Buy Health Insurance to Manage High Cost of Medical Treatment in India


Buy Health Insurance to Manage High Cost of Medical Treatment in India

Cost of Healthcare in India

It is heartening to see how the healthcare sector in India has advanced in recent years. You can now get the best medical care for several chronic ailments. Cities such as Chennai and Mumbai have become a sought-after hub for medical tourism. People from far and wide arrive here to avail medical treatment. Despite these positive developments, healthcare continues to be expensive for lakhs of Indian families belonging to the middle class. The cost of healthcare in India, particularly in private hospitals, is higher. 

The awareness about health insurance is not much. Many families pay their medical costs in India with their hard-earned savings. This further increases their burden as out-of-pocket expenses create financial problems in the future.  

This article gives you an overview of the rising medical treatment cost in India and the need for medical insurance.

A Glimp of Healthcare Cost in India

While healthcare is improving, there is a rise in the number of ailments, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. An unhealthy lifestyle is among the leading factors that have been attributed to such illnesses. Heart diseases, which also occur due to hereditary reasons, often require long-term treatment. Buying health insurance for heart ailments will help you get coverage for various medical expenses in India.

,including pre-and-post hospitalisation medical expenses and ambulance costs. Treatment procedures for heart ailments such as coronary bypass surgery and angioplasty can cost up to Rs 3 lakh on average.

The cost of medical treatment in India is quite high, and it varies depending on the city. There are leading hospitals in the country, with state-of-the-art facilities and qualified medical professionals, which offer quality medical care for various illnesses. Certain common medical procedures in India can cost up to lakhs of rupees. For instance, cataract eye surgery is a surgery conducted for the removal of a cataract – a protein mass that builds up in the eye - usually in elderly people. The cost of this surgery can range anywhere between Rs 8,000 to Rs 1,80,000. Similarly, dialysis for patients with kidney disease can cost up to Rs 1,000 per session, especially in metro cities. This may lead to a lot of expenditure. 

The Need for Health Insurance in India

Medical inflation in India can affect your savings. It is crucial to realise the need to buy health coverage. It will ensure a secure future without worrying about hefty medical bills. When choosing a health policy, you must take into account your health condition. It is advisable to go for higher coverage in case you have increased health risks. Moreover, check the policy documents for exclusions and features like the waiting period. It will help you to prepare yourself financially.  

Given the increased risk of illnesses, you should not delay the process of buying a medical insurance policy. Various types of health policies are available such as family floater health plans, critical illness policy, senior citizen health insurance, etc. You can assess your healthcare needs based on age and make the right decision. Given the growing medical expenses, your personal health insurance cost is much more affordable. Invest in a long-term medical insurance plan so that you get continued coverage without any hassle. Nowadays, there are disease-specific plans available. For instance, ‘Heart Mediclaim’ by Care Health Insurance is a comprehensive mediclaim policy that provides coverage for the treatment of 16 heart ailments.

Choose a health cover to deal with the exorbitant cost of healthcare in India. We cater to the diverse healthcare needs of individuals and families. You can visit our official website and select a health policy that is most suitable for you. The health policies are affordable and have a wide-ranging sum insured options. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only.

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