach cramping.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter's discretion.

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