8 Things You can Teach Your Child about Dental Hygiene


8 Things You can Teach Your Child about Dental Hygiene

About 8 out of 10 children in India suffer from dental problems, a situation that warrants serious concern. Poor dental hygiene and lack of awareness about dental health are the main culprits here. Gum inflammation, plaque, and white spots are some of the commonly spotted dental problems in kids. Children dental care needs to be instilled in kids from the beginning and parents need to encourage their kids for good oral health. With regular floss and daily basic teeth care, one can stay away from a lot of dental problems. It is the ignorance of the childhood phase that may lead to serious dental issues in the adult age. Kids have to be carefree, but as parents, it is your responsibility to plan the best for your kids. 

This article will help you gather some tips on how to maintain oral hygiene so you can teach your kids the same.

Why is Oral Hygiene for Kids Important?

Poor dental hygiene can lower a person's confidence in many ways. Problems like bad breath can take a toll on a child's social life. These things can be easily avoided if a kid learns oral hygiene. In some cases, underlying health conditions can also cause dental problems such as tooth decay, sensitivity, cavities etc. In such a case, you must visit a dentist to get the treatment done on time.

Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Growing Kids

Here are some of the dental hygiene tips that you can give your kids and make sure they follow it religiously:

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

Brushing teeth is extremely essential and is the very basic step in oral hygiene tips. Encourage your kids to brush twice, once in the morning and once before going to bed. Try not to let your kids sleep until they have their teeth clean. Take a tiny drop of fluoride toothpaste for brushing of teeth. Once your kids have the dexterity, let them brush their teeth on their own. It helps them learn better. Make sure they brush for at least 2 minutes in each session.

Tip: To encourage your kid to brush twice, you may buy them a toothbrush that excites them. You can easily find a toothbrush with interesting handles and ones that have their favourite cartoon character shape. Also, it will be great if you can join them. It is believed that kids love to imitate and they learn from their parents only. 

2. Do it the Right Way!

Continuously brushing for two minutes may not be sufficient if your kid doesn't do it the right way. The correct way of brushing teeth is not rubbing them aggressively with large dollops of toothpaste. Rather, you have to gently move the bristles circularly. Make sure your kids learn the right practice. Also, be careful of choosing a toothbrush with soft bristles else it may hurt the gums.

3. Floss Daily without a Miss!

Flossing is one of the dental care tips as it keeps away plaque buildup. Brushing is important since it removes all the major food particles from your mouth. But what about the tiny piece of food that gets stuck between teeth? For this, you need flossing. The bristles of your brush cannot reach all the corners of the mouth, which may hinder proper kids dental care. Suggest your kid to floss their teeth daily. Initially, it may seem tough to them and may also cause gum tenderness, but gradually, they get used to it.

Tip: To encourage your kids to floss and other teeth care tips at home, you can join your kid in the task, as we say earlier. Alone, the task may seem boring to them. However, when parents also do it with them, they have the needed encouragement.

4. Keep an Eye on Sugar Intake!

Sugary dishes and chocolates are a child's best mood boosters. However, a high amount of sugar consumption is not a good idea. It not only impacts the physical well-being of a kid but also affects dental well-being. Too many sugary food items, especially close to bedtime, can lead to bacteria formation and dental problems. So, try your best that your kids do not eat any sugar items after dinner, as it takes over 30 minutes for your mouth to neutralise the acidity caused.

5. Regular Dentist Visit

You do not need to take your kids to the doctor only when there is a health problem. In order to avoid health problems as well, we need doctors. Regular dentist visits and routine check-ups bring into light any underlying problem and treatment on time can help in quicker healing. One of the dental tips is to go for teeth cleaning at least two times a year. You and your kids can have the process done together.

Remember: The habits you instil in childhood remain with a child for a lifetime. When you encourage them for regular dentist visits from a young age, they tend to follow it in their adulthood as well.

6. Replace the Tools often

Bristles of a toothbrush are prone to lose their effectiveness over time. They fray and break down after regular use. So, after a while, you need to change the toothbrush. Since your kid may be small enough to know when the right time is, you need to keep an eye on the toothbrushes and the tongue cleaner. Usually, every 2-3 months, the toothbrush needs to be changed. Within this timeframe, the bristles tend to deteriorate, making it necessary to ensure optimal dental care.

7. Listen to the Unsaid!

Kids are carefree by nature, and why not? As parents, it is a huge responsibility to listen to what they say and what they do not say. Kids may not know if it is a dental emergency. You need to keep a check on your kid from time to time and make sure your kids maintain oral hygiene. If you doubt a problem, it is best to see a dentist immediately.

8. Practise what you Preach

Last but surely not least, you must be a role model for your children and show that good oral habits go a long way. Children will follow you when demonstrate that cultivating good oral habits contributes significantly to overall health and well-being.

Concluding Lines!

Give your kids the confidence of the brightest smile with the best oral health. Following dental health tips from childhood is very important since they are in the growing phase, and most of the habits they learn today are going to be their tomorrow. The above discussed are some of the common oral health advice. If your kid has some special dental care requirements, having a dentist can be the best idea. 

Apart from caring for basic oral health habits, you can also invest in a health insurance plan that secure the health of your family and protects your savings. At Care Health Insurance, we offer multiple health insurance policies with a range of sum insured options that fit into your requirements. Doing so, you can cover the expenses of accidental dental injuries or other health emergencies arising out of an illness or accident. 


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