3 Tips to Consider when Buying Health Insurance for Women


3 Tips to Consider when Buying Health Insurance for Women

Women, today, are breaking the barriers that were set by the society over centuries. They may be homemakers or working women, but they now enjoy independence when it comes to deciding their life goals and making financial decisions for their family. However, health is one area that poses a lot of challenges in a woman’s life. In India, there is much focus on women’s health issues such as breast cancer, malnutrition, lack of maternal health, etc. Moreover, ageing further increases the chances of ailments as a woman grows older. Opting for health insurance for women is of utmost importance if we take into account the medical inflation that has created financial difficulties for many people.

A woman has the choice to get a personalised health cover that suits her healthcare needs and enables her to get quality medical care at the right time. To simplify things, here are some useful tips to consider when buying health insurance plans for women.

Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

When getting medical treatment for illness or injury, various expenses are involved apart from hospital bills. A health insurance policy will give comprehensive protection and numerous benefits, thus helping a person manage the burden of those expenditures. There are individual health plans as well as family floater policies that cover several family members in a single plan. Also, there are senior citizen plans available. It is necessary to first analyse one’s medical requirements and insurance needs before selecting a policy.

Women need to be cautious as they become prone to health risks after a certain age. Buying a plan early in life helps them to eliminate the chances of having any pre-existing illness at the time of getting a policy. However, if a woman is already facing a health problem like diabetes or hypertension, then a disease-specific health cover is the best choice as it offers the right financial cushion.

Breast cancer, cervical, and ovarian cancer are serious health issues affecting many women. Women must be aware of these diseases and take the necessary measures for their safety, including opting for a critical illness cover.

Consider Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

Young women should consider opting for health insurance with maternity cover. Pregnancy care has become expensive. The high cost of hospitalisation should not deter anyone from availing of quality medical care. A maternity health policy will cover a host of medical expenses involving delivery costs, pre & post hospitalization maternity expenses as well as new-born baby care.

Maternity health insurance is a safety cover for a mother and her child, and hence a woman should consider it as a crucial part of financial planning for motherhood.

Look for These Policy Benefits

If you are selecting a medical insurance policy for women, here are some benefits you look for:

  • Cashless treatment facility: This facility is available at any network hospital of the insurer and keeps the insured stress-free about paying medical bills. 
  • Annual health check-up: It is one of the vital features which will help a woman keep track of her health status, and getting timely medical care. 
  • No Claim Bonus: It is a benefit in health insurance plans that make the policyholder eligible for increased sum insured for spending a claim-free year.
  • Lifelong Renewability: The feature helps a woman to get continued coverage as she grows older. She can renew her policy regularly and continue to avail of the benefits. 

Final Words

No matter which life stage she is in, every woman deserves the best care and financial support to lead a healthy life. When opting for health insurance for women, it is essential to select the right sum insured that proves adequate coverage for one’s expenses. Make sure the policy you choose includes the key benefits, as discussed above.

Rely on Care Health Insurance for fulfiling your health insurance needs. Visit the official website to choose a customised health cover. Avail of benefits such as cashless treatment at any of the 21,100+ cashless network providers in India. Moreover, the website helps you to pay your premium digitally and track the status of your claim online.

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Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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