COVID 19-Lockdown: How to Make Work from Home Easy


COVID 19-Lockdown: How to Make Work from Home Easy

During Corona lockdown many of you must be working from home. Sitting for hours with laptop at home without chilling or coffee breaks can be boring. But, imagine you would not get this chance ever before pandemic to spend time with your family and working simultaneously. You do not need to get up two hours before to get ready for your office. You can start your work while in your pyjamas. You also not need to drive for hours to reach to the office. What else you want?

So, here are five things that you can do while working from home to prevent corona effects:    

Keep Social Distancing

While working from home, it’s good to keep social distancing. If, anyone from your family or you experience mild symptoms of infection like cold, cough, or fever, keep 3 feet distance during sitting, sleeping, or talking. If for any reason you have to go to market, then keep 6 feet distance at least from another person. Remember, it is not only till the time you are outside, if you are at home then ask your family members as well to follow social distancing.

Healthy Diet 

Work from home gives you high chance to put that extra kilos or develop some love handles or round belly. That’s why it is necessary to take health diet during this forceful corona break. You should divide your meals in 6 portions. Include seasonal fruits, fresh veggies, and seeds with vitamins C and D that gives you good nutrition. Healthy diet full of nutrition improves your immunity and reduces the risk of infection. 

Stress Management

Lockdown can increase your stress level as you have to be confined in your home and cannot meet your friends and colleagues and cannot go outing. But, you should take it positively, take short breaks and spend time with your family. So, you should manage your stress with meditation, yoga, music, or even dance that boosts your mood and reduce stress.

Follow Right Hygiene Practice 

The next important thing you should take care while self-quarantine at home is to follow right hygiene practice. You can also ask your family members to use liquid hand wash or soaps to wash hands regularly. While, you are working on laptop it is also necessary for you to keep sanitize your hands and laptop to reduce the risk of infection.  You should also do not touch your face, eyes, and mouth again and again. 

Opt for Health Insurance 

Home lockdown gives you time to think about yours and your family’s future. You must have read that corona pandemic and the way it is hitting the world’s economy. Financial crisis and medical inflation is expected in coming months.  Therefore, it is better to stay secure and protected with a health insurance so that if any emergency occur you can tackle it without facing financial problem. 

You can opt for ‘Care’ a comprehensive health insurance plan offered by Care Health Insurance.  It covers all your medical expenses that occur due to coronavirus or any other diseases. At this time, invest as much as you can to keep yourself and your loved ones at bay from any health problem.

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