Do You Know About these Different Types of Headaches?


Do You Know About these Different Types of Headaches?

In this fast-paced life, people often ignore some common health conditions, and headaches are one of them.  We all have had headaches, whether mild or severe attacks. But, it's surprising to know that all headaches are not the same. How do you decide if you should see a doctor for your headache or if you should just take a painkiller? Different types of headaches tell you several things about your health. Thus, it is important to understand why headache occures and when to worry about a headache. 

This articles seres as a guidebook on different types of headaches, their causes, and treatment. 

What is a Headache?

Headache is a pain, discomfort, or heaviness in the head that varies according to the pain location, intensity, and health conditions. All of us experience headaches during our whole lives, and reason can be any. However, the brain tissue does not feel the pain. But, head, neck, and shoulders muscles, specific nerves in the face, mouth, and throat, and blood vessels at the base of the brain can be responsible for a headache. 

Categories of Headaches

Headaches are divided into two broad categories— primary and secondary. Let's understand the causes of headaches based on their severity: 

Primary Headaches- These are the headaches that are not caused by any other condition or illness. Causes of primary headaches include stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol, skipped meals, fatigue, etc.

Secondary Headaches- These types of headaches occur due to another condition, such as an injury, infection, or illness.

Therefore, if you are experiencing headaches more often and more severe than usual, you should check with your doctor without further delay. 

Different Types of Headaches 

Below are the different kinds of headaches:


It is the most common primary headache that affects millions of people every day. During a migraine attack people experience throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head. Also, they feel sensitivity to light and motion, tiredness, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. It affects children as well as adults. There is no cure for migraines, but there are ways to manage the intensity, such as rest in a quiet and darkroom, apply a hot-water bottle or an ice pack.

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Tension headache is also the most common type of primary headache that occurs more among women than men. It is a constant ache on both sides of the head, behind the eyes or neck. It feels like a musical band playing over the head. Tension headache symptims include  stress, sleep deprivation, crisis, lifestyle, etc. The counter painkillers are the best way to treat these headaches. Additionally, adequate rest, sit quiet, or put a hot flannel on the forehead and neck to overcome the pain.


When severe pain occurs in the sinus regions or the front of the head, it is a sinus headache. Sufferers can also feel congestion, itching, fever, swelling in the face, runny nose, etc. These headaches caused due to allergic reactions, seasonal change, or eating a specific food. OTC decongestants, anti-allergy medicines, and nasal sprays are suitable to treat a sinus headache.

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Cluster headache is also the primary headache that causes severe pain on one side of the head. It usually occurs around the eyes, and people can have drooping eyelids, tearing, runny nose, or sometimes redness on the same side of the head. Since it is a severe headache, the doctor suggests anti-inflammatory drugs alleviate prolonged pain.

Alternative Treatments for Headaches

These types of headaches are the most common neurological disorders. If you are suffering from a pounding head, you can try these  alternative  treatments  cover under health insurance:


Instead of pop over the painkillers for headaches, you can try Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the headache's main reason is the Doshas(Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) imbalance. The key to preventing chronic pain is to balance the three Dosha through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Increase garlic usage, turmeric, ginger, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, and other herbs in cooking. Prefer warm, cooked, and soupy foods instead of cold, dry, fried, and hard foods. Increase your water intake to keep yourself hydrated. Also, you can do abhyanga-it is a warm oil massage daily before bath. You can try different types of Ayurvedic massage oils, spa, and medicines to stimulate circulation and relax your nervous system. It is a holistic approach to treat all four types of headaches. It eliminates stress, strengthens digestion, and balances the three doshas.  


India is the origin country for yoga. It is an ancient technique that promotes healthy living through a combination of different postures and breathing techniques. It is a side-effect-free treatment to fight headaches. You can either join professional yoga classes or hire an authorized personal yoga practitioner to learn different asanas. You can practice yoga for a few minutes every day that will help you to prevent headaches.


Unani Medicine is also one of the alternative treatments famous for treating several ailments, including headache, which is known as Suda here. You can visit Unani hospital and consult with an authorized Unani medical practitioner for the treatment of headaches. Different Unani therapies such as Nutool, Dalak, Jawarish Shahi, Itrifal Kishnizi, etc. treat migraine, tension, and cluster headache.


Siddha is one of the oldest traditional medicine systems practiced in the southern part of India. In Siddha, Varmam Therapy plays an essential role in pain management and neurological diseases. If you want to try Siddha, you can approach the centers or hospitals specialized in Siddha to treat headaches.

Over to You!

It is crucial to understand the types of headaches instead of depending upon painkillers. It can turn into a life-threatening neurological disorder later in life. But, do not worry about the treatment and diagnosis costs. Arogya Sanjeevani Health Policy is your one-stop solution for healthcare needs. Along with chronic and critical illnesses, it also covers alternative treatments (AYUSH) for different neurological disorders (subject to policy terms and conditions). So, check the details now and grab it to say bye-bye to your headaches. 

Disclaimer: The information given in this article is only for reference purposes. Underwriting of claims for is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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