Do You Know About These Special Features of Cancer Mediclaim?


Do You Know About These Special Features of Cancer Mediclaim?

The sedentary lifestyle and the work stress, create a higher risk of falling sick. Due to a rise in medical inflation, a single time hospitalization can push your financial planning back several years. Having adequate health mediclaim should be a critical aspect of your financial plan. It gives you access to the best healthcare. Health insurance offers lots of benefits. Here is a list of some special features that you need to learn about the mediclaim policy.

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Lifelong Coverage

You will be glad to know that you get lifelong coverage under medical insurance. It means that after the policy issuance, you can continue renewing it lifelong. Lifetime coverage is available even if you claimed in the previous years. This special feature, enables you to have health care for a lifetime. 

Preventive Care

Under mediclaim insurance, you get preventive health care checkups annually from the second policy year. It is for all the insured members. These tests help you keep track of your health and alarm you if there is a risk of any critical illness. You can avail of this unique feature at the network provider or impaneled provider on a cashless basis. From cardiac markers to liver function tests, it covers the maximum number of annual health-check up according to the sum insured.

Installment Option

It is a big relief if you have started a new job or short with money. You can opt for the option installment for the policy period for more than one year. You can pay it on a quarterly or monthly basis respectively. Thus, health insurance not only covers your medical expenses but also lessen your financial burden.

Quick Recovery Counseling

You can also avail of quick recovery counseling if you admit the claim under hospitalization expenses for post-hospitalization trauma. In this special feature, you can get the advice from a psychologist through face to face consultation up to the amount per session fixed. You can avail of this service maximum up to 8 times in a policy year and twice a month. It helps you to recover faster from your health problems.

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No Claim Bonus

It is a seamless feature of the mediclaim policy. Your sum insured can be double with no claim bonus. It is applicable for three claim-free years. You can avail of this benefit if you do not claim in the policy year. At the end of the first claim-free policy year, your sum insured will increase by 50%, at the end of the second claim-free policy year it will increase by 25% and again 25% for the third year on a cumulative basis. In this way, you can get an increased sum insured that you can use for any medical emergency.

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So, think about these special features as well while deciding about medical insurance. Care Health Insurance offers Cancer Insurance a super mediclaim perfect medical insurance product that caters to your health care needs. You can choose critical, cancer, heart, and operation mediclaim. So, opt for it now to tide over unforeseen medical exigency. 

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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