Healthcare Inequality in India


Healthcare Inequality in India

In the last 50 years, the Indian healthcare system had achieved remarkable success. Our country is emerging as a medical tourism destination and getting appraised for its advanced medical sciences and affordable medical facilities worldwide. However, have you ever give it a thought of how affordable these medical services are for the Indian citizens?  High-income groups are taking the benefits of unconventional treatments available in India. Whereas, low income or middle-income group are still refraining themselves to approach multi-specialty hospitals because of their hefty charges. This situation is creating medicare inequality in the country. Let’s get into some more depth of this issue:

Reasons for Healthcare Inequality in India

Health discrepancies are unjust and against the principles of social justice. Such circumstances limit people’s chances to live longer and healthier lives. The existence of health inequalities in India means that the citizens are still not able to access good physical and mental health services. Here are some crucial reasons responsible for such differences:

  • Unemployment
  • Income inequality
  • Lack of good hospitals in remote areas
  • Increasing medical inflation
  • Lack of knowledge about health insurance 

Additionally, the recent pandemic outbreak is also one of the leading causes that stoping common mass to avail of the right treatment. Some are scared, while some do not have enough money to meet the hospital expenses for their healthcare problems due to salary cuts or layoffs. 

How to Overcome from Healthcare Inequality?

Although there are several initiatives taken by the Indian government to reduce medicare inequality, health insurance is one of the important ways. Care Health Insurance offers Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance. It is the standard health insurance introduced by IRDAI to ensure access to primary medical facilities to all income groups. The maximum sum insured is 5 lakh, and it is available online at an affordable premium. It covers hospitalization, medication, and treatment expenses with a cashless facility. Also, it gives the coverage for alternative treatments such as AYUSH and also provides tax benefits. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for the people who have low income or just started earnings. It ensures healthcare safety during a medical emergency. People should understand the importance of health insurance and opt to invest in it to live secure lives. 

On the other hand, people should start seeking new self-employment opportunities under Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan- a government initiative to increase income. 

Increased pollution, work stress, bad eating habits also give rise to healthcare problems.  People should even understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, do exercise, and maintain a work-life balance to stay in the pinkest of the health. 

In order to bring medicare transformation in the country, we all have to take the initiative. A healthy lifestyle, knowledge, employment ensure equitable healthcare for all the citizens of India. 

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