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Child Health Insurance

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Parents work hard every day to nurture their children and secure their future. Comprehensive health insurance that covers your children in the event of a medical emergency and provides them with the best healthcare gives you peace of mind. Investing in children's health insurance is equally important as investing in their education, marriage, and living.

But, when it comes to choosing the right health insurance for children, it can be a daunting task for you. There are a plethora of options available in the market that can confuse you.

What Does Health Insurance for Children Mean?

Children or Child health insurance is one of the types of health insurance policies that help covering the healthcare expenses related to hospitalisation, vaccination, medical emergencies and check-ups of kids.

Health insurance for kids ensures your financial security while providing complete medical assistance during an unforeseen emergency. Parents can either avail an individual health insurance for kids or put them in their family floater plan to ensure a quality treatment as and when needed.

Why Should You Buy Health Insurance for Children?

If you have second thoughts to buy health insurance for kids, the following are the reasons that could implore you to buy health insurance for your children-

  • Low Immunity: Children have lower immunity than adults, especially newborns and premature children as they are vulnerable to various minor and major infections. Thus, it is important for you to protect your child with a promising and comprehensive health insurance.
  • Inflation: There has been a constant medical infaltion over the years resulting in unafforable and inaccessible treatments for the people who can’t afford ever soaring medical cost. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a child insurance plan that keeps your child’s health secure.
  • Pandemic and Other Threats: Covid-19 has caused immense menace in the last few years as the entire world became a battleground against this life threatening infection. Children have been affected as much as adults have and many were taken to hospital. Hence, health insurance for children can be your absolute rescue in case of an emergency related to pandemic or its prolonged effects.
  • Affordable Premium: The premium of health insurance is low at an early age. You may have financial security for your children's health at a reasonable cost because the premium for health insurance for children is typically relatively inexpensive. Your quest ends at Care Health Insurance if you're seeking for the greatest insurance plan for your child. We provide some of the most cost-effective children's insurance options available in India.
  • Financial Security: If you don't have children's health insurance in India, you could need to draw from your funds to pay for your kids' medical care. This may have an impact on the financial plans you have for your family as a whole, including your children, and may cause you to fall short of your financial backups. By purchasing child health insurance plan you would be stressfree of any last moment surprises due to medical emergencies.

What is Covered under Children Health Insurance Plan?

You must carefully examine the terms of your health insurance policy to determine what is covered and what is not.

  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation: Your Care Health Insurance for Hospitalization Before and After Pre and after hospitalization costs are covered under the Children's Health Insurance Plan. This implies that if your child needs hospitalization, we will cover the costs. As a result, choosing this plan gives you some assurance regarding prospective medical costs for your child.
  • Daycare Treatments: The cost of Daycare Treatments is also covered by our Children's Medical Insurance Plan. These are operations that necessitate a maximum 24-hour hospital stay for your child. Care Health Insurance covers 540+ daycare treatments under child health insurance plan.
  • Ambulance Cover:Care Health Insurance’s kids health insurance comprises the ambulance cover benefit. This benefit allows you to help you with the reimbursement of ambulance expenses.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation: Coverage of treatment expenses that required you to start treatment at home under specified circumstances. The Treatment at home should continue for atleast 3 Days under health insurance for your baby.
  • AYUSH Cover: The mediclaim for child plan policy from Care Health Insurance includes coverage for the costs associated with AYUSH treatments. As a result, if you need treatment under the categories of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, or Homeopathy, you can either enroll in cashless insurance or request reimbursement for the related costs.
  • Organ Donor Cover: Health policy for child gives coverage of expenses incurred on an operation performed on donor to remove the organ. Removed Organ should be used for insured member. Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses incurred on donor not payable. The Donor should meet all the requirement as speciefied by GOI.

What is Not Covered Under Children Health Insurance Plan?

We shall not reimburse any claim amount for the following standard exclusions under child health insurance plan:

  • Act of self-inflicted injury attempted suicide or suicide.
  • Any illness related directly to the consumption of Alcohol/Tobacco/Cigarettes, etc. or any sexually transmitted disease.
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgeries or related treatment.
  • Pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, maternity including C- section, abortion, or complications of any of these.
  • All the treatments required due to participation in hazardous activities.
  • Damage caused by a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack or weapons.
  • Illness or injuries caused due to any breach of law by the insured.

Eligibility Criteria for Children Health Insurance

Child age limit in health insurance plans do not differ much across plans. Below are the age criteria according to child health insurance plans as well as our standard health insurance plan-

Entry Age - Minimum Adult: 18 years
Child: 90 days
Entry Age- Maximum Adult: 99 Years
Child: 24 Years (last birthday)
Exit Age Adult: Lifelong
Child: 25 Years
Cover Type Individial: Max up to 6 persons
Floater: Max up to 2A2C
Tenure Options 1/2/3 Years
Relationship Covered Self, spouse/live-in partner/same sex partner, son, daughter, father, mother, mother-in-law, father-in law, grand father, grand mother
Waiting Period Initial Waiting Period:30 days except for accidental expenses
Pre-existing Diseases Waiting Period:48 months of continued coverage

How to Choose the Best Child Health Insurance Plan in India?

We have listed down some critical factors to consider while buying the child health insurance plan in India. Read on to take a step forward to protect your child with the help of child health insurance plans-


It is always wise to set a budget before buying health insurance for children. You should pick the cost-effective plan that covers maximum hospitalization and treatment expenses. That’s how the best insurance policy for child will come to your rescue.

So, you do not need to touch your savings during emergencies and keep it for your children's future.

Check the Network Hospitals

Before making your buying decision, you should check the list of network hospitals that have tie-ups with the health insurance provider. You should also check that these hospitals should have experienced paediatrics and located near by for hassle free access.

Calculate Premium

Premium is the amount you have to pay to the insurer for the coverage. You can easily calculate the premium amount with the help of an online health insurance premium calculator available on the website and select the preferred sum insured as per requirement.

In this way, you can pick health insurance for children with a affordable premium and maximum coverage.

Check Exclusions

Exclusions are the conditions that are not considered in health insurance. It's advisable to check the list of exclusions and see what all are the conditions when the insurance provider can reject the claim. So, you should choose the plan that offers you complete coverage with minimal exclusions.

Maximum Coverage

Your kids deserve the best possible health care hence; we offer annual health check-ups that include physical examination (BMI), eye examination and dental examination for the welfare of your child. A good child health insurance plan should cover hospitalization, treatment, and medication expenses. Thus, you should choose a plan that offers maximum coverage against the treatment expenses.

Check Age Criteria

Before you say yes to health insurance for children, check the age criteria also for eligibility. Children can easily be insured in a family floater policy, and the minimum age for enrollment is 91 days. So, you should consider a plan that has maximum renewal age with lifelong coverage./p>

Therefore, health insurance plans come in a wide range of benefits and coverage. If chosen well, a health insurance plan assures your kids the best treatment and medication without any trouble. Thus, it's strongly recommended to make a timely investment in a child's health insurance. You can consider 'Care' a comprehensive health insurance plan offered by Care Health Insurance for your entire family. It gives maximum coverage at an affordable premium and saves you and your family from any kind of untoward eventuality.



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Q. How does a child insurance plan work?

We offer a number of plans that cover children, covering every stage of their growth, with the plans tailor-made for a particular stage. Health insurance plans for children cover a range of illnesses, including annual check-ups as part of the plan. Comprehensive health insurance covers your children in the event of a medical emergency and gives them the best healthcare.

Q.Who are eligible for health insurance for children?

We offer health insurance for children once they turn 91 days old and with no upper age limit. In case of minor the proposer age should be 18 yrs. However, the eligibility criteria may vary from plan to plan.

Q.What is the waiting period for health insurance for children?

The waiting period for all the health insurance policies is the same. You can still reduce it by getting yourself an add-on.

Q.What is covered under a child health insurance plan?

A comprehensive health insurance plan for children covers several healthcare expenses such as ambulance expenses, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, daycare procedures, and other relevant expenses. One should always go through the terms and conditions to know more about the policy.

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