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Senior Citizen Health Insurance

  • *No Pre-Policy Medical Checkup
  • Annual Checkup for all Insured Members
  • 540+ Day Care Treatments Cover
  • **Save Tax up to 1,00,000/- u/s 80D







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Any past or ongoing medical conditions of any insured member
Any Condition, ailment or injury for which the insured person had signs or symptoms and/or were diagnosed, and/or received medical advice/treatment within 48 months prior to the first policy issued by the insurer.


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All Members

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(Premium includes 18% GST)

Base Cover


Additional Covers




Policy Sum Insured increases by 10% for every claim free year. The maximum increase allowed is 50% of policy Sum Insured.


Annual Health Check-Up for all insured members are covered in the policy


Certain amount per hospitaliztion payable if advised by treating medical practioner.


We like to stay with you all the way. Our option of life long renewability helps yau stay covered for life, provided your policy is renewed on time every year.


You can add additional 50 % increase in Sum Insure for every claim free year. Maximum increase allowed is 100% of policy Sum Insure. Hence with both NCB & NCB SUPER you can increase your Policy Sum Insure upto 150% in 5 consecutive claim free years.


Choosing this optional cover reduces the applicable wait period of 48 months for Claims related to Pre-existing diseases, to 24 months. The claims will be admissible for any Medical Expenses incurred for Hospitalization in respect of diagnosis/treatment of any Pre-existing Disease after just 24 months of continuous coverage has elapsed, since the inception of the first Policy with us.

Co-payment Waiver

If the age of the insured member or eldest insured member is 61 years or above, by opting for this add-on, you can get rid of the 20% co-payment worry. We will pay medical expenses incurred for hospitalization subject to policy terms and conditions.

Copyright. Care Health Insurance(formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited).

Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

Care for Senior Citizens is a unique senior citizen health insurance plan for individuals aged above 60. With an affordable premium and wide-ranging sum insured options, this plan comes with specific benefits for the elderly, to sit back, relax, and enjoy peaceful golden years. It is a highly recommended plan with comprehensive coverage, enabling one to effortlessly fulfill age-related medical needs and tackle the inevitable rise in healthcare expenses. So, choose health insurance for senior citizens by CHI and discover good health and financial comfort post-retirement.

Care senior highlights

Annual Health Check-up

Annual health

Orgon Donor

Organ Donor

Emergency Ambulance

Emergency ambulance

Day Care Treatment

Day care treatments

Post Hospitalization Expenses


Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance close
  3 Lacs 5, 7, 10 Lacs
In-Patient Hospitalization
Hospitalization for at least 24 hours
We pay for – room charges, nursing expenses and intensive care unit charges, surgeon's fee, doctor's fee, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theater charges, etc.; If you are admitted to a hospital for in-patient care, for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours.
Hospitalization less than 24 Hours
We cover medical expenses if you undergo a day care treatment which might not require you to stay hospitalized for 24 hours or more. As a matter of fact we cover over 540+ day care procedures.
Upto SI Upto SI
Day Care
We cover medical expenses if you undergo a day care treatment which might not require you to stay hospitalized for 24 hours or more. As a matter of fact we cover over 540+ day care procedures.
Upto SI Upto SI
We cover the relevant medical expenses such as investigative tests, routine medication, medications incurred by you up to 30 days before your hospitalization.
30 days 30 days
We cover the relevant medical expenses such as doctor consultation, Diagnostic tests, medications etc. incurred up to 60 days post your hospitalization.
60 days 60 days
Daily Allowance
Max 5 days per hospitalization covered
Rs. 500 per day --
Ambulance Cover
In an emergency, we reimburse expenses incurred by you for availing a domestic road ambulance during your hospitalization.
Upto ₹ 1,500
per hospitalization
Upto ₹ 2,000
per hospitalization
Organ Donor
We reimburse you the medical expenses that are incurred by you on the organ donor for organ harvesting operation.
Upto Rs ₹ 50,000 Upto Rs ₹ 1 Lac
Domiciliary Hospitalization
In case hospitalization is not possible , then we cover for medical expenses incurred during your treatment at home for a period exceeding 3 consecutive days.
Up to 10% of SI Up to 10% of SI
Automatic Recharge
If you ever run out of your health cover due to claims made, we will reinstate the entire Sum Insured amount of your policy.
tick-mark tick-mark
Second Opinion
If you feel uncertain about your diagnosis, you can opt for a second opinion, arranged by us for specified critical illness.
tick-mark tick-mark
Alternate Treatment
Alternate treatment is only covered if hospitalization exceeds more than 24 hours
Up to ₹ 15,000 Up to ₹ 20,000
No Claim Bonus
We raise a cheer to good health for every year that you don't claim by increasing your Sum Insured by 10%, up to a maximum of 50% in 5 consecutive years.
tick-mark tick-mark
Annual health check-up
Under this plan, you get Annual health check-up for all insured members, covered as adults, regardless of claims history.
tick-mark tick-mark
Room Rent
We reimburse expenses occurred while you're staying in a hospital.
Up to 1% of SI per day Single Private Room
(Max. Up to 1% of SI per day)
ICU Charges
We take care of ICU charges incurred during your hospitalization.
Up to 2% of SI per day Up to 2% of SI per day
Tenure 1 Yr/2 Yrs/3 Yrs 1 Yr/2 Yrs/3 Yrs
Treatment of Cataract Up to ₹ 20,000 per eye Up to ₹ 30,000 per eye
Treatment of Total
Knee Replacement
Up to ₹ 80,000 per knee Up to ₹ 1 Lac per knee
Treatment for Ailment like
surgery for all
type of Hernia,etc
  • Surgery for treatment of all types of Hernia
  • Hysterectomy
  • Surgeries for Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH)
  • Surgical treatment of stones of renal system
Up to ₹ 50,000 Up to ₹ 65,000
Treatment for Ailment like
Surgery for Cancer,
bone breakage etc
  • Treatment of Cerebrovascular disorders
  • Treatments / Surgeries for Cancer
  • Treatment of other renal complications and Disorders
  • Treatment for breakage of bones
Up to ₹ 2 Lacs Up to ₹ 2.5 Lacs

Care for senior citizens plan details

Add-ons to cover your specific needs

This Optional Cover reduces the applicable PED wait period from 48 months to 24 months.

See Details

An Add on cover for 20% Co-payment Waiver

See Details

You can increase your sum insured amount by 50% for every claim free year up to a maximum of 100%.

See Details

An Add-On cover that takes care of expenses incurred on Doctor Consultations, Pharmacy & Investigative Tests

See Details

An add-on cover that offers 3 benefits claim shield, no claim bonus shield and inflation shield.

See Details

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan Details

  • Entry age - Minimum Adult - 61 years

  • Entry age - Maximum Adult - Lifelong

  • Life long Renewability

  • Co-Payment 20% per claim, where age of insured / eldest member is 61 years or above

  • Waiting period name ailment -

    • Named Ailment Waiting Period - 24 months of continued coverage

    • Pre-existing Disease Waiting Period - 48 months of continued coverage

  • Grace Period 30 days from the date of expiry

Download Terms & Conditions
  • Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury (resulting from suicide, attempted suicide).

  • Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse

  • Treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and its consequences.

  • Internal congenital disease

  • Tests and treatment relating to infertility and in vitro fertilization.

  • War, riot, strike, nuclear weapons induced hospitalization.

For complete list of exclusions please refer to policy TnC


Cashless Insurance


Intimate within 24 hours of your hospitalization

Planned Hospitalization

Intimate us 48 hours prior to your hospitalization


Reimbursement Insurance Claim Form Submission


Request for pre-authorization


Claim from submission

Complete the pre-authorization form available
at the hospitals insurance/TPA Desk and send us through fax.



Approval letter sent by the claim management team



Hospital/Insured to response to the query raised by the claim management team



You may initiate the treatment and file for reimbursement claim

Submission of claim form along with required
documents, as per the policy terms & conditions



Approval letter sent by the claim management team



Insured to response to the query raised by the claim management team



We will communicate the reason in case of rejection

Discount upto 20% on Health Insurance Premium Discount upto 20% on Health Insurance Premium


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Voice of Our Customers

Keshav Pal Singh

review Recently, I have taken a policy for my mother. Hassle free insurance buying process. Highly Recommend Care Do keeps up the good work.

Rukhsar Khan

review I would like to appreciate your service, support and guidance to settle claim on time.

Arun Sharma

review Mr Promod was very helpful in explaining product features & claim settlement process. Keep it up!

Krishna Verma

review Thank you for helping me in bad situation when my dad was hospitalized. Buying Senior Citizen Health Plan was the wiser decision I have taken.

Radhika Gaur

review Care Health Insurance was awesome, helped me a lot like family with hospitalization formalities of my dad when I was very tense due to his sudden illness. Really appreciate!
Ankita Sharma

My appreciation for your prompt service

At the outset I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt service in taking up the case regarding my claim. I have received your intimation regarding the acceptance of my claim and had a minor query as to what is the claim amount settled by you. Thank you. View more

Ankita Sharma

Health Insurance

Indubala Nambiar

We will continue to avail of your scheme.

Thank you for settling the claim amount. Kindly inform me when the amount is remitted to the credit of my bank account with the Bank of Baroda. We will continue to avail of your scheme when we travel abroad. View more

Indubala Nambiar

Health Insurance

Vikas Singh

Everything went very smooth

I would like to pass on my appreciation for Virender who guided me during the difficult time. He helped me at every stage and didn’t keep me waiting. Due to his efforts, I was relaxed and everything went very smooth while my wife was recovering from typhoid. Thanks Virender you are a star! View more

Vikas Singh

Health Insurance

Sahil Khattar

Really helpful explaining the process in advance

I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional response from you on the recent cashless reimbursement request related to my mother’s operation. You were really helpful explaining the process in advance before the treatment and also during the final settlement. View more

Sahil Khattar

Health Insurance

Aditya Sharma

Finalising my claim in a short period

I must express my profound appreciation for finalising my claim in a short period. I have heard of insurance companies with holding payment or rejecting it outright on very flimsy grounds as they are averse to parting with their money. It was not the case with Care health insurance. Thank you, may your tribe grow. View more

Aditya Sharma

Health Insurance

Zeroing in on a health insurance plan for your family is a tricky choice, given the number of insurers in the market who offer similar policies. It is not wise to simply choose the policy with the lowest amount of premium. You need to compare different policies, their features and benefits. Care Health Insurance (CHI) (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited) is a specialist Health Insurer and offers products keeping in mind the needs of a customer in the event of a medical exigency. CHI offers a distinct set of benefits giving a clear choice for providing you with the best possible health insurance.

Care Health Insurance

Awarded as Claims
Leader of the year

Care Health Insurance

23 lakh + Claims settled*

Care Health Insurance

Cashless claim processing
in approx. 2 hours

What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Let's allow 'age' to be just a number and nothing more than that. It's finally time to relax and enjoy the most peaceful years of your life. However, this is also the time that requires more health caution.

Post-retirement life comes with a bounty of expectations – for the shackles of the daily grind are gone, and one can finally dedicate time for things they love! Celebrate the second innings to the fullest –with Care for Senior, a specially curated health insurance plan for citizens above 61 years and stay worry-free with unique benefits such as cashless hospitalization, daycare treatments, and tax savings too!

How Important is Health Insurance for Senior Citizens?

Healthcare cost in India is increasing at a rate of more than 14% every year. Therefore, the need for adequate health cover has increased not just during an individual's working life but even after retirement. Know why it is crucial:

  • The cost of medical treatment in India is always on the rise. Health insurance for senior citizens can ensure that an unfortunate heart disease at old age does not impact your finances and helps you beat medical inflation.
  • Avail of the best treatment for your heart diseases without worrying about arranging finances from your savings.
  • Covers hospitalization expenses if the hospitalization exceeds 24 hours, and 541 Day Care treatments require hospitalization less than 24 hours.
  • Ambulance coverage reduces the impact of miscellaneous costs on older people
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan includes annual health check-ups to keep track of your health.
  • Coverage for alternative treatment takes into account the latest practices wherein treatments combine multiple disciplines.
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.
Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Senior Citizen Online

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

Increased health risks due to aging and evolving healthcare requirements inevitably point to how vital it is to have senior citizen health insurance. Let's understand its benefits:

  • The best medical insurance for senior citizens is a health cover that offers them comprehensive protection and helps them avail advanced healthcare facilities.
  • Provide affordable coverage for various medical expenses related to age-related illnesses, alternative therapies, surgeries, domiciliary treatment, and expensive daycare procedures. Simply put, it offers financial protection in the golden years of life.
  • Aging does not always mean declining health if you get the right medical care and follow a healthy lifestyle. Your elderly parents or grandparents can experience the sheer joy of retirement during the later years of their life, and you can give them the freedom to stay financially secure by choosing a senior citizen health insurance plan.
  • You can rest assured that it is easy to get health cover for senior citizens at an affordable premium and maximum coverage.
  • We are impaneled with 8350+ network hospitals across the country. Elderlies can get treatment in any hospital that is feasible for them as per their location.
  • We understand how important our finances post-retirement is, so here we come with numerous discounts such as a multi-year policy, Smart Select, and many more.
  • Get Your health cover today without worrying about current finances through our easy EMI options.
  • You can secure your health and wealth both. The premium paid against the policy coverage gets tax exemption under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Key Highlights of Care for Senior Citizen Health Insurance

A medical uncertainty can knock on your door anytime. With our health insurance, Care for Senior Citizen, your parents or elderly loved ones can get the best health care facilities without any financial implications:

  • Individual or floater cover
  • Cover pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • No pre-policy medical check-up
  • Annual health check-up for all insured person
  • Automatic recharge of Sum Insured
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Under section 80D, tax benefits up to INR 1,00,000/-*

What is Covered under Health Insurance for Senior Citizen Policy?

Medical expenditures are higher for older people. Opting for senior citizen health insurance in India is the best way to keep them at bay from medical emergencies. Below is what all we covered in it :-

  • In-Patient Hospitalization- At times, older people need hospitalization for treatment. We pay for most of the hospitalization expenses, that is, for at least 24 hours.
  • Daycare Treatments- Thanks to medical advancement! You can easily take the treatment under daycare. We cover over 541+ daycare procedures under medical insurance for senior citizens.
  • COVID-19 Coverage- Senior citizens do not need to worry about coronavirus treatment. We offer coverage for COVID-19 treatment.
  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Diseases- Some pre-existing medical conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension need regular medication. We cover them to ensure good health for older people.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization- Old age brings many health issues, which increase the frequency of visiting the doctor. We cover 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization expenses.
  • Ambulance Cover- You will get the reimbursement for the expenses incurred for availing a domestic road ambulance during an emergency.
  • Organ Donor Cover- We respect and encourage this Nobel cause. We cover expenses for organ harvesting operations.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization- Avail of the treatment at the comfort of your home.
  • Second Opinion- If you feel uncertain about your current treatment plan, we help you get a second opinion for a specified illness.
  • AYUSH Coverage- If you want to go for alternative treatments like AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathy), you will get coverage for it. It will help you to get long-lasting and sustainable treatment.
  • Annual Health Check-up- Annual health check-up adds no additional cost. Under this best senior citizen health insurance, you can avail of a yearly health check-up once in a policy year.
  • Add-Ons- The best way to enhance the coverage of the policy is to opt for our add-ons. We offer a reduction in the PED wait period, co-payment waiver, no claim bonus super, OPD Care, and Care Shield

*Please read the policy T & C, brochure, and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as they may vary.

What is Not Covered Under Care for Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy?

Exclusions are the diseases that do not cover under the policy. Read the exclusions under mediclaim policy for senior citizens:

  • Self-Inflicted Injury: Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury such as suicide, attempted suicide, etc.
  • Injuries Due to Consumption of Alcohol: Expenses arising out of or attributable to consumption of a drug or use/misuse/abuse of alcohol/tobacco/gutka or any hallucinating drug.
  • Pregnancy Treatment: Treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and its consequences
  • Infertility Treatment: Tests and treatments related to infertility and in vitro fertilization cannot be claimed
  • Permanent Exclusions: War, riot, strike, and nuclear weapons-induced hospitalization are considered permanent exclusions.

Tips to Find and Compare Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Getting a health insurance plan for senior citizens has become effortless as browsing through various policies online is possible. If you haven't yet started, it is not too late even now. Are numerous options available online making you clueless about choosing the right health policy? Gather some insights here to streamline your efforts to compare and find the best health insurance for senior citizens.

  • Study the Policy Features: Always know your plan's unique features. Health insurance plans for senior citizens offer protection against various medical treatment expenses, including alternative treatment and different modern daycare treatment procedures.
  • High Sum Insured: If medical expenses are increasing, it is only logical that you need a higher sum insured that would lower your dependence on your savings. However, make sure if the policy offers various benefits that should be there in senior citizen health insurance plans. On the whole, affordable coverage is what you need.
  • Claim Settlement: While comparing health insurance plans for senior citizens helps, you would also know how different insurance companies settle insurance claims, which will get you closer to your goal of choosing the best insurer. Opting for an insurer that has a high claim settlement ratio is a logical move.
  • Waiting Period: Go through various policies to understand the waiting period applicable for pre-existing illnesses and specified diseases. Almost all senior citizen health insurance India plans come with a waiting period, but you can find the best plan with the minimum waiting period.
  • Pre-Medical Check-Ups: Some plans do not let you go through the time-consuming process of going through pre-medical check-ups. So, compare health insurance plans and select one where your elderly parents can easily get health cover without a pre-medical check-up.
  • Network Hospitals: With the cashless treatment facility, your elderly parents can stay relaxed that they will have access to timely medical care when they need it. Check the network hospitals in your vicinity, and comparing helps you find a better network hospital.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Senior Citizen Health Plan

Purchasing the best health insurance plan for the senior citizen is always a wise decision to avoid uncertainties of medical costs due to sudden illness.

Let's consider the factors which you should keep in mind while buying senior citizen health insurance.

  • Affordability: Due to growing age and limited income, it is advisable to buy affordable senior citizen insurance. It helps old parents to afford medical expenses without overburdening their children financially. Care for Senior Citizen is an ideal and affordable plan that helps older people to stay healthy without worrying about the additional medical expense.
  • Convenience and Ease of Purchase: You or your elderly parents do not need to go anywhere and can buy a policy online with few clicks. Read the features, benefits, coverage, claim process, policy T & C on the website or download the brochure to get every detail about the plan. With us, the process of getting insurance for senior citizens is quick and easy.
  • Coverage: A plan with maximum coverage and minimum exclusion is considered to be the best senior citizen health insurance Care for Senior Citizen is the right choice for senior citizens as it offers comprehensive coverage for pre and post-hospitalization, daycare treatments, annual health check-ups, second opinion, AYUSH treatments, and many more benefits.
  • Co-payment: Copay is the fixed percentage of the claim amount that policyholders have to pay from their pocket for every covered service claim. We have only a 20% co-payment clause on every claim under the senior citizen plan; we will pay the rest. You can pay a premium to opt for a policy without co-payment also.
  • Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Conditions: It is the time that must elapse before coverage can begin. It depends on the insured's medical history and other related factors; for pre-existing disease, the waiting period is 48 months.
  • Sub-limits: It is the limit placed by the insurance company on the health insurance claim. It is usually applicable to services such as room rent, ambulance charges, and certain medical procedures.
  • No Claim Bonus: Health insurance plans for senior citizens offer an option to get up to a 150% increase in Sum Insured with No Claim Bonus Super option.
  • Cashless Healthcare Providers : With the cashless treatment facility, your elderly parents can stay relaxed that they will have access to timely medical care when they need it. We have 15500+ cashless healthcare providers across the country to ensure you can access good health in your location.
Secure Now

Tax Benefits of Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Did you know that a health insurance plan for senior citizens is not just meant to safeguard your finances but also help you save tax? Bingo, you can save up to ₹ 1,00,000.^

Claim Settlement Process of Care for Senior Citizens

In the case of an emergency, intimate our customer support team within 24 hours of hospitalization. If it is a planned hospitalization, you must inform us 48 hours before hospitalization to claim under senior citizen health insurance. Below are the simple steps to file the claim:

Cashless Hospitalization Claim Process :

  • Submit the pre-authorization form and submit it to the hospital insurance desk.
  • Our claim management team will send an approval letter
  • If required, our claim management team may raise a query
  • After the approval, we will settle your bills to the hospital

Reimbursement Claim Process:

  • Submit the Health Insurance claim reimbursement form and attach all the required documents along with the form
  • Our claim management team may raise a query if required
  • Our claim management team will send an approval letter
  • Submit a medical certificate issued by the hospital/doctor
  • Duly submit the claim form to us
  • Submit the discharge form issued by the hospital/doctor
  • We will communicate in case of any rejection.

^ If the prosper and the insured member is above 60 years.

FAQs on Care for Senior Citizen Plan


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

Q. Why it is important to have health insurance for Senior Citizen?

Senior citizen health insurance is specially designed for elderly people who are above 60 years. It provides cashless hospitalization, day-care expenses, no claim bonus, coverage for pre-existing diseases, and annual health check-ups. It is also beneficial for retired people to maintain good health without financial stress.

Q. Why Medical Insurance Coverage is required for Senior Citizens?

For senior citizens who rely on their pension savings or interest income in order to meet their regular expenses, a medical exigency without the support of health insurance can lead to the financial burden. Besides, health care costs are on the rise in India. Moreover, senior citizens are people who need timely and quality health care the most, owing to age-related illnesses. Opting for Senior Citizen Medical Insurance coverage provides them with a financial cushion and helps them lead a stress-free life.

Q. What is the Maximum Age to avail Care for Senior Citizen Mediclaim?

There is no upper age limit to avail Care for Senior Citizens Mediclaim.

Q. Can I get Care for Senior Citizen if I am over 65?

As per IRDA guidelines, one is eligible to get individual or family floater health insurance up to 65 years of age. There is also the option of lifetime renewability. However, it is recommended to buy Care for Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan at an early stage of life.

Q. How to Calculate Care for Senior Citizen Medical Insurance Premium?

Premium is a pre-decided amount of money that Senior Citizen or policy taker has to pay as a health premium after a specified period, against the coverage. The amount of premium is subjected to age, sum insured, no of insured persons, pre-existing diseases, and policy terms & conditions.

Q. Can I Buy a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan without a Medical check-up?

Yes, you can buy our senior citizen health insurance plan (Care for Senior Citizen) without a pre-policy medical check-up. However, in the case of a pre-existing disease or any other adverse medical history, tele under-writer may request few medical tests. 

Q. Why do Senior Citizens Need Health Insurance?

After retirement elderly people left with limited fixed income. They either depend on their savings or on their children for health care costs. Moreover, old age is the time when one is more susceptible to various illnesses. Sometimes, the possibility of hospitalization due to any pre-existing conditions also becomes high. Keeping these points in view, opting for a senior citizen health insurance becomes a necessity. It paves way to secure future by covering unexpected medical costs and eliminates financial crisis.

Q. Is Care for Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy Covers Pre-existing Conditions?

Pre-existing conditions mean the illness, injury or other condition that existed before the issuance of the policy. Yes, health insurance policy for senior citizens covers pre-existing conditions but after 4 years waiting period.

Q. What is the Eligibility Criteria for Care for Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

The eligibility criterion for Care for Senior Citizen Health Insurance is:

  • Minimum Age: 60 years
  • Maximum Age: No Upper Limit

Q. Why You Should Opt for Care for Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

At Care Health Insurance(formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited), we offer Care for Senior Citizen which is a comprehensive health insurance plan for senior citizens. Read below why you should opt for it:

  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses coverage within the network hospitals to avails them the best treatment facilities without the financial crunch.
  • Coverage against on-going treatment, medication, therapies, and dialysis costs to reduces the financial burden.
  • Annual health check-ups for insured Senior Citizens that save lots of money
  • Automatic recharge of Sum Insured
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Under section 80D, you can avail tax benefit, up to INR 75,000/- if you pay the premium against senior citizen insurance policy for dependent parents.

Disclaimer : Information above is just for reference. Kindly read T & C of policy thoroughly, Do refer IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

*IBAI Claims Handbook for FY 19-20

*As per underwriter discretion


Care for senior citizens plan details

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