5 Tips and Benefits to Maintain Personal Hygiene Routine


5 Tips and Benefits to Maintain Personal Hygiene Routine

Good hygiene habits are the key to a healthy lifestyle that reduces the chances of falling sick. With the ongoing situation across the globe due to Covid-19, hygiene has come into the limelight even more than ever before. 

But why’s personal hygiene so important?

One of the most important ways to protect yourselves and others is to take care of personal hygiene at the workplace, at home and in public places.

The majority of diseases, including colds and gastroenteritis, are contracted when you use your dirty, germ-covered hands while eating and when anyone's soiled hands touch the food you consume. One needs to be really cautious while touching anything with unwashed hands as it could infect the other person who touches the same surface.

Unquestionably, personal hygiene is important in our lives, although many people are unaware of this. Therefore, we've included all the information you need to know about personal hygiene in this article. 

What are the 5 Personal Hygiene Tips?

Below mentioned are a few personal hygiene practices that one should follow:

  • Take bath every day

  • Washing hands thoroughly after using the toilet at work, at home and in a public place

  • Taking care of oral health by brushing teeth twice a day

  • Covering your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing

  • Washing hands after handling pets or other animals

Wait, there’s more…

Benefits of Maintaining Personal Hygiene

As you become more aware of the significance of personal hygiene, let this lead you to a healthy and hygienic life. You’ll benefit from practising good personal hygiene in the following ways:

  • It shields you from illnesses or infections that might impair your immune system.

  • It stops you from infecting your family members and the people you connect with on a daily basis.

  • It aids in preserving the pH levels of your skin, resulting in healthy and radiant skin over time.

  • It helps you avoid awkward situations where others are turned off by your presence due to your foul odor.

  • It aids in regaining your confidence, making you look more appealing, and presentable.

Can Personal Hygiene Affect Your Health Condition?

Yes, it can. Maintaining good hygiene is essential because it stops you from catching or spreading infections and germs. By contacting others, handling contaminated food, or coming into contact with unclean surfaces or things, you might spread the germs that cause many diseases.

Conditions that may develop if you have poor personal hygiene include:

  • COVID-19 and other infectious diseases

  • Diarrhoea, especially Gastroenteritis

  • Respiratory infections, including Colds and Flu

  • Staph infections

  • Worm-related conditions, such as threadworms

  • Scabies

  • Trachoma, an eye infection which can lead to blindness

  • Tinea or athlete’s foot

  • Tooth decay

How to Create a Personal Hygiene Routine?

Anything that motivates you makes you do things willingly. Once you start following a proper personal hygiene routine, you will see differences in your mental and physical health. 

Below mentioned are the three most effective ways  that can help you to create a personal hygiene routine:

Start Small

Start with one new habit rather than attempting to change several things at once. Move on to the next habit once you've gotten used to the first. The behaviours you want to develop will also become second nature to you with time.

Set Reminders

Reminders work the best when you can’t remember to keep yourself in the line with hygiene. Setting reminders about maintaining hygiene in intervals will ensure that you remember little but important things amidst your schedule. The reminders could be about clipping nails after a week, washing hands, etc.

Use Signs

You can develop positive habits and refresh your memory by using signs. You can place a little note on the dining table reminding you to wash your hands before eating any meal. 

Final Words 

A healthy lifestyle surely requires proper personal hygiene. Nevertheless, it's critical to realise that our health can deteriorate suddenly. Certain illnesses owing to bad hygiene can lead to hospitalisation as well. Having said that it is equally important to protect your savings in times of need. Hence,  it is advisable to have health insurance in place. Health insurance policies like Care Health Insurance give you access to multiple advantages such as cashless claim settlements, reinstatement benefits, tax benefits, and more. The company has a stellar record of settling 30 Lakh+ claims with a 95.2% of Claim Settlement Ratio. If you haven’t covered yourself yet, do it before it gets too late.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned information is for reference purposes only.

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