5 Ways your Health Insurance card benefits you


5 ways your health insurance card benefits you

Digital payment modes are preferred nowadays over cash payments. It is mainly because of the sheer convenience and safety that cashless payment methods offer. From online shopping to banking, transactions can be done from the comfort of your mobile phones. Even payments of insurance premium can be done digitally. 

In fact, for emergency hospitalisation expenses, you no longer need to shell out money from your pocket. With cashless health insurance, your insurer pays your medical bills directly to the hospital. However, this facility is available only if you get treatment in a network hospital. 

To avail the cashless facility, you will be required to present your health insurance card that your insurer provides you at the time of buying the insurance policy. 

What is Health Insurance Card?

Health Insurance Card is a card which serves as a proof that you have been covered under the health insurance policy you had purchased. It is an identification card that contains policy details such as the policy number, name of the insured person, type of policy, coverage amount, date of birth, etc.

Benefits of Health Insurance Card

Medical emergencies are stressful times for any family. Paying from one’s pocket can further lead to financial difficulty for the family members. With a health card, availing cashless treatment is possible and it is completely hassle-free. 

Some of its major benefits are mentioned below: 

1.Cashless Claim: Using the health card, you can easily file a claim for the incurred medical expenses. After informing your insurer, you will be required to submit the pre-authorization form and present your health card to the hospital insurance desk. Thus, you must remember to carry the card with you at the time of hospitalisation. 

2.Policy Details: You do not need to look anywhere else as complete policy details including your policy number are mentioned on the health insurance card. So, no time is wasted and the claims procedures can be done without any delay. 

3.Identity Proof: The health insurance card is an identity card which validates the fact that you are insured under the particular health policy. It is beneficial if the hospital authorities want to verify your policy details including the validity of your insurance policy. 

4.Date of Validity: In addition to details like the insured person’s name and policy number, the date of validity of your insurance policy is also mentioned on the card. This will prove as a reminder for you to go for timely policy renewal. Upon the renewal, you will be given a new health insurance card. 

5.Convenience: The health cover card is easy to carry. The card also has the contact details of your insurer. So, at the time of filing the claim, you can simply refer to your card and inform your insurer, thus saving a lot of time. 

It is to be noted that the health card works only when you avail treatment at a hospital listed in your insurer’s network. When it comes to saving time during emergencies and availing cashless facility, it is advisable that you get the details of the network hospitals which are nearest to your location. 

Cashless health insurance keeps you worry-free. By choosing health cover from Care Health Insurance, you can cashless treatment facility at any of the 8350+ leading hospitals in India. 

Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.


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