What is Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage in Health Insurance?


What is Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage in Health Insurance?

Benefits of Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage

Most of the time, people assume that the health insurance policy or any family floater mediclaim cover expenses only after hospitalization. Due to the lack of this awareness, they do not get the most out of their mediclaim. So, in this blog, you can read about pre and post-hospitalization coverage that should be a part of your health insurance policy.

Suppose, whenever you fall sick or find some abnormalities in your body, you immediately go to your family doctor for consultation. Doctors do their normal check-ups in the clinic and prescribe some medicine for instant relief. But, after completing the duration of the dosage, if your condition does not improve, then your Physician will advise you to get hospitalized for further diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, this process of hospitalization includes two kinds of expenses pre-hospitalization expenses and post-hospitalization expenses. Let’s understand the difference between these two:

Pre-Hospitalization Expenses

Expenses that are incurred before you get admitted to the hospital for further treatment are known as pre-hospitalization expenses. Investigation tests, routine medication, etc. are the pre-hospitalization expenses include in a health insurance policy.

Pre-hospitalization expenses that have been incurred within 30 days before hospitalization are admissible for reimbursement under policy coverage.

Post-Hospitalization Expenses

Medical expenses that are incurred after you get discharged from the hospital are known as post-hospitalization expenses. Doctor's consultation, diagnostic test, medication, etc., are considered post-hospitalization expenses included in a policy.

Post-hospitalization expenses that have been incurred within 60 days after discharge from the hospitalization are admissible for reimbursement under policy coverage.

Points to be noted:

  • Expenses related to the ailment of the insured only will be considered under pre and post-hospitalization coverage.
  • Routine medication is excluded from the purview of pre and post hospitalization coverage.
  • Insured have to submit all the medical bills and diagnosis within the time frame to get the claim under this cover.

Five Reasons to Buy Insurance with Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage

Comprehensive health insurance plans should cover pre and post-hospitalization expenses. Read below five reasons to buy insurance with pre and post-hospitalization coverage:

  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses will be reimbursed that reduces your extra financial burden
  • With this cover, you can carry your treatment without worrying about your medical expenses.
  • It will help you to face any unwanted medical emergency that can knock your door anytime. 
  • Your savings will not be drained, and you can keep it for your family's future while taking good care of your health.


Life is a journey on the windy road. Sometimes it goes smooth and sometimes it takes a U-turn. Todays’ unhealthy and stressful lifestyles, eating habits, pollution, etc. can cause any medical emergency. But, you do not need to worry. Care offers you the best health insurance policy with pre and post hospitalization coverage. This cover pays your before and after hospitalization expenses. You do not need to spend your money on heavy medical bills with our health insurance plans. You can give some protection to your family under our family floater health insurance. So, stay protected with us and secures your future for tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims may vary. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, terms and conditions carefully.

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