How Advanced Technology is a Game Changer for Indian Healthcare


How Advanced Technology is a Game Changer for Indian Healthcare

You must have heard the word “Healthtech,” which refers to the use of advanced technology in healthcare. These days healthcare providers are harnessing the cutting-edge technologies to improve the Indian healthcare system. It is the amalgamation of different tools, software, artificial intelligence, and predictive analysis. Such innovation plays a vital role in sustaining healthcare. It has reduced patient waiting time and increased the survival rate. Healthtech strengthening public health and increase the efficiency of doctors and paramedical staff. So, let’s get into more details about how advanced technology is a game-changer for Indian healthcare:

Advanced Surgeries

Technologies like robotic surgery, cyberknife, radiotherapy, etc. play a prominent role in the operation theatre.  From minor non-invasive surgical procedures to open-heart surgery, surgeons are performing surgeries with high accuracy and leaves patients with less scarring and less recovery time.

Radical Diagnosis 

The infusion of technology into genetics, pathology, and other diagnostic tests help to detect life-threatening diseases like cancer, tumor, organ failure, virus, etc. with more accuracy and high-quality imaging. PET Scan, CT scan, endoscopy, biapsy, and more gives better monitoring and helps patients to detect the disease in an early stage.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Healthtech also helps administrative teams in the hospital to maintain electronic medical records of the patients. Healthcare providers use apps which can be used by patients to track their reports, doctors appointment, and other health updates.  It makes it easier for hospitals to handle their excessive workloads and maintain the accuracy of their patients’ records.

Wellness Apps

After corona outbreak, health and fitness has become the priority. Different wellness apps have been developed that help you to keep the track of your daily routine, calorie intake, water intake, hygiene check, workout routine, sleep schedules, etc. These apps also have fitness trainers that help you with fitness schedules according to your body weight and health problems. Some of them are free, while for some with advanced features, you need to pay subscription. 

Wearables Technologies

Wearables technologies are electronic devices that you can wear as accessories, embedded in clothing, or even implanted in the body. Smart-watches, fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices, etc. are some of the popular wearables that people are using to keep a check on their health.

Bottom Line

Therefore, such advanced technological innovations have changed the game in the healthcare industry. It enhances the quality of care, increases disease prevention, quick surgical procedures, and gives better access to medical information. However, this new wave of betterment led to the problem of medical inflation in the country. As a result, medical treatment costs are skyrocketing and become an out of pocket expense for many. Well, in such a debilitating situation when medical uncertainty can knock anytime, health insurance acts as a saviour. 

Care Health Insurance brings you Care- an ideal family health insurance policy to save yourself and your family. It not only covers hospitalization, treatment, and medication costs but also provides financial cushion. You can get it online while sitting at home with the help of insurtech, which is the combination of insurance and technology. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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