5 Major Health Risks for Men


5 Major Health Risks for Men

Staying in healthy spirits and prevent health problems is essential for all. However, men prefer to go to the doctor lesser than women for medical care. As far as they are working productive, they hardly pay attention to the risks to their health. But, it is equally important for males as well to keep the brain, bones, and belly in the right shape. Therefore, it is crucial to get the knowledge and do a little planning about the immense health risks to combat such health challenges. These diseases are common and often preventable. Here is the list of some threats for men's health care:

Cardiovascular Disease

It is one of the leading health risks amongst males these days that includes diseases like heart failure, heart attack, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, angina, etc. There is a high possibility of developing heart issues without knowing it. Thus, the best prevention of such conditions is to understand their early signs and consult with a doctor to prevent turning them into serious cardiovascular diseases.

Lung Cancer

Men are more prone to get lung cancer than women due to higher rates of smoking. At times, males who are metal workers, painters, cleaners, bakers, construction workers, or who come in contact with second-hand smoke often are also at risk. The common symptoms of lung cancer are persistent cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue, chest pain, etc. Early detention is always helpful. Several treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgeries prefer for the treatment of lung cancer. 

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Depression is a common health problem that affects millions of men of all ages and backgrounds.  However, it is not a sign of failure of masculinity or weakness. Feeling down, mood swings, immediate reaction, disappointments, etc. are all the signs of depression. It can hamper productivity, relationships, sleep, and diet up to a great extent. So, it's advisable to discuss the problem with near and dear ones or take a doctor's help. 


It is a silent health threat to men's health care. When blood sugar levels creep higher, it results in frequent urination, thirst, an abnormal increase in appetite, etc. Diabetes is more like a slow poison that can give heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and other several health problems to men. 


Males have higher mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure than females; as a result, hypertension is more prevalent in them. Sedentary lifestyle, work stress, eating habits are major contributors to the rising incidence of hypertension in men. The best ways to curb hypertension are regular monitoring and a healthy lifestyle.


Men's responsibilities are not less in any terms. They are the bread earners for their families, work hard to nurture them, and give them a protected future. Therefore, it becomes crucial for them to take control of their health and minimize the chances of such health care risks in the years to come. 

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