Health Insurance for Organ Transplant Surgeries


Health Insurance for Organ Transplant Surgeries

Health Insurance Cover for Organ Transplant

Organ donation gives a new lease of life individual battling a life-threatening medical condition. Thanks to medical advancements, the success rate of major organ transplant surgery has increased. 

Organ transplant refers to a medical procedure conducted to save a patient's life with terminal organ failure. The process involves removing an organ from a donor's body and placing it into the patient's (recipient) body.

At Care, we offer organ donor cover under different health insurance plans. Having a health cover has become essential these days. Firstly, a health policy serves as a financial safety cushion for a family’s income against unexpected medical expenses. Secondly, buying a customized, disease-specific health cover eliminates the burden of expensive medical treatment.  

Let's get into its details and the various benefits. 

What is Organ Donor Cover?

Organ donor cover is a feature available under the health insurance policy that offers coverage to the policyholder up to a specified limit for the organ donor expenses. This policy will provide coverage for the in-patient hospitalization and surgery-related expenses for the patient.    

Benefits of Health Insurance with Organ Cover

Below are the benefits of having a medical insurance policy with organ cover:

  • Cover exorbitant medical expenses of organ transplant surgeries 
  • Cashless or reimbursement facility up to the specified amount incurred by you towards your organ donor
  • Tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961

Need for Health Insurance with Organ Donor Cover

Organ transplant is a complicated procedure as the doctors have to ensure there is a right match between the recipient and donor. This surgery increases the chances of survival of a patient. Some examples of major organ transplant and their average expenses are listed below: 

Organ Transplant Expected Cost (Approx.) in India
Liver Transplant Rs 15 Lakh - 35 Lakh
Heart Transplant Rs 20 Lakh - 25 Lakh
Kidney Transplant Rs 5 Lakh -20 Lakh
Cornea transplant Rs 50,000 - Rs 1 Lakh

Medical conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, are quite common and have affected millions of people. If gone unchecked, they can turn into a severe ailment. These health covers are beneficial for those who are suffering from life-threatening diseases.  

Organ Donor Cover Exclusion

Organ donor cover does not include the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization medical expenses for the donor.

Tips for Buying Health Insurance with Organ Donor Cover

When buying health policy with organ donor cover, consider the below tips:

  • Read the policy documents to understand what is included and excluded under the cover. 
  • Select the amount of sum insured, keeping the estimated treatment costs in mind. 
  • Check network hospitals near your location to ensure easy access to quality medical care. 
  • The premium of such types of policies would depend on various factors such as age, amount of coverage, etc
  • Look for other benefits such as annual health check-ups, which prove helpful since timely medical tests are crucial to identifying potential health complications.   
  • Notify our customer support team within the specified time frame so that there is no hassle in getting the claim. 
  • Check the claim settlement under health insurance with organ donor cover. You can avail it in two ways:

Cashless Facility: This facility is extremely beneficial as there is no need to pay for medical bills from your pocket. Using a health card, you can avail of treatment at a network hospital. We settle the expenses directly with the hospital, subject to policy terms and conditions.

Reimbursement Facility: If you choose to avail of treatment at a non-network hospital, you have to pay the medical bills during the discharge from the hospital, and later you can file for a reimbursement facility. 

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Considering the rising incidences of life-threatening diseases organ donor cover is a must. Our critical illness insurance policy saves you from a financial impact by covering the expenses resulting from organ transplant. You can avail of quality healthcare at any of our 22900+ cashless healthcare providers in India and experience a cashless treatment facility stress-free. 

 Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Organ Transplant is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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