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Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizen Health Insurance makes it easier for old age people to pay for medical expenses arising due to treatment. It could be a thoughtful present to your ageing parents as it provides a safety cushion while they age.

  • *No Pre-Policy Medical Checkup
  • Annual Checkup for all Insured Members
  • 540+ Day Care Treatments Cover
  • **Save Tax up to Rs 1,00,000/- u/s 80D






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What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a vast umbrella, safeguarding the health and finances of people from all walks of life. Whether young, old, parent, or grandparent, a health emergency can strike anyone unannounced. Elderly members—especially—need to secure enormous funds for any unexpected life event. Senior citizen health insurance is a type of insurance that meets the healthcare needs of older people who have crossed 60 years of age. A medical cover acts as a boon for a golden ager to receive quality healthcare services and treatment without washing away one's life's savings.

We at CHIL understand old age is equivalent to relaxed days. However, it also invites worries regarding the health and well-being of older ones. To overcome old age fears, we introduce— 'Care for Senior'—our best-reviewed medical insurance for senior citizens that meets old age-related healthcare and emergency needs with comprehensive coverage of hospitals, treatments, and other medical costs.

Care for Senior is our exclusive health insurance for senior citizens aged above 60 years. With an affordable premium and wide-ranging sum insured options, this plan comes with specific benefits for the elderly—to sit back and enjoy peaceful golden years.

So, choose good health and financial comfort in your post-retirement days with different coverage and sum-insured plans by CHIL to meet your specific needs. Celebrate the second innings to the fullest –with Care Health Insurance for Senior Citizens, a specially curated health insurance for individuals above 60 years, and stay worry-free with unique benefits such as cashless hospitalization, day-care treatments, and tax savings too!

Cover Highlights

Annual Health Checkup

Annual Health Checkup

19000+ Network Hospitals

19000+ Network Hospitals

Post Hospitalization Expenses Cover

Post Hospitalization Expenses Cover

Organ Donor Cover

Organ Donor Cover

Save Tax u/s 80D

Save Tax u/s 80D

Why is Opting Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan Important?

Healthcare cost in India is increasing at a rate of more than 14% every year. Therefore, the need for adequate health insurance for senior citizens has increased not just during an individual's working life but even after retirement. Know why elderly people must have a medical cover:

  • Rising Medical Treatment Costs: The cost of medical treatment in India is always on the rise. Health policy for senior citizens can ensure that unfortunate diseases at old age do not impact your finances and help you beat medical inflation.
  • Critical Medical Needs: Avail of timely treatment for your heart, kidney, and other critical diseases without worrying about borrowing funds from your savings.
  • Day Care Treatments: Old age involves a lot of hospital visits caused by uninvited ailments. A senior citizen health insurance covers 541 Day Care treatments that require hospitalization for less than 24 hours.
  • Burdening Extra Costs: Miscellaneous expenses like pharmacy bills, OPD-care, ambulance charges, among others amount to much more than expected. With our mediclaim policy for senior citizens, you get add-on coverage for miscellaneous costs.
  • Vital Health Check-ups: While you should never avoid regular health check-ups in old age, high healthcare costs may hold you back from availing of good treatment. The Care Senior plan covers annual health check-ups for all insured members to keep regular track of health.
  • Pre-Existing Diseases: If you are already carrying a load of pre-existing illnesses and health problems, you may need concerning medical treatment in the future. You can rely on our shoulders to cover all your pre-existing diseases subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Quick Tip: Worried about health plan with Pre-existing diseases? Don’t worry. Our Care Freedom plan will protect you and stay stress-free.

Does Your Senior Citizen Health Insurance Cover COVID-19?

The pandemic has left an unforgettable mark on everyone's life. However, senior citizens were the first to be at the mercy of deadly coronavirus infection. Sources reveal that senior citizens account for almost 50% of COVID-19 casualties in India. One of the many reasons behind this staggering number is the lack of sufficient funds for treatment. That's when senior citizen health insurance is needed the most- to pay for unprecedented illnesses and infections while facilitating seamless treatment.

Care for Senior—the ultimate health insurance for a senior citizen in India—ensures that people live their retirement years in full swing. CHIL offers reliable health insurance for every senior citizen to fund their healthcare needs with trust and standard services.

Yes, senior citizens can buy themselves a health insurance cover combined with our coronavirus-exclusive insurance covers- COVID and OPD-care. As separate, pocket-size insurance, COVID and OPD-care cover COVID-19 treatment expenses, including pre and post-hospitalization, day-care treatment, quarantine expenses, and OPD reimbursement. We offer COVID-19 coverage as an additional plan that can easily be bought with senior citizen medical insurance at a slightly higher premium. Below are the benefits of CHIL's two COVID-specific offerings-

COVID Care with Pre-existing Diseases

Older members' weak health conditions can increase their chances of contracting coronavirus and slow down recovery rates. COVID care is our separate insurance cover that can be clubbed together with senior citizen policy to get COVID coverage under a single plan. With a marginally higher premium, you can enjoy the following benefits under our COVID-care cover-

What is Covered Under COVID Care? COVID Care Benefits
In-patient Care Hospitalization expenses for COVID-related treatment over 24 hours or more
Day Care Treatment Hospitalization expenses for COVID-related treatment under 24 hours or less
Reimbursement of Quarantine Maximum up to 1% of sum insured for as long as 30 days
Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expense reimbursement for 30 days prior and 60 days post-hospitalization


COVID Care with OPD

The pandemic has witnessed millions of senior citizens struggling with multiple health problems, from breathlessness to black fungi infections. This has resulted in routine OPD visits by the elderly and an increased burden of COVID treatment costs. Therefore, we offer COVID and OPD-care as additional insurance that you may purchase to enhance the medicalim for your elderly parents with the following OPD benefits-

What is Covered Under OPD Care? OPD Care Benefits
Reimbursement of OPD Charges Expenses for doctor's consultation, diagnosis, and pharmacy under COVID-related treatment
In-patient Care Hospitalization expenses for COVID-related treatment over 24 hours or more
Day Care Treatment Hospitalization expenses for COVID-related treatment under 24 hours or less
Reimbursement of Quarantine Maximum up to 1% of sum insured for as long as 30 days
Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expense reimbursement for 30 days prior and 60 days post-hospitalization

Benefits of Mediclaim for Senior Citizens

At CHIL, we believe aged members should lead carefree lives by enjoying luxuries of time and material things. That's how our mediclaim for senior citizens benefits elderly people by taking care of all their old-age health worries and gifting them the joy of life. Our senior citizen medical cover provides vast coverage across hospitals, treatments, OPD, and COVID centers for helping elder ones lead tension-free retirement years.

Due to aging and evolving healthcare requirements, increased health risks inevitably indicate how vital it is to have a senior citizen health insurance scheme.

Reasons to Choose Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Comprehensive Cover: CHIL offers an all-inclusive mediclaim policy for senior citizens that includes comprehensive protection and helps to get advanced healthcare facilities.
  • Protected Golden Years: Ageing does not always mean declining health if you get the right medical care and follow a healthy lifestyle. You can give your elders the freedom to stay financially secure by choosing a mediclaim policy for parents above 60 years.
  • Affordable Premium: You can rest assured that it is easy to get health cover for senior citizens at an affordable premium and maximum coverage.
  • Vast Hospital Network: We are empanelled with 8350+ cashless network hospitals across the country to offer you cashless health insurance for senior citizens. Medical insurance for senior citizens in India helps elderlies to get treatment in any hospital that is feasible for them as per their location.
  • Alternative Treatment: With CHIL, you get the liberty of getting healthcare treatment beyond allopathy. You get coverage for alternative treatment, including AYUSH, therapies, or other kinds of healthcare treatments
  • Discounts & Offers: We understand how important our finances post-retirement is, so here we come with numerous discounts such as a multi-year policy, Smart Select, and many more.
  • Easy EMI for Premium: Get your health cover today without worrying about current finances through our easy EMI options.
  • Tax Benefit: You can secure your health and wealth with an excellent medical insurance policy for senior citizens. The premium paid against the policy coverage gets tax exemption under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Second Opinion: Not sure about your current treatment procedures? Worry not, we offer a feature to get second opinion from other doctors for a specified illness.
  • Organ Donor Cover: We respect and encourage the noble cause of donating organs. Our senior citizen insurance covers expenses for organ harvesting operations.

Eligibility for Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens

At CHIL, availing of a mediclaim policy for senior citizens above 60 years comes with easy terms and eligibility conditions as mentioned below-

  • Minimum Entry Age: 61 years
  • Maximum Entry Age: Lifelong, no bar
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • Co-payment: Member above 61 years or above pay 20% co-payment per claim
  • Pre-existing Disease Waiting Period: 48 months of continued coverage
  • Named Ailment Waiting Period: 24 months of continued coverage
  • Grace Period: 30 days from the date of expiry

Our policies are designed to cater to the old-age requirements without delays and hiccups. We are transparent about what we promise and what we deliver, so you can spend healthy and happy years post-retirement.

What is Covered Under Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy?

Medical expenditures are shooting high for elderly people across nations. Opting for senior citizen medical cover is best to keep unbearable medical expenses at bay. Below is what all we covered in it:


COVID-19 Coverage

Senior citizens need not worry about unexpected coronavirus ailments. We offer complete coverage for COVID-19 treatment costs.


In-Patient Hospitalization

In times of hospitalization, we are right beside you. We pay for most of the hospitalization expenses, that is, for at least 24 hours.


Pre and Post-Hospitalization

Health issues in old age increase the frequency of medical visits. We cover 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization expenses.


Annual Health Check-up

We offer annual health check-ups at no additional cost to senior citizens. It helps keep a better track of your health conditions.


Daycare Treatments

Thanks to medical advancement! Now elders can easily avail of over 541+ daycare procedures under our mediclaim for senior citizens.


AYUSH Coverage

Coverage of alternative treatments like AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathy) makes CHIL's senior mediclaim the best for senior citizens.


Domiciliary Hospitalization

At times when you prefer medical services at your doorstep, we are here. With CHIL, avail of the treatment at the comfort of your home.


Ambulance Cover

You will get full reimbursement for the expenses incurred for availing of a domestic road ambulance during any medical emergency.

*Please always refer to the updated policy T & C, brochure, and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as they may vary.

What is Not Covered Under Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme?

While deciding which health insurance is ideal for senior citizens, you must be aware of what is not covered under your plan. Here's a minimal of exclusions under the insurance plans for retired people-

  • Self-Inflicted Injury: Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury such as suicide, attempted suicide, etc.
  • Injuries Due to Consumption of Alcohol: Expenses arising out of or attributable to consumption of a drug or use/misuse/abuse of alcohol/tobacco/gutka or any hallucinating drug.
  • Pregnancy Treatment: Treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and its consequences.
  • Infertility Treatment: Tests and treatments related to infertility and in vitro fertilization cannot be claimed.
  • Permanent Exclusions: War, riot, strike, and nuclear weapons-induced hospitalization are considered permanent exclusions.

Quick Tip: Family is always a priority, and protecting it is a necessity. Secure your family’s future with our unparalleled CARE, a comprehensive health plan specially designed for your family.

Claim Settlement Process of Health Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens

Below are the simple steps to file the claim:


Cashless Hospitalization Claim Process: Reimbursement Claim Process:
If it’s an emergency case, inform us within 24 hours of your hospitalization Submit the claim reimbursement form along with required documents, as per the policy terms and conditions
For a planned hospitalization, you must prior-inform us 48 hours before your hospitalization. Our claim management team will send an approval letter
Fill out the pre-authorization form and submit it to the hospital/TPA desk. Submit a medical certificate issued by the hospital/doctor
Our claim management team will send an approval letter Duly submit the claim form to us
If required, our claim management team may raise a query Submit the discharge form issued by the hospital/doctor
Once approved, we will settle your claim directly with the hospital as per the policy terms and conditions. We will communicate in case of any rejection.
In case your claim is rejected due to any reason, we shall keep you well-informed  


Secure Now

Tax Benefits under Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens

Did you know that senior citizen insurance plans in India are not just meant to safeguard your finances but also help you save tax? Here's the good news! You can save up to ₹ 1,00,000.^ on tax with CHIL's Senior Health plan.

^ If the proposer and the insured member are above 60 years.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance for Senior Citizens?

With our all-digital portals for finding and issuing health insurance, getting an insurance policy for senior citizens has become all the more effortless. However, if you are confused with numerous options available online, we are here to help. Gather some insights here on how to compare and find the best senior health insurance plan in 2022:

  • Study the Policy’s Coverage: A plan with maximum coverage and minimum exclusion is considered to be the ideal insurance for senior citizens. We offer the perfect health plans for senior citizens offering comprehensive coverage for pre and post-hospitalization, day-care treatments, annual health check-ups, second opinion, AYUSH treatments, and many more benefits.
  • Check for High Sum Insured: If medical expenses are increasing, it is only logical that you need a higher sum insured that would lower your dependence on your savings. However, make sure that the policy offers an affordable premium while providing maximum coverage.
  • Look for Easy Claim Settlement: While comparing health insurance plans for senior citizens helps, you would also know how different insurance companies settle insurance claims, which will get you closer to your goal of choosing the best insurer. Opting for an insurer that has a high claim settlement ratio is a logical move.
  • Check the Waiting Period: Go through the policy to understand the waiting period applicable for pre-existing illnesses and specified diseases. Almost all senior citizens' health insurance plans in India come with a waiting period, but you can find the perfect plan with the minimum waiting period.
  • Pre-Medical Check-Ups: Some plans do not let you go through the time-consuming process of going through pre-medical check-ups. So, compare and select health insurance for senior citizens without medical tests, where your elderly parents need not go through complex pre-medical health check-ups.
  • Know Your Network Hospitals: With the cashless treatment facility, your elderly parents can stay relaxed that they will have access to timely medical care when they need it. Check the network hospitals in your vicinity, and comparing helps you find a better network hospital.
  • Convenience and Ease of Purchase: You or your elderly parents do not need to go anywhere and can buy a policy online with a few clicks. Read the features, benefits, coverage, claim process, policy T & C on the website or download the brochure to get every detail about the plan. With us, the process of getting all the details is quick and easy.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: It is beneficial to opt for covid insurance coverage coupled with senior citizen insurance. The policy will pay the insured member for coronavirus hospitalization medical expenses up to the specified limit.
  • Verify Sub-limits: It is the limit placed by the insurance company on the health insurance claim. It is usually applicable to services such as room rent, ambulance charges, and certain medical procedures.
  • No Claim Bonus: Ensure that you choose the best senior citizen mediclaim policy that offers an option to get up to a 150% increase in Sum Insured with the No Claim Bonus Super option.
  • Check for Cashless Healthcare Providers: With the cashless health insurance facility, your elderly parents can stay relaxed that they will have access to timely medical care when they need it. We have 19000+ cashless healthcare providers across the country to ensure you can access good health in your location.

Myths About Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme

There's always a certain degree of risk associated with any investment. However, when it comes to investing in health insurance for your elderly parents, you must get rid of misconceptions concerning your decision. With an average life expectancy rate of around 70 years among Indians, people think buying senior citizen medical covers is a waste of money and time. That's why older people lead a comparatively poorer and unhealthy lifestyle in India than most of the world.

Senior citizens essentially need a cushion to secure their health and finances as much as any young family member. The quality of an elderly member's life improves after investing in a suitable health cover that shares the hospitalization burden on time. So, here are 4 myths that you must be wary of while considering senior citizen mediclaim-

  • You are too old to get covered- With Care Health Insurance, there's no maximum entry age bar to get yourself insured under senior citizen plans. Elderly members from 61 years and anything above can get senior citizen medical coverage.
  • Life is over after 60- With a consistently dropping life expectancy rate and spread of unknown diseases, people underrate an elderly's willpower to live. Instead of surrounding older people with fears of death, gift your parents the happiness of the second inning with a senior citizen health policy.
  • Co-payment charges increase the burden- With CHIL, senior citizens must bear only 20% of the medical claim as co-payment. However, we try to lessen this cost with an add-on benefit of a co-payment waiver under which senior citizens will get completely rid of the co-payment clause.
  • OPD visits are not covered- False! Under our senior citizen health insurance , you can enhance your senior citizen cover with OPD-care as an optional OPD benefit. It covers reimbursement of OPD bills ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000 as per the policy terms.

Why Select Senior Citizen Insurance Online?

  • Convenient Policy Selection- Don’t worry about scheduling countless appointments for discussing policy details. We offer an all-digital policy selection experience wherein you can study, compare, choose, and pay for senior citizen health insurance policies from anywhere, anytime.
  • Chat Option for Queries- Our team is readily available for all your queries concerning the terms and conditions of our mediclaim policies. You can use the live chat option to discuss any policy-related matter at your convenience.
  • Instant Premium Quote Calculation- We facilitate digital premium and coverage calculators to help you opt for customised healthcare insurance for senior members.
  • Secure Payment Modes- Our policy portals offer digitally secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, or net banking. Once issued, you will receive authentic policy documents immediately.
  • Transparent Policy Evaluation- What we promise on paper is what you get in times of medical emergencies. Our senior members’ healthcare policy includes all the terms and conditions for your ready reference.
  • Easily Available Value Added Services- While browsing online through our healthcare policy for senior citizens, you can easily check out other add-on benefits. These include COVID and OPD care, co-payment waiver, reduced wait time, among others to cover your specific needs.

Why Should You Compare Senior Citizen Health Plans Online?

When buying medical covers for the elderly, it is essential to carefully go through all the benefits and offerings under a given policy. The health condition of every old-aged person may differ, with one being a kidney patient to another with digestive issues. While comparing senior citizen health plans online, you should consider maximum coverage for elderly people along with lifelong renewability.

One should carefully compare pre and post-hospitalization coverage, doctor's consultation, OPD center benefits, COVID-19 treatment, domiciliary care, day-care treatments, and other allowances for non-medical costs. These minor medical costs during old-age years snowball into unbearable amounts at year-end.

We make your comparison of senior citizen health covers easier by offering comprehensive coverage from hospitalization to consumable allowances for elderly patients. Here's how online comparison of senior citizen mediclaims covers helps you-

  • Simplifies Policy Evaluation: At Care Health Insurance, we channel clear communication of all the policy terms across our website. While analyzing our medical plans for a senior citizen's medical treatment, you can find a precise description of covered expenses and benefits that makes the policy terms easier to understand.
  • Makes Decision-making Convenient: Digital comparison helps you choose the best senior citizen health insurance from the comfort of your place. Also, at CHIL, we facilitate a digital premium calculator to help you approximate the cost of older people's medical cover while customizing your plan with members and add-on benefits.
  • Helps You Choose the Perfect Cover: Another benefit of comparing health plans online is that it gives you the freedom to relook at the policy details anytime, anywhere. With absolute online transparency, CHIL equips you with every policy detail from issuance to claim settlement, so you can better select the right medical cover for your senior citizen parents.

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Health Insurance

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I must express my profound appreciation for finalising my claim in a short period. I have heard of insurance companies holding payment or rejecting it outright on very flimsy grounds was not the case with Care health insurance, May your tribe grow more

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Health Insurance

Zeroing in on a health insurance plan for your family is a tricky choice, given the number of insurers in the market who offer similar policies. It is not wise to simply choose the policy with the lowest amount of premium. You need to compare different policies, their features and benefits. Care Health Insurance (CHI) (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited) is a specialist Health Insurer and offers products keeping in mind the needs of a customer in the event of a medical exigency. CHI offers a distinct set of benefits giving a clear choice for providing you with the best possible health insurance.


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FAQs on Health Insurance for Senior Citizens


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Q. Why is it important to have health insurance for elders and senior citizens?

The Care Senior Health Insurance plan is specially designed for elderly people who are above 60 years. It provides cashless hospitalization, day-care expenses, no claim bonus, coverage for pre-existing diseases, and annual health check-ups. It is also beneficial for retired people to maintain good health without financial stress.

Q. Why Medical Insurance Coverage is required for Senior Citizens?

For senior citizens who rely on their pension savings or interest income in order to meet their regular expenses, a medical exigency without the support of health insurance can lead to a financial burden. Besides, health care costs are on the rise in India. Moreover, senior citizens are people who need timely and quality health care the most, owing to age-related illnesses. Opting for Senior Citizen Medical Insurance coverage provides them with a financial cushion and helps them lead a stress-free life.

Q. What is the Maximum Age to avail senior citizen mediclaim by CHIL?

There is no upper age limit to avail our senior citizens medical insurance.

Q.Can I get senior citizen insurance if I am over 65?

As per IRDA guidelines, one is eligible to get individual or family floater health insurance for senior citizens above 65 years of age. There is also the option of lifetime renewability. However, it is recommended to buy the senior citizen insurance plan at an early stage of life.

Q. How to Calculate the premium for senior citizen parents health insurance?

Premium is a pre-decided amount of money that Senior Citizen or policy taker has to pay as a health premium after a specified period, against the coverage. The amount of premium is subjected to age, sum insured, no of insured persons, pre-existing diseases, and policy terms & conditions.

Q. Can I Buy a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan without a Medical check-up?

Yes, you can buy our senior citizen plan without a pre-policy medical check-up. However, in the case of a pre-existing disease or any other adverse medical history, some under-writer may request few medical tests.

Q. Why do Senior Citizens need Health Insurance?

After retirement elderly people are left with limited fixed income. They either depend on their savings or on their children for health care costs. Moreover, old age is the time when one is more susceptible to various illnesses. Sometimes, the possibility of hospitalization due to any pre-existing conditions also becomes high. Keeping these points in view, opting for senior citizen healthcare insurance becomes a necessity. It paves the way to secure the future by covering unexpected medical costs and eliminates financial crises.

Q. Does the Senior Citizen Policy Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

Pre-existing conditions mean the illness, injury or other condition that existed before the issuance of the policy. Yes, the health insurance policy for senior citizens covers pre-existing conditions but after a 4-year waiting period.

Q.What are the Advantages of Continuing health insurance for senior citizens?

The continuation of senior citizen insurance policy helps senior citizens to enjoy lifelong coverage break-free, get no claim bonus for every claim-free year, and tax benefits u/s 80D.

Q.Who will pay for the pre-insurance medical checkups and where it will be conducted?

No pre-policy medical checkup is required to buy senior citizen insurance. However, it depends on the underwriter's discretion.

Q.Should I submit claim documents to TPA or insurance company?

You need to submit the claim documents to the insurance company.

Disclaimer : Information above is just for reference. Kindly read T & C of policy thoroughly, Do refer IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

#Claim Settlement Ratio is for FY 19-20

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers till 25th March 2022.

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