Corona Kavach – Health Plan for Covid-19

  • AYUSH Coverage
  • Hospitalization Expenses
  • Home Care Treatment

Corona Kavach is a health insurance plan to protect individual and families from COVID-19. The plan includes home care treatment expenses upto S.I., (maximum upto 14 days per incident) along with AYUSH coverage and many more other benefits.

Plan Benefits

Hospitalization Expenses Up to SI Ambulance Cover-Up to Rs.2000/- Per Hospitalization
Home Care Treatment Expenses Up to SI, maximum up to 14 days per incident
AYUSH Treatment Up to SI
Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses and Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses 15 days prior to date of Hospitalization/Home Care Treatment &
30 days from date of discharge from Hospital/completion of Home Care Treatment; Maximum up to SI
Optional Cover
Hospital Daily Cash 0.5% of SI per day subject to maximum of 15 days in a Policy Period per Insured Person
Wait Periods
15 Days Initial Waiting Period Yes

Eligibility Criteria

Sum Insured (SI) – on annual basis (in Rs.) 50k to 5L (in multiple of 50k)
Age of Proposer 18 years or above
Entry Age – Minimum Individual : 5 years
Floater : Child aged 1 day with at least 1 member of age 18 years or above
Cover Type Individual
Floater:upto 2A4C
Who are covered (Relationship with respect to the Proposer) Self, Legally wedded spouse, Dependent children, Parents, Parents-in-law.
Tenure Three and half months, Six and half months, Nine and half months
Pre-policy Issuance Medical Check up Not Applicable


  • Proposer with age above 70 years can obtain policy for family, without covering Self.
  • All the Age calculations are as per “Age Last Birthday” as on the date of first issue of Policy.

Scope of Cover

General conditions applicable to all the benefits and optional benefits

  1. The Eligibility Criteria & Benefits mentioned in this Prospectus & Sales Literature form part of the coverage provided under the Policy.
  2. In this document, words like “We”, “Us” or “Our/Ours” represents the Insurer i.e., “Care Health Insurance Limited (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited)” and “You” or “Your/Yours” represents the “Proposer” or “Insured Person(s)
  3. The premium payable for this policy would be eligible for claiming Tax Benefits under relevant provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961 and amendments thereof.
  4. The maximum, total and cumulative liability of the Company in respect of an Insured Person for any and all Claims arising under this Policy during the Policy Period shall not exceed the Sum Insured as mentioned in the policy schedule against that benefit for that Insured Person.
    • On Floater Basis, the Company’s maximum, total and cumulative liability, for any and all Claims incurred during the Policy Period in respect of all Insured Persons, shall not exceed the Sum Insured as mentioned in the policy schedule.
    • All Claims shall be payable subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions, sub-limits and wait periods of the Policy and subject to availability of the Sum Insured.
  5. Any Claim paid for Benefits shall reduce the Sum Insured for the Policy Period and only the balance shall be available for all the future claims for that Policy Period.
  6. Admissibility of a Claim under “Hospitalization Expenses” is a pre-condition to the admission of a Claim under Ambulance Cover, Pre Hospitalization Medical Expenses and Post Hospitalization Medical expenses, Hospital Daily Cash (Optional Cover), similarly Admissibility of a Claim under “Home Care Treatment Expenses” is a pre-condition to the admission of a Claim under Pre Hospitalization Medical Expenses and Post Hospitalization Medical expenses and the event giving rise to a Claim under Benefit “Hospitalization Expenses” or “Home Care Treatment Expenses” shall be within the Policy Period for the Claim of such Benefit to be accepted.

Kindly download the full prospectus by clicking this link