Can Gut Microbiome Variations Predict Colorectal Cancer Risk?


Can Gut Microbiome Variations Predict Colorectal Cancer Risk?

Maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential. A good digestive system contributes to the overall well-being of an individual. Digestion is an advanced and complex process that breaks down food particles into absorbable nutrients. This process is accomplished by bacteria and the gut microbiome, a multitude of microbes operating within the body to promote good health and bodily functions.

A microbiome is a collection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Gut microbes are an important element of the digestive system. The microbes are responsible for the proper digestion of food. These microbes also maintain heart functions, weight, and other components. Read on as we’ll discuss gut microbiomes, how to improve your gut microbiome and related things. 

What is Gut Microbiome?

Every human body is a combination of trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The bacteria and fungi are collectively known as the microbiome. These microorganisms are responsible for maintaining day-to-day functions in the body.

Trillions of microbes live in the digestive system. Each performs its function to maintain the overall health of an individual. These microbes maintain the right functions of the digestive system.

What Does Your Gut Microbiome Do?

Microbes are an essential component of a body. Gut microbes are microorganisms that stay within the human intestine. The microbiome contributes to the digestion process. By maintaining healthy digestive functions, these microbes ensure the maintenance of overall health. Check here the basic functions of the gut microbiome: 

1. Digestive System

The gut microbiome performs essential functions in the digestive system. The microbes break down the food into nutrients. Gut microbes are also responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates and dietary fibres. These microorganisms produce the enzymes required to synthesise vitamins. These microbes also produce chain fatty acids inside the guts.

2. Immune System

The gut microbiome plays an important function in the immune system. The microbiome communicates with immune cells to control appropriate immune system functions. Microbes are smart organisms that control the response toward infections. It is a properly functioning microbiome that contributes to a healthy immune system.

3. Nervous System

The gut and brain are connected through nerves. Properly performing gut microbiome stimulates immune system cells. This process helps immune cells send signals directly to the brain through nerves. A healthy gut, thus, helps maintain an efficient brain.

4. Endocrine System:

The gut microbiome is also responsible for maintaining the healthy endocrine system. The microbiome directly interacts with endocrine cells to secrete hormones. These hormones are responsible for regulating the important aspect of metabolism. The microbiome controls the functions of blood sugar, satiety, and hunger to some extent. 

Can Gut Microbiome Variations Predict Colorectal Cancer Risk?

Colorectal cancer is a common cause of death in youngsters. This cancer starts from the gut. The cancer creates a precancerous lesion in the gut. It is essential to remove these lesions to prevent colorectal cancer. It is observed that patients suffering from cancer have different gut microbiomes than normal individuals. This makes it possible to establish a connection between gut microbiome and colorectal cancer.

As per the study of the 2023 annual meeting of the United European Gastroenterology, the findings conclude gut microbiome may help predict the risk of colon cancer. The gut is also responsible for maintaining other body functions, including liver functions, bowel movements, etc. The study further suggests that gut microbes help in steady gut microbiome testing. Right detection may provide the right treatments for fast improvement.

Role of Gut Microbiota in Nutrition and Health 

Microbiome is a group of genomes of the micro-organism. Microbiota is the combination of these micro-organisms. The main function of gut microbiota is to break down fibre and substrate to generate the right nutrition for humans. The gut microbiota is also responsible for generating short-chain fatty acids and vitamins. The microbiota releases other cellular factors to influence metabolism.

Gut microbiota is a dominant member of a healthy intestine. They have defined roles in gut metabolism. A healthy gut ensures the proper functioning of the whole body. Furthermore, microbial communities have a major influence on health in the short and long term. It is thus important to include nutrition and a gut health microbiome diet for maintaining a healthy body. 

How Can You Improve Your Gut Microbiome?

Wondering how to improve your gut microbiome? The answer is simple. You can improve your gut health with a healthy diet and good routine. Here are some of the easy ways to improve the microbiome:

  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet
  • Have a proper sleep routine
  • Get some exercise daily
  • Increase fibre intake

Understanding the importance of the gut microbiome is necessary. It is easy to maintain good gut health with the right medication, diet plans, and treatments. One may consult a medical expert  to learn more about gut health.  

To Conclude

Good gut health contributes to the perfect digestive system. The gut health also ensures efficient body functions. It is thus essential to include a proper diet rich in fibre and probiotics to maintain good gut health. If not checked, the bad gut microbiomes may cause adverse effects on the immune system. Some of the early signs of an unhealthy gut include stomach upsets, food allergies, and fatigue.

An unhealthy gut affects the overall health of an individual. Maintain a good diet to stay away from medical emergencies. The right supplements for gut health may help maintain good gut health, but it is important to maintain good gut microbes. Similarly, medical emergencies can come with costs, and health insurance helps meet these costs without any stress.

You can secure the health of your family with Care Health Insurance and protect your lifetime savings from draining out during a medical emergency. We offer comprehensive health insurance plans to suit diverse healthcare needs. Go through our list of plans and choose what falls in line with your budget and needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What affects gut microbiome?

An unhealthy diet and tiresome routine directly contribute to the gut microbiome. It is essential to include the right sleep pattern, gut-healthy foods, and exercise for maintaining good gut health.

Q. What kills gut bacteria?

Several factors kill gut bacteria:

  • Excluding essential vitamins from the diet
  • Excluding prebiotics from the diet
  • Use of heavy antibiotics
  • Excessive smoking and drinking
  • Too much stress
  • Not enough sleep.

Q. What do harmful bacteria do in the gut microbiome?

Good bacteria contribute to healthy functions in the intestine, and bad bacteria lead to infection and damage. The invasive pathogens are responsible for chronic infections. These bacteria badly affect the gut lining, creating toxic damage in guts. If not treated, these bacteria may cause infection, inflammation, or diarrhoea.

Q. What are the different types of microbiome?

There are five types of human microbiota, including bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses, and protists. The trillions of microbiomes affect each other to ensure steady functions of the body.


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