6 Ways to Support Your Diabetic Parents


6 Ways to Support Your Diabetic Parents

How to Help Your Parents Manage Diabetes?

Chronic illnesses like diabetes can be social, psychological, and financial implications for elderly people. However, a study shows that old age people who have a support system at home are mentally stronger and healthier. We know that diabetes is not curable, and living with it is also not easy. But the support, love, and care help diabetes patients to overcome their fear. So, either your parents are recently diagnosed with high blood sugar, or already suffering from insulin deficiency, learn how to encourage them to stay strong and healthy.

Avoid Nagging

At times, it happens that your parents make unhealthy choices of eating or not going for a walk or not talking to you. It can be frustrating. But that doesn't mean that you start lecturing them or act like diabetes police. Remember, there is a thin line between support and nagging. You should avoid nagging and make them understand politely the ill-effects of not following a healthy lifestyle.

Encourage Diabetic-Friendly Diet

A diabetic-friendly diet is crucial for your parents, whether they are taking insulin or not. You can meet with their dietician and learn about the best diet plan they can have. Arrange their daily meals according to their dietary plan. You should also try to avoid junk food and alcohol consumption around them. You can experiment with diabetes-friendly recipes as well and cook together.

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Join Support Group

As World Diabetes Day is approaching, you should encourage your parents to join any diabetes support group or Diabetes Online Community (DOC). These groups organized different awareness programs, meetings, lectures, consultation camps, do campaigning, and lots of recreational activities that can be a fun and learning experience for them. It's good that they meet people who are also sailing in the same boat. Their active participation in the group helps them to learn more about high blood sugar and bust its myths.

Regular Doctor Visit

You should offer to drive them to every doctor’s appointment. Never forget to discuss their blood sugar levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and other related doubts with the doctor. The more you understand about diabetes, the more quality support you can give them. You can read more about diabetes online. Observe how people are gelling with this prolonged disease. Read about the medicines they are taking, if there are some side effects, and measures to overcome these side effects.

Health Insurance

As medical inflation is rising day-by-day, you should buy health insurance with diabetes cover to give the best possible treatment for your parents. Trusted health insurers like Care Health Insurance offers comprehensive health coverage to diabetics of all ages. Diabetes health insurance protects you from hefty pre and post hospitalization expenses, provides daycare treatment to your parents, cashless hospitalization with network hospitals, organ donor cover, domiciliary, and annual health check-ups.

Exercise Together

Become your parents’ workout buddy and take them for exercise at least four days a week. Keep it jiffy and plan the set of light exercise that should include walking, cardio, stretch, and some Zumba to make it fun for them. When they are busy with their exercises, you should follow your gym regime too. Regular exercise helps to maintain blood glucose, lower the risk of stress, and stroke. It keeps your parents more energized.

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India has become a global diabetes capital. A study shows that around 8.7% of the total population have diabetes. Long working hours, no exercise, and unhealthy food habits are taking a toll on our health. It can damage our heart, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys that lead to expensive treatments. Diabetes diagnose can be scary especially when it comes to your parents. However, a positive approach with care and proper health insurance plan can help them to get through their toughest times.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult your general physician for verified medical advice. The health insurance benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions. Refer to your policy documents for more information.

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