5 Reasons Why Health Insurance is Important for Your Mother


5 reasons why health insurance is important for your mother

Being a mum is not at all easy. It requires superpowers to handle multiple things simultaneously. But, with the growing age, her powers also start diminishes. After the 40s, she becomes more vulnerable to diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart ailment, and even cancer. From this phase of life, she needs extra health care. You work hard to give her good health and life. But, at this time, when situations like coronavirus, lockdown, and layoffs, can occur anytime, you have to be financially prepared to face any kind of medical emergency. That is why health insurance becomes a need of an hour. 

Read below five reasons why you should opt for health insurance for your mother.

Cashless Hospitalization 

One of the most important benefits of having medical insurance is that it helps you to avail cashless treatment hospitalization facility. During medical exigency, you can take your mother to any of the network hospitals and get her admitted. You do not need to wait for cash deposit formalities. Your mother’s treatment start immediately. The maximum hospitalization and treatment expenses will be covered under the health insurance policies. With the help of a sound health insurance plan, you can take your mother for the best possible treatment without financial worries.

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Treatment in Network Hospitals

Network hospitals are the hospitals that have a tie-up with us, and you can easily take your mother there for treatment. They are super and multispecialty hospitals located in different areas of the cities. You can choose any network hospital that is well-known for its treatment and recovery rate and also near to your residence. These hospitals have highly experienced medical professionals, and you do not need to wander from one hospital to another at the time of emergency. 

Cover On-going Treatment Expenses

The treatment of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, paralysis, heart ailments, and cancer requires regular medication, doctor’s visit, hospitalization, dialysis, and therapies. You have to spend a lot on the treatment in such cases an exclusive health insurance policy is very helpful. It covers all the on-going treatment costs so that your mother can continue with her treatment without financial implications.


With a health insurance policy, you can also opt for add-ons. These are the extra benefits you can get under your health insurance cover. No claim bonus, second opinion, reduction in waiting period, OPD care, global coverage, daily allowance, etc. are the add-ons that you should include in your basic health insurance to ensure maximum coverage for your mother. 

Peaceful Life 

A health insurance plan covers a maximum part of the hospitalization and treatment expenses for your mother. You or your family members do not need to worry about the money. Your family savings remain as is that you can keep for future purposes. Thus, the right health insurance plan wipes all your worries about your mother’s health care and gives all of you a peaceful life.


Lifestyle diseases are taking a toll on the health of people. These diseases stay for a long and account for a bigger hole in your pockets. So, to avoid such financial and mental distress, it’s better to opt for “Care,” a comprehensive health insurance plan offered by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance). From pre and post hospitalization, in-patient, to day care treatment, ambulance expenses, our health insurance policies provides wide coverage and helps your mother to get the right health care.