Debunking Myths about Covid-19 Vaccine


Debunking Myths about Covid-19 Vaccine

Ever since the Covid outbreak happened, it has brought nothing but distress and anxiety to the world. Many had to lose their lives to this novel virus, and many had to get hospitalized to get treatment. There have been waves that impacted so many livelihoods and turned their worlds upside down. The solution to curbing this catastrophe is solely vaccination, that can reduce the positivity rate significantly. Vaccines are now the best possible hope to put this pandemic to an end.

Many myths and misinformation related to the vaccine have been widely circulated, making people hesitant to get their shot.  Let us help you to bust all those myths that are bothering you and making you indecisive. 

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccine

Many myths and misinformation have been floating among the social circles regarding COVID-19 vaccine. The rumours are entirely irrelevant and aren’t true to facts. People are adamant and hesitant to take the shot because they have been brainwashed with utterly bizarre myths on social media and elsewhere. We have listed some pervasive myths about COVID-19 vaccines that are scaring people along with the rational facts one must know if they have any fear or hesitation. 

Below are a few myths and facts about the Covid-19 Vaccine-



It causes severe side effects. It does cause minor and a few side effects. The most common are low-grade fever, sore arm, fatigue that can last a few days, and it is not worrisome at all.

It can affect women's fertility.


It will not affect women's fertility at all. Furthermore, it instead encourages the body to produce copies of the spike protein that teaches your immune system to fight the virus that has spike protein on it. Women who took COVID-19 clinical trials were able to conceive after vaccination.


One can stop wearing masks and taking precautions after getting fully vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated people can still develop the COVID-19 illness if they are exposed to the virus. The efficacy of the vaccine ensures that the virus doesn't make you critically ill. Such causes are called "vaccine breakthrough cases." So always ensure that you take precautions even if you are vaccinated.


Young adults don’t need vaccination.

Young adults aren’t prone to severe sickness, but they can be asymptomatic and spread the virus to vulnerable people with comorbidities. 


It is not safe because it was rushed to production. No medical research is done without conducting trials and testing. Pharmaceutical and medical researchers invested their time and knowledge into producing vaccines quickly to the pandemic's impact. The emergency situation called for urgent action to curb the spread of this virus. Companies didn’t bypass safety protocols and adequate testing, so it is safe to get vaccinated.
You need not take the covid vaccine if you have already recovered from covid.

One of the most common myths that have been spreading rumours among people are to avoid vaccination. Getting COVID-19 might give some natural protection or immunity against reinfection, but it is not yet known how long this protection lasts. Medical experts suggest getting vaccinated even if you got covid to be safe against virus and its severe complication that may attack you. Speak to your doctor about when you can get your shot after being infected.


Read COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked and COVID-19 Vaccines: Myth Versus Fact for more information.

Against any virus that has ever existed, there has been a vaccine that could help to curb the virus to an extent and make it less severe. Covid-19 vaccine is definitely the need of the hour, seeing the criticality of the pandemic. Two waves have already caused a lot of loss to the world, and no one can bear the third. This myth-buster blog might give you a perspective to get fully vaccinated at the earliest. The goal is to flatten the curve, which is only possible when we take the shot and contribute to this cause.

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Final Thoughts

Covid-19 has caused irreparable loss to many. In an era where it is certain to expect uncertainty, one should be prepared before things fall apart. Now and then, we hear masses losing their lives due to no financial support and health insurance during the pandemic. 

Care Health Insurance’s custom-made plans provide you with wide-ranging sum insured options covering coronavirus treatment and numerous policy benefits suited for your unique medical needs. Also, you can access our nearest network hospital for cashless medical treatment and stay worry-free about medical expenses. 

 It is better not to go unarmed when you fight, so avail yourself a health insurance today!

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 Disclaimer- The above information is for reference purpose only. 

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