5 Things Every Woman in Her 40s Should Do To Keep Healthy


5 Things Every Woman in Her 40s Should Do To Keep Healthy

From college graduation to raising a family to retirement planning, life changes with each decade. All women, regardless of age, should commit to living a healthy lifestyle, but those over 40 should take it more seriously. Apart from the occasional grey hair as you approach the big 40, there are few visible signs that you are getting older. You may look great, but your body is undergoing subtle changes that will influence your health in the coming years. So, here's our guide to what every woman should do to stay happy and healthy well into her 40s.

Regular Health Checks

You should always put your health as a top priority, regardless of your age but at 40 taking care of your health becomes more important. This is the age in which health checks truly begin to matter. Check basic conditions such as eye exams (presbyopia- gradual eyesight loss), blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, mammogram and a cervical swab if you are 40 and above. Women should have yearly checkups with their primary care provider. With the help of your doctor, you can develop a personalized health plan, including age-appropriate examinations, to ensure your health in the coming years. CHIL Care for 45+ plan provides annual health checkups to all insured members.

Good Calcium and Vitamin D intake 

Calcium is required for effective function of our heart, muscles and nerves. Not taking calcium in the proper amount may lead to the significant development of osteoporosis. To absorb calcium, the body requires vitamin D. Without enough vitamin D, you cannot produce enough of the hormone calcitriol. Experts suggest that women in their 40s consume 1000mg of calcium and 800 IU (international units) of vitamin D each day, with additional supplements as needed. Give your bones a boost with calcium and vitamin D, which can be obtained naturally from foods such as milk and fish.

Breakfast is A Must

Your metabolism slows by 2% every decade, so eating breakfast every day is absolutely essential. Breakfast revs up your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories throughout the day. It also provides you with the energy you need to get things done and aids in your concentration at work. Many researchers have associated eating breakfast with good health, including improved memory and concentration, lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Women who eat breakfast are likely to maintain their body weight more effectively than those on a low-carb diet and who make breakfast their smallest meal.

Stress Management and Mental Workout

If you are working and caring for a family, stress can cause unhealthy changes in the body such as increased blood pressure, decreased libido and faster cell death by inhibiting the natural heart rate. To maintain a healthy heartbeat at least twice a day or whenever you feel stressed, breathe in through your nose for four beats and out for eight beats. If you do this, the vagus nerve, which goes from your brain to your pelvis, will be activated. This will relax your heart, muscles and veins.

Engage your brain in a mental exercise. Mental stimulation can help lessen your risk of Alzheimer's disease if you do it often. Stimulate your intellect by frequently practising crossword puzzles, reading or taking an online class.

Exercise for Wise

Although no amount of exercise can stop the ageing process, it can be slowed down by living an active lifestyle. Every year after the age of 40, women tend to lose 1% of their muscle mass. The right types of exercise can help prevent muscle loss and delay or even prevent cognitive decline which is a common side effect of ageing in women.

Just 30 minutes a day will give your metabolism a much-needed boost. You don't need to join a gym. Simple squats for the thighs and stomach crunches will help strengthen your bones, maintain balance and avoid injury after 40s.

As a woman, your health risks change as time passes. If you observe anything unusual, be sure to check with your health care provider. To be on the safe side is always preferable rather than being on the wrong side. Health insurance coverage is one of the numerous strategies to reach your health goals in your 40s, as it will help you deal with any medical crises that may arise. You can choose CHIL's Health Insurance for 45 and Above for hassle-free cashless and reimbursement facility that ensures timely claim settlements.

Disclaimer - The above information is for reference purposes only. Policy Assurance and Claims at underwriter discretion. 


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