Follow These 5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Heart


Follow These 5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Heart

Choose an Active Lifestyle for Healthy Heart

The heart is a vital organ of the human body that keeps us alive. Each time it beats, it is a signal that the heart is doing its job of pumping blood and supplying oxygen in the body.

Cardiovascular diseases are conditions when the normal functions of the heart get disturbed. Symptoms like irregular heartbeat and palpitations could be signs of an underlying heart disease. Quality treatment for such diseases in private hospitals can put a financial burden upon a person and his/her family. Family health insurance plans greatly reduce this burden and thus buying one is certainly a smart decision.

In India, the number of people dying of heart-related diseases is quite staggering. In fact, research shows that the majority of those people are below the age of 70.

The onset of heart diseases can be prevented easily. It just involves discipline and simple changes in one's lifestyle. Set short-term goals and plan to achieve them in the best way possible.

Here are some basic rules you should follow.

Go for Regular Health Check-Ups

Schedule a health check-up once a year. Get complete physical examination like blood pressure check-up, cholesterol test, sugar tests, etc. Annual screenings are important to identify heart problems at an early stage.

This is more important if you have a family history of heart problems. Opt for a good health insurance plan so that you get covered for your medical expenses in case of emergency and get benefits like Annual Health check-up.

Quit Smoking

Smokers are more at risk of developing a heart attack. This is because smoking reduces immunity while increasing your blood pressure and the risks of developing blood clots. The nicotine causes constriction in the blood vessels and damages to their inner lining. So, kick the habit before it's late.

If you are a non-smoker, take measures to prevent passive smoking.

Watch Your Body Weight

Maintain a healthy body weight as obesity can lead to heart diseases. Health experts say that excess belly fat raises blood pressure and alter the normal blood lipid levels.

Particularly, as you enter the middle age, your body's metabolism tends to slow down. So, bringing down your calorie intake will keep you healthy.

Stay Physically Active

Choose a fitness regime that works best for you. It could be morning brisk walk or an elaborate workout session in the gymnasium. Decide on the basis of your age and body type. Always remember to do some warm-up and stretching before you start.

Practice yoga as it improves your heart health by reducing stress and enhancing flexibility.

Pick a Good Diet Plan

If you are aiming to keep your heart healthy, start with a good meal plan that is low in saturated fat and trans fat. High blood cholesterol levels lead to the formation of plaques and atherosclerosis.

Choose heart-healthy foods entailing nuts, fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the heart. Reduce your salt intake to lower high blood pressure.

Also, did you know dark chocolate has properties that reduce inflammation and keeps the heart-healthy? Have them without regrets but in moderation.

Treating a heart ailment could be expensive. Health insurance for heart patients provides comprehensive coverage for the treatment expenses, subject to policy terms and conditions.

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Covering major heart ailments under its health insurance pre-existing conditions, Care heart by Care Health Insurance is a health policy that provides you with the right kind of support in the best possible way.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Heart Ailments is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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