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Personal Accident Insurance – Secure

About Personal Accident Insurance

With the number of vehicles increasing on the roads and rash driving being at its prime, there is no guarantee of being able to not meet an accident. Such unavoidable circumstances can lead to serious injuries and sometimes death as well. This is when personal accident insurance kicks in.

Personal accident insurance is a type of plan which is offered to the insured person in order to provide a person or his/her family with financial compensation in case of an accident. It offers you the sum insured in the following cases:

  • When the insured person incurs injuries due to an accident
  • When the insured person faces permanent/partial treatable/untreatable disabilities
  • When the insured person dies in the accident

In most of the cases, people tend to get personal accident insurance when they purchase the car/motor insurance. Depending on the plan you choose, the premium costs and the amount of sum insured would vary. Also, there are a variety of other factors as well that play an important role in determining the premium you will have to pay for personal accident insurance, such as coverage for accidents occurring abroad, additional compensation to the family, child education benefit, ambulance allowance, etc.

As an advice, we suggest that you do not avoid personal accident insurance. In case you’re not willing to pay high premiums, sign up for the basic plan but do not completely avoid this insurance.

At Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited), we believe that health and happiness go hand-in-hand. That’s why we bring you Secure- A Personal Accident Insurance that directly addresses every concern which can arise as a result of a serious accident.

Secure is truly comprehensive from a broad range of features, optional benefits, hassle-free procedures and thoughtful services, it ensures that the road to recovery is worry-free, making getting back to good health your priority.
With us as your health insurer, it’s truly Health Hamesha!

What is covered under Personal Accident Insurance - Secure

  • Accidental Death: Pays the nominated family member the sum insured for the tragic loss and provides for financial support to the family.
  • Permanent Total Disablement (PTD): Pays between 50 to 100 percent of the sum insured, based on severity of injury and loss due to the accident.
  • Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD): Pays a predefined percentage of the sum insured, based on the severity of loss due to the accident.
  • Fractures: In the event of a fracture, we will provide you coverage within the range of 50 to 100% of your sum insured in order to help you recover without any hassles.
  • Burns: If you suffer from burns due to accident, get coverage of sum insured in the range 10% to 100% depending on the degree of burn.
  • Child Education: In the event of an accident resulting in insured’s demise or PTD, the child’s education will be covered, ensuring that their future is not compromised.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: In case injuries caused by an accident require you to undertake any diagnostic tests such as CT scan, MRI, etc. as advised by a Medical Practitioner, you can do so without a worry. Tests should be done within 3 months of occurrence of injury to be covered under this accident policy.
  • Domestic Road Ambulance: If an accident related injury requires emergency medical evacuation, we’ll reimburse the ambulance expenses incurred.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: If your injury (PTD or PPD) requires the care of a Qualified Nurse, expenses incurred will be covered, if need for the same is prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Key Features you get with Personal Accident Insurance Secure:

Policy Options
Plan Detail Secure 1 Secure 2 Secure 3
Sum Insured (in Rs.) 10 Lac 15 Lac, 20 Lac, 25 Lac & 30 Lac 50 Lac
Accidental Death
Sum insured Sum insured Sum insured
Permanent Total Disablement

Yes Yes Yes
Permanent Total Disablement Improvement
No Yes Yes
Permanent Partial Disablement

Yes Yes Yes
Permanent Partial Disablement Improvement
No Yes Yes
Up to Rs. 50,000 Up to Rs. 1,00,000 Up to Rs. 2,00,000
Child Education
No 10% of Sum insured 10% of Sum insured
Major Diagnosis Tests
No Up to Rs. 15,000 Up to Rs. 25,000
No Sum insured Sum insured
Mobility Cover
No Up to Rs. 15,000 Up to Rs. 25,000
No Up to Rs. 10,00,000 Up to Rs. 20,00,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains No No 2% of SI, Max Rs 1,00,000
Temprory Total disablement
Up to Rs 5,000 per week Up to Rs 10,000 per week Up to Rs 20,000 per week
5% of Sum Insured 5% of Sum Insured 5% of Sum insured
Common Carrier Mishap Cover
No No Yes
Optional Benefit:
Accidental Hospitalization
Up to Rs 50,000 Up to Rs 50,000 Up to Rs 1,00,000

For complete product details, kindly refer Prospectus and Sales Literature in the Download Section. Click here

Optional Covers under Personal Accident Insurance

  • Accidental Hospitalization Expenses

    In case of hospitalization due to an accident, get comprehensive coverage of expenses ranging from room charges, nursing expenses, intensive care unit charges to surgeon's fee, doctor's fee, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, etc. up to specified amount.

  • Permanent Total Disablement Improvement

    50 to 100 percent of the sum insured will be covered under this accident insurance policy, based on severity of injury and loss due to the accident. This amount is over & above the amount received under Permanent Total Disablement.

  • Temporary Total Disablement

    When you suffer from an injury that would confine you to the bed for a temporary basis your medical expenses as well as your financial concerns will be covered under this accident insurance policy until you make a full recovery.

  • Permanent Partial Disablement Improvement

    A predefined percentage of the sum insured is covered under this personal accident policy, based on the severity of loss due to the accident. This amount is over & above the amount received under Permanent Partial Disablement.

  • Common Carrier Mishap Cover

    Upto 100% of sum insured benefit in case of accidental death or Permanent Total Disablement due to mounting into or dismounting from or travelling in common carrier like train, flight etc.

  • Mobility Cover

    If an injury causes PTD and requires you to use prosthetic devices like artificial arms, legs or eyes, orthopaedic braces and medical equipment like wheelchairs or hospital beds, we will reimburse the expenses towards these.

  • Disappearance

    In the event that an accident leaves the insured missing (forced landing, stranding, sinking, wrecking of a Common Carrier.) for more than 1 year and the insured’s demise has been reasonably established, we will pay the sum insured to the nominee.

  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

    We will cover the amount required for transportation of mortal remains to the city of residence, in the event of a fatality.

  • Loyalty Benefit

    For each continuous and completed Policy Year, on subsequent renewal, we will enhance the Coverage amount of AD, PTD, PPD pertaining to last Policy Year by flat 5% of the Sum Insured, on a cumulative basis.

FAQs on Personal Accident Insurance Policy

What are the Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance?

A personal accident insurance plan would cover you and your family in case of an accident. It offers coverage in severe circumstances such as death, disability, or injury. Personal accident insurance includes coverage for accidental death, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement, and temporary total/partial disablement.

How much does Accident Insurance Cost?

Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited) offers four plans for accident insurance. The sum insured of these plans ranges between 10 lacs to 3-25 crores. The cost of the insurance plan matter on various factors and is calculated thereafter.

What is Covered under Group Accident Insurance?

This is a type of plan designed to provide coverage to all the expenses that are associated with an accident. It is ideally meant for organizations where they need to provide insurance coverage to the employees against injuries, disabilities or death.

Is Personal Accident Insurance Taxable?

Yes, the personal accident insurance is taxable as the Income Tax Act doesn’t provide any type of tax benefits on the insurance you pay for this type of insurance.


Disclaimer: For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

UIN: RHIPAIP18048V021718. UAN2: 19032851.

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